Article: Do you love dreams?

Do you love dreams?

Welcome to IASD, the global dream community!

By Clare R. Johnson, PhD

We are a world of dreamers. Everybody dreams every night, and dreams are a universal language with the ability to unite us all.

Are you curious about dreams and want to find out more? Are you excited by lucid dreams, psychotherapy, the neurobiology of dreaming, or dreams in indigenous cultures?

“The Sleeping Gypsy,” Henri Rousseau


Are you having strange dreams and want to know why? Are you researching dreams or facilitating group dreamwork? Does your child need help with nightmares? Do you want to sleep better and have a happier dreamlife?

IASD can help.

Within the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), everyone belongs. We are open to all cultures and belief systems, and to people from every corner of the globe. IASD has the potential to help people in all walks of life, from scientists and students to psychotherapists, parents, and those suffering from sleep disturbances.

Dreams can inspire artists and musicians to achieve greater creativity, while therapeutic dreamwork can help people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Athletes can improve physical skills by rehearsing them in lucid dreams, and recurring nightmares can be resolved through dreamwork.

When we open up to our dreams and learn to work with them, our lives change for the better.  

As well as our online events, courses and publications, we organize fabulous dream conferences where like-minded people can connect in person to explore the fascinating mysteries of dreaming.

Come to IASD’s wonderful conferences and make new dream friends

The word ‘conference’ falls short of describing the fantastic vibe of these events as dreamers from nearly 40 different countries come together to explore the richness of dreams, often in beautiful settings like the medieval Rolduc Abbey in the Netherlands. First-timer Christine Anderson remarked on the last day of the Rolduc conference:

“I’m missing all of this already. I have an idea. Why don’t we pool our money, buy Rolduc, set up a dream community and all of us live here!” Christine got so hooked on IASD that she created our lovely video.

Art installation at the Rolduc Abbey conference. Photo by Bhaskar Banerji.

Other typical comments from newcomers:

“I’m amazed at how vibrant and alive this conference is.” (Dreamworker, France)

“These past few days, I’ve had some of the deepest, most stimulating conversations of my life.” (Student, Germany)

“I can’t believe it’s taken me my whole life until now to discover all this!” (Psychology lecturer, UK)

“It’s so much more than a ‘conference’ – it’s an experience!” (Artist and mother of two, Australia)

What happens at IASD conferences?  

Best-selling authors, psychologists, dream researchers and scientists offer a broad range of high-quality presentations and interactive workshops. There is a gorgeous dream art show and competition, hikes in nature or boat trips depending on the venue, and even a Dream Telepathy Contest.

After four and a half days of exploring dreams, we let our hair down at the lively Dream Ball, where participants are invited to dress up as a character in a dream they had, and dance the night away.

Dream Ball, Rolduc Abbey, the Netherlands. Witches photo by Bhaskar Banerji.

In the morning, you might share dreams within a small dream group before listening to a panel discussing dream incubation, grief dreams, or the cognitive neuroscience of lucid dreaming.

Over lunch, you might chat about the symbolic presence of a Bengal tiger you met last night in a dream, or exchange ideas about Jungian analysis before attending an energizing shamanic drumming workshop.

Then perhaps you’ll wander through the dream art exhibition before heading to a mask-making workshop or a clinical symposium. After dinner, you might watch a dream-inspired dance and then listen to a keynote speaker. The choice is yours – there are usually five to seven different options for each two-hourly slot throughout the entire conference; that’s how rich it is. The only hard thing is deciding which session to go for.


Shamanic dancers get ready for some dream drumming

But what really makes IASD conferences so incredibly rich are the people – and the dreams.

When you share a dream with somebody, you connect with them on a much deeper level, and this is one reason why our conferences are more soulful than many others.

The conversations, the friendly atmosphere, and the sense that we are all united by our love of dreams, all make this an unforgettable experience. Come along and discover how it feels to connect with a wealth of dreamers… some of whom are likely to become lifelong friends.

Connect with IASD online

If you can’t travel to our regional and international conferences, come to one of our buzzing online events. IASD’s Online Dream Research Conference unveils the latest discoveries in dream research, with three days of interactive discussions with world-renowned researchers and scientists.

At our popular Psiberdreaming conference, now in its 16th year, you can discuss stimulating dream topics over two weeks of papers, discussions, workshops, and chats. If you’ve ever had a precognitive dream, a lucid dream, or simply an “unusual dream” that never quite made sense, this is the place for you. An exciting new online conference on lucid dreaming will also be launched soon. For regular contact with us, visit our Facebook page where we welcome you to post any questions you may have about dreams and IASD.

On our website you can find articles that explore questions such as: How do blind people dream? Can dreams help with post-traumatic stress disorder? There are features on animal dreams, death dreams, and dreams of healing. The new IASD book, Dreams that Change our Lives, is filled with inspiring dream stories of courage, change, and hope, and it makes an uplifting gift.

Dreams are open to all manner of exploration: scientific, biological, anthropological and psychological. IASD is bursting with dream experts and deeply committed dreamworkers. We have an educational Online Course Center that is open to the public. Here, you can enroll in courses on dream research, lucid dreaming, spiritual dreams, dreamwork methods, nightmare treatment, and more.

What can IASD offer you?

As an IASD member, you’ll get great discounts on all of our enriching dream conferences. Another membership benefit is receiving our academic journal, Dreaming, where you’ll find cutting edge dream research studies on topics as diverse as cognitive processing, cross-cultural comparisons of dreams, and media-induced dream sex and violence.

You’ll receive our well-loved, full-color magazine, DreamTime, which is packed with features, articles, dream-related book and movie reviews, stunning dream art, and regular interviews with “Amazing Dreamers” who share their most transformational dreams.

You’ll be able to network with other IASD members worldwide and access expert advice on all areas of dreams, research, and dreamwork methods.

You’ll be part of a big, diverse dream family.

We are always looking for fresh ideas and new energy, and we’re very welcoming. Whether you’re a researcher, a psychotherapist, or just someone who cares deeply about dreams, you’ll find your niche at IASD – and possibly make some of the best friends of your life, too. We would love to meet you and support you in your own unique way of exploring dreams. You can become a member of IASD here.

If you love dreams, join IASD and help us to dream a happier world into being!

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