Call for Conference Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer for the 35th Annual IASD Conference at the DoubleTree Resort Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Arizona June 16-20, 2018. Fill out this application form and select one or more of the FOUR volunteer position choices below. Please rank your choices as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd priority (or the same if two or more are of equal priority)   

To be fair to others, please be fairly certain that you can attend before you apply and do note the fee is non-refundable once you confirm by registering as a volunteer – although much of it ($100) will be returned when you complete your duties.

Instructions: completing the following 4 steps is required to become a volunteer

Step #1 – Apply with this Form: a) at a minimum complete all boxes marked with an * ; b) read each of the positions carefully then in the drop down box select the ones you wish to apply for and rank them as first, second and third priority (if you like more than one equally then give it the same ranking); c) complete the remaining information ; d) submit. You will receive an email that we received your application, however this is not a confirmation of acceptance so don’t register as a volunteer yet until you get your formal Acceptance Letter.

Step #2 – Acceptance Letter Sent to You: The approval process begins in October. Your application will be reviewed by the Volunteer Chair and a notice of approval, wait list status, or “position filled” notice, will be sent to you within about three weeks or less of receiving your online application. You will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the position and to register by a deadline specified in the letter. If you do not hear of your acceptance status within three weeks’ time, please notify us at volunteers@asdreams.org

Step #3 – Respond that You Accept the Assignment: When you get the Acceptance Letter please send a confirming response back that lets us know you received it, agree with your assigned position and intend to register.

Step #4 – Register for the Conference: Your status will remain as “pending” until you register for the conference. You must register prior to the date requested in your Acceptance Letter in order to be “confirmed” as a volunteer. Once you receive your Acceptance Letter go to the Conference Web Page and the Registration Link and register for the conference. Do not register as a volunteer until you receive your Acceptance Letter. If you need to register early to take advantage of a discount, and are later approved as a volunteer, we will adjust your fee with a reimbursement. On the Registration form go to the Volunteer section and pay the non-refundable fee (of which $100 will be reimbursed when you have completed your duties). Also pay for any meals, recordings, CEs that you wish to obtain. We will track your registration and once you have registered we will consider you confirmed.

Follow-up Notifications: If we do not see that you have registered by the requested deadline on your acceptance letter we will send you a final notice to register within a few days’ time. If you have not registered by that deadline and/or no response is received, out of fairness to others and to finalize our scheduling, we will need to remove you from the list and give the position to someone on the waiting list.