Dream Ball

Dream Ball Tiny Ann


The one thing you don’t want to miss is the final event of the Dream Conference- the annual Dream Ball. Started more than 30 years ago by Bob Van De Castle, it is a chance to give voice to those dream figures inside of you.  Costumes are not mandatory, but encouraged.  You are invited to dress as a dream figure from your dreams, or put together a group. What people come up with will amaze you.

We will have a “costume parade” where you will have a brief (1 minute for individual, 2 minutes for groups MAX) chance to tell briefly how your costume relates to you dream.

This is a moment to be social and allow ourselves to plunge into the symbology dreams so afford.  And if that is not enough, after the “costume parade” we have a live band to rock out the conference to the very end.

The last time the conference was held at Rolduc, we had a high-energy band named Tiny Ann and they turned out to be anything but tiny. They rocked the Dream Ball so well that Willem Fermont looked down and realized he had no socks on because the band had knocked them off.  Luckily, Tiny Ann, with their new dynamic singer are available to knock everyone’s socks off again.

Join us for this final event hosted by Susanne Van Doom and Walter Berry that brings together a community of dreamers.


Our hosts highly advise that you bring your costumes with you.  Pack them in your luggage!  There are two costume shops about 20 minutes car drive away from Kerkrade, not necessarily nearby or within walking distance.

De Feestwinkel Heerlen
Dautzenbergstraat 30 & 39
6411 LC & LA Heerlen


Winkelcentrum ’t Loon
Homerusplein 11
6411 AW Heerlen

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