DreamScience Grant

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Deadline 15 October 2019

Grant Opportunity: The DreamScience Foundation (DSF) is working in partnership with the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), to provide seed grants for dream research. The objective of this joint granting activity is to stimulate dream related research with students and professionals who might not otherwise be able to pursue that research project and to enhance the S mission of IASD in supporting research. The grants would be awarded to recipients, based on judging by a Research Grant Committee, of proposals received. The number of grants, and the amount for each, will be limited by the funds made available each year from DSF and others who donate to the fund. Those receiving grants will be required to follow certain reporting requirements and may be offered a chance to report results at the annual IASD conferences.

Research Focus: The focus of the granting activity is dream research, particularly research that uses good research methodology designed to provide measurable and repeatable results. Disciplines of interest include, but are not limited to, the biology and neuroscience of dreaming, phenomenological and psychological studies of dreaming and quantitative and qualitative dream research in such fields as anthropology and cultural studies.

Special Focus: the IASD/DSF fund has received a special donation* of $1000 to go towards grants which focus on PTSD nightmares.  This donation creates a special interest in receiving proposals for studies with that focus.  The donation may become annual for some time so future studies of PTSD nightmares may take advantage of the opportunity as well.

*Thanks to Ryan Hurd and Lee Adams from LucidTalisman.com