Psi2017 – Call for Artwork

Call for Artists for the 2017 PsiberDreaming Art Gallery

Illuminating the Path: Psi Dreaming for a Brighter World.

From the acorn grows the mighty oak tree.
A flashlight in the dark. Black light illuminating fluorescent paint on a wall.
Full moon illuminates an expansive ocean or somber field.
From a darkened country road, a warm porch light leads us home.
How does metaphor in dreams illuminate your path so that you wake up knowing or feeling something different?

Artists and fellow dreamers, share your creative compilations that illuminate a path for a brighter world and a collective vision with others by joining the 16th annual PsiberDreaming Art Gallery (Sep 24 – Oct 8 2017).  

The deadline for submissions is Midnight EDT, Sunday, September 10th (scroll down for details). 

In 1967 it was the “Summer of Love” — flower power, make peace not war, unity and the thought that all you need is love sung by the Beatles awakened hearts. Black lights, fluorescent paints, artwork expressing new pathways, music liberating our minds and souls.

It’s been 50 years since the summer of love illuminated our path and inspired the collective consciousness. Some of us remember living those experiences, others remember reading about those times from a historical perspective. Either way, it was a poignant and significant light that shined during dark turbulent times. That era put our planet on a new path, illuminating a new world just as our dreams each night bring the possibility for a brighter world.

Where might your dreams be pointing you towards a new path of consciousness? Are there elements or powerful symbols that come to you in your dreams and then follow you into your day for recognition? How might elements of Psi dreaming be teaching us to light a new pathway, just as those in the Summer of Love educated us to open our eyes to a brighter world?

If artistic vision is illuminating your path, then come share your bright light with the collective!

This is a call for visionary dreamers and artists to submit dreams that have lighted your path. Share one of your dream inspired creations for the 16th annual PsiberDreaming Art Gallery (Sep 24 – Oct 8 2017).

This an international open call for painters, photographers, conceptual digital graphics, fiber artists, collage creators, dream doodlers, etc. We hope that this gallery will serve first and foremost as a place where dreamers of all levels of artistic ability are encouraged to display artwork based on their dreams. We value the authenticity of the connection between the original dream, and the work that follows it.

To participate, you will need to a send us a .jpg or .pdf image of your dream-based artwork and a text narrative of the dream itself. We appreciate each submission to the gallery, and are inspired by the artwork and the dream story. We look forward to your entry, and the intriguing possibilities as we consider “Illuminating the Path. Psi Dreaming for a Brighter World.”

Important: Registration for the IASD PsiberDreaming conference is required to submit your artwork for the gallery.

To register, visit our REGISTRATION page

Eligibility: Your original work in any medium inspired by and depicting dreams. Acceptable submissions include paintings, drawings, journal sketches, digital artwork, photography, doodles, cartoons, poetry, crafts, textiles, sculpture, poetry, music and animation. Only PsiberDreaming conference attendees’ gallery entries will be accepted, so that artists and other conference have greater opportunity to connect and discuss the gallery.

Your entry must be accompanied by dream text to tell your dream. Due to time constraints, we limit art gallery submissions to one work per artist. Images and text will be displayed in an online Dream Journal format.  Please submit your entry using the online form with the exact dimensions of 8″x10″ and at least 150 dpi.

How to submit: The deadline for submissions is Midnight EDT, Sunday, September 10th.  

Please send questions to the art gallery team:

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