Erin Amundson, MA, LPC (USA) is a depth psychotherapist practicing dreamwork, past life regression and astrology in Denver, Colorado. Erin is the founder of Rabbit Hole Dream Technology hosting dream workshops and retreats internationally.

Kenneth M. Arenson, JD (Canada), retired Toronto attorney, represented trauma victims, and since 1973 has collected dream/nightmare reports from clients and others, listening for “inner speech metaphorizations” [ISMs]. A four-time presenter to IASD. His 2015 symposium presentation is available at IASD CE; also his articles are cited in Harry Hunt’s book.

Deborah Armstrong (USA) has been practicing as a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in expressive arts and play therapies for over thirty years. She studied lucid dreams in school age children for her dissertation and infuses dreams and dream-work into her clinical and training practices.

Kirsten Backstrom, MAAT (USA) is a dreamwork facilitator, workshop leader, and spiritual director with background in hospice spiritual care, eldercare, and bereavement support. Her work has provided her with abundant direct experience of how dreams can create meaningful change in the world. She is the founder/director of Compass Dreamwork.

Cristina Banu (Canada) received her bachelor’s degree from McGill University and is currently completing her MSc in experimental psychology under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Zadra at Université de Montréal’s Dream Laboratory, Canada. Her research focuses on the impact of state and trait factors on the occurrence of negatively toned dreams.

Virginia Bennett (USA) is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Berkeley, California, and is a professor of graduate psychology courses. She trains clinicians, guides individuals and groups in approaches to dreams. Since 1970, she has recorded her own dreams, and worked with the Seth material, personally and professionally.

Walter E. Berry, MA (USA) is a certified dream facilitator. His work on dreams has a special emphasis on the visual, and he is currently writing a book on the subject. He leads a weekly dream group in Los Angeles and conducts workshops on dreams internationally and regionally.

Barbara Bishop, PhD, LMFT (USA) is clinical director for medical services at House of Hope, a treatment facility for women with substance use disorders in San Pedro, California where she has worked for the past several years. She facilitates two dream groups a week at House of Hope.

Mark Blagrove (UK) is Professor of Psychology at Swansea University, Wales, where he runs a sleep laboratory and researches into the psychology of dreaming. He is a past president of IASD, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a consulting editor for the journal Dreaming and the Journal of Sleep Research.

Robert Boznak (USA) is originally from Holland, trained in Switzerland, and has studied alchemy for over 40 years. He is a Jungian psychoanalyst, author of seven books, including the best seller A Little Course in Dreams available in a dozen languages. He created ’embodied imagination’ for psychotherapy – applied worldwide to many creative endeavors.

Jerome Braun, LMFT (USA) is a certified Jungian Analyst trained at the C.G. Jung Institute-Zurich. He offers Jungian analysis in his private practice office in San Francisco, California. He has conducted many presentations on dreams, meditation practices and Jungian psychology around the San Francisco Bay Area and in Zurich, Switzerland.

Georgine Brave, JD (USA) is a workshop director and actress, appearing in many plays. She is founder of Wesley Palms Players. She was Playwright and director of The life of Dorothy Parker. She has over 2000 court appearances.

Bonnie Buckner, PhD (USA), author of Dream Your Self into Being, teaches a Kabbalistic approach to working with dreams to creative and business professionals as a means to surmount personal, professional, and creative blocks; identify career and life directions; and to overall stimulate and develop creativity.

Kelly Bulkeley, PhD (USA) is a psychologist of religion focusing on dreams. He is director of the Sleep and Dream Database (SDDb), Senior Editor of Dreaming, former IASD president, and Visiting Scholar at the Graduate Theological Union. His books include Big Dreams (2016) and Dreaming in the World’s Religions (2008).

Jean Campbell (USA) is an IASD Board member and Editor of IASD’s DreamTime Magazine. She is Director of the nonprofit organization, The iMAGE Project, and author/editor of several books including Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power (Word Press, 2006) and Sleep Monsters and Superheroes: Empowering Children through Creative Dreamplay (Praeger/ABC-CLIO, 2016).

Michelle Carr (UK) is a researcher at Swansea University Sleep Laboratory, working with Dr. Mark Blagrove on studies of REM sleep, dreaming, and nightmares.

Debra D. Carroll, MA (USA) founded Shamanic Arts Education & Counseling, and created the Shamanic Arts Dreaming Research and Certification Project. Debra was the founding Editor of Shaman’s Drum Magazine and an Editorial Advisor until the Drum closed. She is developing research to demonstrate the efficacy of SWLD as an intervention.

Cynthia Cavalli, PhD (USA) is a human systems consultant helping organizations recognize patterns of transformation using mythology and story. She is also a transformation coach, helping individuals reconnect with destiny and purpose through dialogue with dreams and synchronicity using shamanic and Jungian approaches.

David Cielak, MSc Rehabilitation (Australia) has been a student and practitioner of the Seth Material since the late 1970’s and has facilitated presentations and workshops on concepts from the materials in various settings. David has used the concepts in applied settings including Vocational Rehabilitation and Welfare to Work organisations.

Laurel Clark, DD, DM (USA) is a teacher with the School of Metaphysics, author of the book Intuitive Dreaming and books on visualization, healing, and concentration, interfaith minister, counselor, and intuitive artist. She crafts her intention to aid other people and live a purposeful life in all these endeavors.

Daniel Condron (USA) is an educator, writer, composer, agriculturist, ecologist, and landscape designer, dedicated to knowing Self and mind for over 30 years. He is a certified Biofeedback Specialist, and director-College of Metaphysics. Degrees: Doctorate of Metaphysics, Doctorate of Divinity, Master of Science, University of Missouri in Agricultural Economics.

Barbara O’Guinn Condron (USA). Her interest in dreams began with a childhood nightmare at age six. A teacher with the School of Metaphysics since 1975 and a private counselor, she is founder of Her books include Kundalini Rising and How to Raise an Indigo Child, both instrumental in what she presents here.

Claude Couture (Canada) is a dream worker, lecturer and a certified dream teacher from the “Nicole Gratton International Dreams School”. He lives in Quebec. Now retired from his work as an Organisational Development consultant, he shares his passion for dreams as a mean to explore spirituality and personal growth.

Tara Crofton (Canada) is a certified Reiki body worker, yoga teacher and teacher trainer. She is a long-time student of personal development being a practitioner of yoga and meditation for over 40 years. She is a founding member of the Pacific Northwest Dream Community.

Fulvio D’Acquisto (UK) is Professor of Immunopharmacology at the William Harvey Research Institute in London, and a trainee psychotherapist. He is passionate about understanding the cross-talk between body and mind and is currently investigating how emotions can influence the function and development of the immune system and vice versa.

Heather Dawn (USA) Dawn holds a MA in Consciousness Studies from JFKU and is a PhD Candidate in Psychology at Saybrook University. She has facilitated dream share groups and presented at the APA Division 32 Humanistic Conference in 2013. She hopes to publish and teach on the topic of her IASD presentation.

Joseph De Koninck (Canada) is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Ottawa. He has 45 years of university research experience on dreams. His publications have focus on the sources and consequences of dreams, dreams and personality, culture and aging. More recently, he has focused on nightmares and their treatment.

Gayle Delaney, PhD (USA) is the founding president and a co-founder of IASD, and is co-director of the Delaney and Flowers Dream Center: She is creator of the Dream Interview method and author of Living Your Dreams, Sensual Dreaming, All about Dreams, and Breakthrough Dreaming.

Darlene DeRose (USA) holds a Masters Degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies. She is a Certified Dream Work Facilitator (MIPD) and runs monthly dream groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her article “Dreamwork and the Cultivation of Compassion” was published in the Wise Brain Bulletin.

Daniel Deslauriers (USA) is Professor of Transformative Studies at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. He is the co-author (with Fariba Bogzaran) of Integral Dreaming (SUNY Press, 2012) and Le rêve: sa nature, sa fonction et une methode d’analyse (P.U.Q., 1987) (with George Baylor), has published articles on epistemology and narrative research.

William Domhoff, PhD (USA) is the Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Research Professor in the departments of psychology and sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he has been teaching since 1965. He is author of many books on dreams, including the forthcoming book The Emergence of Dreaming: Mind-Wandering, Embodied Simulation.

Leslie Ellis (Canada) has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a Masters from Pacific Graduate Institute. She is a therapist in private practice in Vancouver, BC, adjunct faculty at Adler University and a Certifying Coordinator with The Focusing Institute.

Marcia Emery, PhD (USA) is a pioneer in the field of applied intuition, a psychologist, intuitive consultant, former professor. She blends the study of intuition and dreams in her three books. She is a former board member of IASD, and was one of the experts on the Dream Decoders TV Show.

Alex Enescu (Canada) is currently a Master of Science (M.Sc.) graduate student at McGill University in the Psychiatry Department (Faculty of Medicine). His work involves putting together a modern dream intrusion model.

Nathan Feinstein (USA). His dream is to help people find and realize their dream. He has lived his dreams, including: A vision that guided a 20-year banking career; Helping to save the last pure Pygmies; and Dreams that protected his health vs. PTSD.

Jayne Gackenbach, PhD (Canada) is a past president of IASD and is a Professor of Psychology at MacEwan University in Alberta, Canada. She has been doing research into dreams for 40 years on lucid dreams and VR. Her latest book Boundaries of Self and Reality Online came out in 2017.

Judy B. Gardiner (USA), researcher and author; coined the phrase, “Cosmic Dreaming”. Her award-winning book, Lavender: An Entwined Adventure in Science & Spirit, reveals an underlying relationship of quantum physics to dreaming. She is a member of IASD, Rhine Research Center, Foundations of Mind, and literary executor of Dr. Montague Ullman’s archives.

Patricia Garfield, PhD (USA) is past president and a co-founder of IASD. Her bestseller Creative Dreaming (1974, 1991) is still in print; available in 15 languages, it is considered a classic. She has written more than a dozen other books on dreams on such topics as: nightmares; children’s dreams; women’s dreams; healing through dreams; grief dreams; and dream-related art.

Heloisa Garman, PsyD (USA), an Illinois licensed clinical psychologist, specialized in individual and family therapy, taught and supervised in major Brazilian universities. Pursuing her interest in dreams, she applies the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model to dreamwork. She has published and given several workshops on this approach.

Dan Gilhooley, PsyaD, MFA (USA) is a psychoanalyst, artist and teacher. His research interests include regression, dreaming, depression and creativity, and intersubjectivity. As an artist he’s had 18 one-person exhibitions, was elected to the National Academy of Design, and was the recipient of a Gradiva Award for art contributing to psychoanalysis.

Loren Goodman (USA) is the author of Famous Americans, selected by W.S. Merwin for the 2002 Yale Series of Younger Poets, Suppository Writing (2008) and New Products (2010). He is an Associate Professor of Creative Writing and English Literature at Yonsei University/Underwood International College in Seoul, Korea, and serves as the UIC Creative Writing Director.

Tzivia Gover, MFA, CDT (USA) is the director of the Institute for Dream Studies and the author of Joy in Every Moment and Mindful Moments for Stressful Days, among others. Her forthcoming book (due out in December of 2017 from Storey Publishing) addresses a mindful approach to sleep and dreams.

Nicole Gratton (Canada) is the author of Dream Incubation and 16 other books in French. Since 1992, she is the founder and director of an International Dream School in Montreal (École internationale des Rêves Nicole Gratton.

Diane Greig, PhD RCC, CSCH (Canada) is a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist and independent researcher. She is founder/facilitator of the Pacific Northwest Dream Community, and past IASD Membership Chair. She has presented internationally on: personal/collective psycho-spiritual transformation, transpersonal dream groups, Living Light, and dream consulted in NA, China and Singapore.

Jodine Grundy (USA) is a practicing psychotherapist, artist and professional coach. An IASD member since 1995, she served as VP, President and Board Chair and chaired numerous committees. She is an active leader in environmental, community and political organizations in which she follows and shares the wisdom of dreams.

Johanne Hamel, DPs (Canada) is a psychologist, art psychotherapist, and art therapy professor at Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Québec. She published a book on art therapy at Larousse, Paris, among others. Her book on dreams and art therapy was first published in 1993 and has been continually reprinted since then.

Nigel Hamilton (UK) is Director of the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education and Dream Research Institute (DRI), a Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training Centre and Clinic in London, where he lectures and practices as a Psychotherapist; originally trained as a Physicist, working at the MIT for the use of light in Energy Storage Research.

Carol Held (USA) is an artist, art teacher and workshop facilitator. She leads art explorations at retreats and in classes, focusing on art as the expression of the unconscious. She has worked with both children and adults. Carol actively explores projective dream work and dream art studio work.

Keith Himebaugh, PhD (USA) is a professional animator, mythologist and DreamTending practitioner who develops psychological tools for artists. Specializing in the psychology of creativity, Keith’s method, Mythic Drawing, introduces an archetypal approach to drawing with the imagination that he is currently developing into a book, based on his dissertation.

Adam Hoffman (USA) is an electrical engineer and engineering manager in a Silicon Valley technology company. Over the past 20 years, he has been an avid participant in board gaming and in board game design. He has independently designed four board games from start to finish, and he is always looking for new ideas for his next game.

Curtiss Hoffman (USA) is a professor of Anthropology at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. He specializes in local archaeology and cognitive anthropology, teaching courses in myth and culture, anthropology of religion, and culture and consciousness. He has been a frequent presenter on a variety of topics at IASD annual conferences.

Brigitte Holzinger (Austria), born in Vienna, studied Psychology at the University of Vienna and Stanford-University. Today she is Lecturer, Author and Coach. Areas of Expertise are research and teaching in Sleep, Sleep Disorders, Burnout, Nightmares, Dreams and Lucid Dreaming, Psychotherapy, Gestalttheory und Gestalttherapy.

Leslie Horacek (Belgium) has been working with dreams and life journaling for over 20 years. Exploring the intersections of consciousness and spirituality, she is passionate about developing techniques and technology for greater understanding of self. Based in Belgium, in her career for cybersecurity, she has briefed audiences around the world.

Robert J. Hoss, MS (USA) is a Director and past president of IASD. He directs the DreamScience Foundation for research grants and is a Haden Institute faculty member. He authored Dream Language and Dream to Freedom and his work is published in 12 other books and four professional Journals.

Athena Johnson-Kolinski, MA (USA) is a Religious Studies Professor at University of Philosophical Research, where her second master’s degree was obtained in Consciousness Studies. Athena is a Dreamworker, Certified Tarotpy Practitioner and New Dreamwork Coach for Star Card Dreaming (, and member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Tracey L. Kahan (USA) is Professor of Psychology at Santa Clara University in Northern California. She has been teaching courses in Cognitive Psychology, Perception, Research Methods, and Sleep and Dreaming for nearly 30 years. Her research focuses on the interplay of consciousness, cognition, and emotion across dreaming and waking.

David Kahn, PhD (USA) is currently an Instructor in Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, engaged in research to help develop a neuropsychology of dreaming that can be used for a brain-based theory of psychiatry. He is currently a Director and an Advisor to the Executive Committee of IASD.

Katarzyna Kaminska (Poland) has an MA in psychology The Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. She has been a therapist in private practise for twenty years. She specializes in the long term individual therapy with special interest to the dreams of patients. She is a dreamworker and works with group dreams.

Ed W. Kellogg III (USA) earned his PhD from Duke University. He has published papers on his work in fields as diverse as the biochemistry of aging, bioelectricity, general semantics, lucid dreaming, psi-dreaming, dream-healing, and the phenomenology of consciousness. He created, organized, and hosted IASD’s online PsiberDreaming Conference from 2002 – 2005.

Patricia Kilroe, PhD (USA) is a professor of Writing & Literature at the California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA, where she has taught a course on dream studies since 2012. She has been working with and writing about language and rhetoric in dreaming for two decades.

Sheri D. Kling (USA) is a dream worker, musician and composer, and a PhD student at the Claremont School of Theology, studying the relationship between Jungian thought and Process Philosophy/Theology.

Lucie Kluzova Kracmarova, PhD (Czech Republic) is a psychologist, currently working as a researcher at Olomouc University Social Health Institute (OUSHI), where she is focused on experiences of health issues. She is conducting research with nightmare sufferers. She is interested also in therapeutic work with individuals suffering from nightmares.

Svitlana Kobets (Canada) holds a PhD from the University of Illinois UC. She teaches literature, culture and film at St. Michael’s College, Toronto. A co-authored book Holy Foolishness: New Perspectives (2011) is among her latest publications. Her current research interests include history of dreaming, phenomenology of lucid dreaming, visionary narratives.

Karen Konkoly (USA) just graduated from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with a degree in psychology and a passion for the cognitive neuroscience of sleep. She is fascinated with the relationship of how different phenomenal experiences during sleep and can affect waking performance, and hopes to continue researching after graduation.

Eugene N. Kovalenko, PhD (USA), scientist and engineer, underwent Jungian analysis in 1966-68. In 1976 he taught a course in dreamwork at UCLA. Since then he has worked for several firms and conducted CREEI workshops in business, engineering, and community settings, applying the CREEI process to personnel and company morale problems.

Miloslava Kozmova, PhD (USA) is a researcher of dreaming consciousness teaching at University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her research interest focus on cognition, especially executive skills, in non-lucid dreaming.

Jason Kravitz (Belgium). Based in Brussels, Jason has been exploring the intersection of consciousness and technology by melding diverse interests in dreamwork, photography, music, and data visualization, with two decades of experience as a software engineer. Jason is co-founder of the website, a photography collective with members from 100+ countries.

Stanley Krippner, PhD (USA), professor of psychology at Saybrook University (Oakland, California), is a Fellow in five APA divisions, and past-president of two divisions. He is co-author of Extraordinary Dreams, Personal Mythology, 3rd ed., Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans, and dozens of other books.

Don Kuiken (Canada) is a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta (Edmonton). During his career at the University of Alberta, he has published widely in the areas of dreaming, psychological aesthetics, and phenomenological psychology.

Justina Lasley, MA (USA) is founder of the Institute for Dream Studies, an international program that educates dream professionals. She is the developer of DreamSynergy™, an innovative process using dreams for transformation. Justina is the author of Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career, and Health While You Sleep and Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dream Group Leaders.

George M. Leute III, MA (USA) is a psychologist in private practice in Media, Pennsylvania. A graduate of the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia and of the Haden Institute’s Dream Group Leader Program, he facilitates an on-going dream group comprised mainly of therapists and presents seminars and workshops on dreamwork.

Jacquie E Lewis, PhD (USA) is on faculty at Saybrook University, and is the Co-Director of the Dream Studies Certificate Program.  She has written articles and book chapters on dreams and co-edited: Working with Dreams and PTSD Nightmares: 14 Approaches for Psychotherapists and Counselors. She is a former board member of IASD.

Sue Llewellyn (UK) is a Professor in Humanities at Manchester University. Ten years ago she began to read and publish in dreaming. For example, arguing REM dreaming is elaborative encoding for episodic memories, hypothesising REM creates and NREM instantiates “landmark junctions” in cortical networks and REM dreaming is prospective coding.

David Low, MS, PhD (USA) was an adjunct professor of Religion at Rutgers-Camden, LaSalle and Rowan Universities for 10 years, worked as a drug counselor for seven years, has taught meditation, does dreamwork, and lived in spiritual communities for five years, one of them in India.

Kelly Lydick (USA) received her MA in Writing and Consciousness from the New College of California. She holds professional certifications as Meditation Facilitator, Past Life Healer, and Gateway Dreaming™ Coach. She is the author of the experimental work, Mastering the Dream, and she teaches writing and metaphysical workshops throughout the US.

Josie Malinowski (UK) is an oneirologist currently employed by the University of East London in the UK. She had recently worked on projects investigating the dream rebound effect, emotion-processing theories of dreaming, and the efficacy of dreamwork.

Kimberly Mascaro, PhD (USA) is a therapist, dreamworker, published author, and artist. She has worked in the fields of mental/behavioral health, and education for over 15 years. Dr. Mascaro is also faculty associate at Arizona State University.

Katie Mason (USA) is from Denver, Colorado. She is a therapist and facilitates growth and healing using dreamwork in her private ractice. Katie is also a dream performer, combining spoken word poetry, visual images and a telling narrative, to creatively express her dreams and empower others to do the same.

Linda H. Mastrangelo, MA, LMFT (USA) is an author, educator, artist and psychotherapist with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in dreams and grief. Linda serves on the Board of Directors, is Editor of Dream News and CE Administrator for IASD and can be contacted at

Don Middendorf (USA), a member of the faculty at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, teaches year-long, integrated programs on dreams, consciousness studies, and physics. He is a founding member of the Consciousness Studies department and has been using dreams in his personal and professional life for over 40 years.

Bonnie Mitsch, MS in Education (USA) is a photographer and dream worker. She has shown her photographs at local galleries as well as IASD’s Art Shows. She has been involved in dreamwork for the last 20 years and has a Dream Guide certificate through the Institute for Dream Studies.

Karen Mosby, Windyville, Missouri, (USA) is a teacher, minister, psi-counselor and dream interpretation coach that has been teaching the principles of mind and dreams for 15 years. She has just recently received her Doctorate of Metaphysics from the School of Metaphysics.

Nori Muster (USA) began keeping a dream journal in 1986 and had kept a continuous record of her dreams for thirty-one years. She recorded between 250-350 dreams a year in her thirties and forties, and an average of 200 dreams a year in her fifties.

Rubin Naiman, PhD (USA) is the sleep and dream specialist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (USA). He provides therapy, training and consultation internationally, is the author of groundbreaking works on sleep and dreams, and blogs for the HuffPost.

Geoff Nelson, DMin (USA) is a retired Presbyterian Minister from Whittier, California. He has over 40 years of working with his own dreams and has a DMin degree on “Dreams Groups in the Church.” He is a trained spiritual director.

Daniel Oldis, MA (USA) is a software engineer and dream researcher. He has been published or interviewed in Forbes, Coast To Coast AM, CBS Radio, The Orange County Register, The Huffington Post and Software Development. His paper—co-authored with Sean Oliver—Experiments in Inter-Dream Communication, was presented at the 2012 IASD Conference.

Wojciech Owczarski, full professor, dr hab (Poland) is a Historian of Polish literature and culture at the University of Gdansk, Poland. Head of the Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies. His interdisciplinary research interests include history and theory of literature, dream studies, theatre studies, and cultural anthropology.

Judy Pascoe (UK) is a writer, artist and psychotherapist. She has an MA in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and practices in London as a psychotherapist with an interest in using dreams and art in one to one and group settings. She balances her private practice with her work as a writer and artist.

Richard F. Paseman, EdD (USA) is a spiritual counselor specializing in dreamwork, sacred mythos and storytelling. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He utilizes the tools of art, cinema, journal keeping, music and interfaith practice to promote spiritual formation in the desert wisdom tradition.

Claudia Picard-Deland, BSc (Canada) is a MSc candidate in the department of Neurosciences at the University of Montreal. She has been working at the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory, directed by Tore Nielsen, since fall 2016. She is interested in nightmare pathophysiology, sleep spindles, memory consolidation, and dreams.

Stephen Potthoff (USA) teaches as an Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Wilmington College, Ohio. His academic background is in archaeology and the history of religion, and his principle research interests include indigenous religious traditions, ecospirituality, and the psychology of dream and visionary experience.

Deborah Putman, BFA Concordia (Canada) is a professional visual artist who has exhibited internationally. Her works reside in the collections of the Institute for American Universities in Avignon, France, St. Paul’s and the B. C. Women’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner and founding member of the Northwest Pacific Dream Group.

Victoria Rabinowe (USA), DreamingArts Studio, Santa Fe, NM, has guided over 800 master classes and international workshops for psychotherapists, spiritual guidance counselors, artists and writers in the “Art of the Dream.”™ Trained in Advanced Dreamtending, Pacifica Graduate Institute. Author, illustrator, her artwork is exhibited worldwide.

Susan Reintjes, MA in Teaching (USA) is a dream analysis therapist, psychic, and author of Third Eye Open who specializes in helping clients utilize their dreams to improve self-awareness and reach life goals. She validates the unconscious material of each dream and assists the dreamer to receive the intrinsic messages.

Sanford Rosenberg (USA) is currently President of Media Research Associates (, founder of Front Street Pictures, and executive producer of feature films. He is licensed as a psychotherapist in California and a member of APA, CAMFT, and IASD. Dr. Rosenberg ( also founded a Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy in 1976, which still exists today.

Perrine Ruby (France) is a researcher in the DYCOG team of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CRNL). Interest: dreaming, sleep, self, social cognition and neuroimaging.

Michael Schredl (Germany). Since 1990, he has been working in the sleep laboratory of the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim. His publications cover various topics such as dream recall, dream content analysis, nightmares, dreams and sleep disorders, and sleep physiology. He is editor of the online-journal International Journal of Dream Research.

Susan Schwartz, PhD (USA), Jungian analyst and clinical psychologist is a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. She gives workshops and lectures in and out of the USA. Susan has journal articles and book chapters on Jungian psychology and works in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Her website is

Mark Scott (USA) is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. He has worked in the field of addiction for 30 years. He founded How House, an addiction recovery home, 26 years ago and now works for Los Angeles Center for Alcohol and Drug abuse.

Monique Séguin (Canada) is from Québec. She works a palliative nurse. She is a co-author with Nicole Gratton of the book Dreams and Death. She includes in her approach with her patients the importance of listening to their dreams. She gives conferences for different associations in palliative care in Québec, and Canada.

Alan Siegel, PhD (USA) is past president, and past Education Chair of IASD and Consulting Editor for Dreaming. He practices psychotherapy and assessment and is Associate Clinical Professor, U.C. Berkeley. He has been teaching dreamwork for over 40 years and is author of Dream Wisdom: Uncovering Life’s Answers in Your Dreams.

Pilleriin Sikka (Finland) is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Turku, Finland and a Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Skövde, Sweden. She conducts research on dream emotions and well-being using a multilevel framework that integrates molecular, neurophysiological, and psychological measures.

Doris H Snyder (USA). After nearly 20 years working with numbers and spreadsheets for several large banks, Doris followed her heart to the Dream Leadership Program at the Haden Institute where she found herself once again working with numbers – only this time through the lens of dreams and from a spiritual perspective.

Chyrese Soubasis (USA) has been a respected teacher and builder in Portland Oregon for 25 years. She is dedicated to empowering women and youth through carpentry apprenticeship while using dreamwork as a basis for finding ones path. Telling stories for radio and giving dream workshops is her creative inspiration.

Christopher Sowton, ND RP (Canada) is a both a licensed naturopath and a licensed psychotherapist. Based in Toronto, his practice focuses on psychodynamic dreamwork. He has recently published a book, Dreamworking: How to Listen to the Inner Guidance of Your Dreams. For more information on work please visit his website:

G Scott Sparrow (USA) the current Board Chair of IASD, a Professor in Counseling at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and a psychotherapist in private practice. His pioneering work in lucid dreaming led to the development of an approach to co-creative dreamwork called the FiveStar Method.

Shanee Stepakoff, PhD (USA) is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Maine (Farmington) and Adjunct Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is the author of two dozen peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on innovative approaches to psychological repair after trauma.

Isaac Taitz (USA) is a graduate student in clinical psychology at Palo Alto University.  He has been with IASD since 2011 when he presented his honors thesis on lucid dreams in depression, which later won the 2012 student research award.  Since undergraduate, he’s become interested in researching clinical applications for dreaming.

Bonnie Tarwater (USA) was ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister in 1999. She is a dreamworker, counselor at, parish minister, hospital and hospice chaplain and new home church, Church for Our Common Home. Education: BA, UCSD Visual Art, MFA, ACT Theater, CA Teaching Credential Art and Theater, USIU, M.Div. Claremont School of Theology.

Tina Tau (USA) is an MIPD-certified dreamworker, writer and spiritual director in Portland, Oregon. She is also a graduate of Dream Teacher Trainings I and II with Robert Moss and The School for the Work with Byron Katie. She has facilitated a dream group in Portland since 2002.

Jeremy Taylor, DMin (USA) is a Unitarian Universalist minister who has lead workshops all over the world for many decades. He an IASD past president and co-founder, founder/director of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, and the author of four books on dreams. He continues to be intrigued and surprised by the multiple layers of meaning in every dream.

Misa Tsuruta, PhD (Japan) obtained her PhD in cognitive, social and developmental psychology from The New School for Social Research.  Currently she is a psychotherapist working mostly with adults in Tokyo. At IASD she has presented on topics such as Japanese culture and dreams, pregnancy, dance/movement, etc.

Susan Turner Gabrielle (USA) is a PhD candidate and Dream Studies student at Saybrook University. She leads dreamwork classes locally and through Sierra College near Sacramento. As a Certified Integrative Wellness Coach, she encourages her clients to consider their dreams in goal-setting and accomplishment.

John Valenzuela, PhD (USA) is a teacher, writer, and dreamworker in Ojai, CA. He speaks publicly on subjects related to dreams, cultural identity, empathy, interviewing, and independent school admissions.

Raphael Vallat (France) is a PhD student at the Lyon 1 University. His main topics of interests are dreaming, sleep and neuroimaging.

Blyth van Dam (USA) is the Founder and CEO of Audtra, the first, social audio/transcription and analytics platform (patent-pending), solving report quality problems encountered in dream, Alzheimer’s, mental illness, developmental disability, and drug studies.

Kim Vergil (Canada) is a multi-media artist doing paintography and installation artworks, offering solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the US, and Europe. She has been a member of IASD since 2007, is the current chair of the IASD Arts Committee, and dream arts exhibition and awards juror from 2008 to 2017.

Robert Waggoner (USA) authored the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self and co-authored Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple. A lucid dreamer since 1975, Waggoner co-edits the online magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience, conducts workshops at, and speaks internationally on lucid dreaming. He served as past president of IASD.

Janet Wahl, PhD, CHt, ThetaHealing Master (USA) is the author Discover the Messages in Your Dreams with the Ullman Method and Discover the Hidden Beliefs in Your Dreams. She was in Ullman’s dream group for over 15 years and took his leadership training. She conducts Ullman dream groups and ThetaHealing classes.

Kelly Sullivan Walden (USA) (aka “Doctor Dream”)is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, workshop leader and sought after speaker. As seen on Doctor Oz and Ricki Lake Show, Kelly is the author of nine bestselling books including the newly released, The Love Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary.

Carol D Warner, MA, MSW (USA) has been doing dreamwork for 40 years. She has a private practice in Tucson, AZ. Her book Return: Dreaming and the Psychospiritual Journey discusses many aspects of dreams, including an extensive section on dreams and spirituality. She is stepping down as Ethics Chair after more than twenty years.

Craig Webb (Canada), author, musical artist, and director of The DREAMS Foundation for over two decades, Craig has participated in lucid dreaming research at Stanford University and Montreal’s Sacre-Coeur Dream and Nightmare Lab. Craig is also a physicist/inventor, bio-medical design engineer, outdoor/adventure quest guide, and friendly frisbee fanatic.

Melinda Ziemer, MA, Adv Dipl Psychotherapy (UK), current IASD vice president, is co-Founder and director of the Dream Research Institute London at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education and former director of the charity HELP. Her lucid dreaming exploration has led her to develop and teach “Lucid Surrender.”