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Thank you to all who attended the IASD Annual Conference.

Are you looking for a roommate or travel share for the 2017 Conference? Are you looking for someone to share a ride or fly with?

To connect with potential roommates or travelshare partners post your information on this thread. This is a open blog thread available to the public, but will be monitored. Inappropriate or offensive posts will be deleted and the user blocked.

This is a open blog thread available to the public, but will be monitored. Inappropriate or offensive posts will be deleted and the user blocked. Neither IASD nor the Wyndam Hotel will assign roommates, so please arrange these prior to making your reservation.

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  1. Hi, I have been trying to leave my name to share a room with someone but it doesn’t seeem to work. Where can we go to see the travelshare messages?

    • Since now it seems to work, here is my post: I am a french canadian presenter from Québec and I would like to share a room from June 15 to June 20 inclusively. Thank you.

      • Hi Johanne, I am from Montréal, QC. I would love to share a room as well. Let me know if you are still interested :). and where are you coming from? Cristina

  2. Hi I’m Jane from Sydney Australia. I’d love to share transport from LAX to the venue on 15th March. Also is be happy to share a room -15-21 June.

    • Hi Jane, I am Myriam, artist from the Netherlands, we met before. I am roommating for June 16th-20th, with someone. Since I am arriving at 15th of June, I am still looking for someone to share her room for June the 15th.and the 20th. It seems the costst for 4-person-rooms are equal.Sent me an email please, if you are interested! Kind regards,

  3. Hi, I’m a student traveling from NYC and would like to share a room with one or several other women from the 15th to the 20th. I’ll also be flying into LAX and arranging transportation to the hotel if anyone would like to coordinate rides. Thanks, excited!

  4. Hi, I am chaplain Gretchen (50s), traveling from Northern Ca. I would be interested in sharing a room. I go to bed early and get up early, drink strong coffee in AM and don’t snore! Hoping for the same!

  5. Hello, I am looking to share a room June 16-20. Let me know if you are interested!


  6. Hi, I have a room with 2 queen beds. If you don’t mind me getting up in the middle of the night to record my dreams, come share!

  7. My name is Frank Galvin, long term member, and would like to share a room with someone. I have not yet made a room reservation. Thanks

    • Hi Frank, I have a room at the Wyndam 6/15–6/20; I got the cheapest type of room, offhand I don’t remember whether that means there are two beds in it or not, if there are, then I’d love to share… or even if there’s only one bed maybe, if you don’t mind the floor! Let me know…
      David L

      • David, yes I am wanting to share a room, but people tell me I do snore. Get back to me please. Frank

        • Hey Frank,
          Sorry for the delay in getting back to you… thanks for your considerate honesty about the snoring issue… something about my disposition, silence is more important than average to me. blessings’DBL

  8. Hello~
    I’m interested in sharing a room from June 16-19, (leaving Mon morning), and have not yet booked a room. I’m also looking to share a Lyft or Uber to LAX on those days.

      • Hi Valley~
        I arrive at 12:15 to LAX, so I’ll be traveling to the hotel a few hours earlier than you.

  9. Hello dreamers,

    I have a room booked from June 16th-21st. I have 2 queen beds and I am happy to share with another female. I am low maintenance, snoring doesnt bother me. I am also not a light sleeper so if you wake up in the middle of the night I wont notice. I am from Utah and flying into Orange County. Let me know if you’re interested.

    • Hi Glory~
      I’m looking to share someone’s room for 3 nights, Fri, Sat and Sun, as I’m leaving on Mon afternoon. Would that work for you?

      • HI Marta,
        That works for me!
        Did you already find another roommate? If not I still have a room we can share. Let me know.

        • Hi Glory~
          Yes, that’s great! I just got your email and emailed you back.

    • Hi Glory Nelson,
      I am Myriam, from the Netherlands, artist, and would be glad to share your room, from June16th-21st. even with two other people.Please sent me an email if you are still needing a roommate.

  10. Hi everyone! I’m arriving to LAX from London on 15 June and have a 2 bed Queen room booked from the 15th to the 22nd inclusive, and I’m looking for a female roommate who would like to share for this period (or a bit less, if you’re staying for less time). I’m a seasoned IASD-er and I’m presenting (twice!). I’m a late-to-bed, early-to-rise kind of person at IASD because I like to fit as much in as I can 🙂 Let me know if you want to share!

    • I also have a room booked and can plan to consolidate rooms with you at the conference if that is something that you want to do. I get up early and crump at 10ish no matter what is going on. Feel free to contact me via text on the 15th to consider consolidating! 707 235 4698.

    • Hi to you, I am Myriam from the Netherlands, artist attending the artshow, and would like to be your roommate, or share with one or two roommates, from June 15th -21st.

    • Hi Josie, I am Myriam, artist from the Netherlands, would like to be roommate from the 15th- 21st. of June, with you, or maybe one person more.If you still would need a roommate let me know.

  11. Hi Dreamers,

    I would be glad to share a room from 16th to 19th nights. Male or female is fine with me.

    Feel free to email me directly:

    • I have a lovely room booked for the nights of June 16-19th (check out on 20th) near a lake and park ~15 minutes walk from the hotel. If someone (who is a non-smoker) wishes to share, it would be $37/night, so please email me at the address just above.

  12. I am looking to share a Lyft from the Long Beach airport Friday morning to arrive in time for the AV volunteer training at 10am. My flight lands at 7:56am.


  13. I get into SNA at 7:46 PM on 6/15, for anyone who’d like to share a ride if that’s where you’re flying into.

    I also have a room at the W., cheapest variety, for 6/15-20; if it has two beds (don’t remember offhand if that category does or not), or maybe even if it doesn’t if you don’t mind the floor, then I’d love to share. Assume nonsmoking… also, should you snore a lot, it won’t work.

  14. Hi everyone,
    I arrive at Orange County (SNA) at 3:57PM on June 15th. I am open to share travel expenses around that time to Anaheim.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Christina, I am arriving at the same time 3.57 at SNA, on June 15th, I would be glad to share travel expenses to Anaheim, please write an email to;

  15. Hi, anyone travelling from Los Angeles Int’l Airport to the hotel on Friday, June 16th? I’m coming into LAX from Tokyo, Japan, hopefully out by 12 noon or so… if anyone can give me a ride, that’d be great. I’ll share the cost.

    • Hi Misa~
      I’m also arriving at LAX around noon on Fri, the 16th. Perhaps we could meet up and share a Lyft or Uber.

      • Hi Marta,
        That’d be great. The problem is, I don’t have a phone and from now on (I’m leaving home now), I may not be able to see these posts.
        Can you tell me your phone number and email? Mine is If you don’t hear from me further, sorry, but please go by yourself (and I hope I run into you at the conference!!). Have a safe travel!

        • Hi Marta again,
          Well, if you happen to find me at LAX (though not sure how possible it is at a busy airport), please stop me.
          I’m carrying a rather small suitcase, vivid blue with a yellow cross on it. Thanks!

  16. Hello, is anyone else traveling from NYC? I haven’t booked travel yet, and was curious if anyone was driving? I just have to be there Friday 10AM until Tuesday 5pm. Thanks!

  17. My name is Mary and I’m interested in sharing a room for the evening of Thursday June 15.

  18. Hi, my name is Athena Kolinski and I am looking to share a room on June 20th. Due to the Dream Ball I will be staying out late that evening and then leaving early the next day. I promise to stay as quite as possible when I do so. 🙂

    • Hi Athena,

      Did you find a room to stay in on June 20th? My roommate checks out on Monday morning so I have a spare bed. Let me know.

  19. The very illustrious Myriam, who will be presenting, (hailing from some exotic location in Europe) and myself, a rather boring, but dreaming “spiritual care giver” will be rooming at the Wyndham from 15 through the 21. We are both open to taking on another “roomie” to cut our costs. We are each paying 75 per day and if another wants to share, we can each pay $50 per day, however the third part will have to either use a blow up mattress or roll away bed!

  20. Hello all,
    it looks I’ll be able to attend the conference after all – I’m coming from Italy and I will also be exhibiting in the art show – I’m trying to keep costs down as this trip was not planned – is there anyone still in need of a room mate – I’m easy, heavy sleeper and no snoring – sorry guys but I need it to be a female – happy to share with more than one also. I’ll be there from 15th and leaving 20th. My email:

  21. Hi dreamers,
    Anyone headed to LAX / John Wayne airport on the 20th? I’m trying to figure out how to make an evening flight back to NYC. Happy to share costs. Thanks!

  22. Hi,
    Last minute arrangements leave me with a spare bed in my room. I’m there Friday night (16th) through Tuesday night (20th) and would like to share the room. Due to the late notice, please email meal directly, as well as replying here. Thanks.

    • Yes Geoff, I would like to share your room with you. Frank Galvin

  23. Hi everyone, still looking for a roommate from 15th June up to 22nd June, 1 queen bed available in a 2 bed room.

    Also looking for someone to travel to the hotel with from LAX on the 15th, I arrive at 15.40.

    Email me!

  24. Is anyone looking to share an Uber from LAX Friday morning around 7ish or 8 am? Let me know. Thanks

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