Special Events


Benjamin Whitehurst will be leading this community building event that provides a welcoming space for first-time attendees to the conference to connect with fellow IASD dreamers. Attendees will play several dream-themed connection games, meet their regional IASD representatives and connect with others in the same region with similar interests. Note that this event will be held during normal conference sessions on Sunday, June 17th at 9:15 am.


In this dream performance, Katie Mason combines the rhyme and rhythm of “slam poetry,” story-telling and comedy against a backdrop of illustrative and interpretative visual images. Poignant vulnerability, eased with humorous snippets, warmly draws the audience into the discovery and acceptance of the transformative power of dreams. In this acceptance, Katie strives to have the audience discover their unique “dream voice” so they too may find a way express their own “dream truths.”


Get some much-needed outdoor time from inside the pool of dreams! Take on the challenge of jousting with pool noodles while staying on floating devices; or, slather on the sunscreen, enjoy a beverage and lounge in the “dry heat” of the Phoenix sun. If the outdoors look better from inside, relax in the air conditioning of the hospitality suite where you can be amused by the outdoor activities, play some board games and partake in the drink of your choice. Either way, you are in good company! To access the private pool, you must enter through the hospitality suite.


In honor of the late Rev. Jeremy Taylor, attendees are invited to bring photographs and memorabilia to pin-up and display memories of him. You can begin adding your contribution to his memorial display and table during the Opening Reception, that will be located near the IASD reception desk. Thank you to Victoria Rabinowe for organizing this dedication to the invaluable service of Rev. Jeremy Taylor.

Dream Telepathy Contest 

Sunday evening, immediately after the Keynote, co-hosted by Cynthia Pearson, Sherry Puricelli and Robert Waggoner, in the same room as the Keynote. Begun in 1985 by Bob Van de Castle and Rita Dwyer, the contest became an annual event. Many contestants have exhibited impressive psi dreaming skills — often to their surprise! Don’t miss this exciting and FUN opportunity to explore the fascinating world of dream psi.

Sunday, June 17 – immediately after keynote
9:15 – 10:00 PM – Instructions, Q & A, Target Randomly Selected from 4 Possibilities

Designated Sender “Psi Broadcasts” –
Sunday June 17, 11:00 PM – Monday June 18, 7 AM

  • Tune Into the Target Picture, &/or Designated Sender

Monday, June 18– 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

  • Submit Dream Reports to Dream Telepathy Contest Table

Tuesday, June 19 – Judging

Wednesday, June 20 – Dream Telepathy Contest Results and WINNERS Announced at Dream Ball

Try your Psi! Test your dreaming mind’s ability to tune into a visual target image that will be broadcast telepathically during the night by a designated “sender.” Loosely patterned on the cutting-edge experiments in dream telepathy conducted at Maimonides Dream Laboratory by Drs. Stanley Krippner and Montague Ullman, the annual IASD contest offers a playful way to test your dream telepathy skills. Come, learn the rules and join in the serious fun.


The final and most fun event at the entire conference will be The Dream Ball, that annual event first conceived by Bob Van de Castle. Costumes are not mandatory, but you will be the odd-person-out if you don’t take this annual chance to dress up like a dream figure from your dream and dance away the night. It is a chance for all of us as a community of dreamers to plunge head-first down the rabbit-hole of dreaming, abandoning the conscious overburdened part of ourselves, and spend a few hours in that place where dreams surround us and come alive.

If you missed last year’s ball, it was fantastic with snakes, ghouls, angels, Mickey Mouse, witches, Wonder Woman, a Zebra and lots more with a high-energy band and a high-end lighting rig.

Walter Berry will host again this year, and he has scoured the Valley of the Sun and found a fantastic local 6-piece band – CITY NIGHTS BAND that will knock your dream socks off. They will launch the night with DREAM WEAVERS – A song written by Gary Wright after George Harrison gave him a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi in 1972, and rock the house until midnight.

Start thinking now about your costume! There will be a dream costume parade that begins at 7:15. You will have a BRIEF chance to show off your costume and tell how it relates to your dream. And because so many will share, we mean brief – some menacing dream figure will be standing by with the “hook” for those that go over the 1 minute time limit (2 minutes for groups). Some of the best presentations are the groups- every year there seems to be a gaggle of young researchers or volunteers who put together something amazing. Don’t miss this fantastic conclusion to the conference.

Walter Berry