Weather in Arizona in June

Weather in mid-June in Arizona is generally dry with temperatures dependent on altitude (temperatures don’t peak until July and August). In Scottsdale the days are just beginning to get hot with average high temperatures mid-day of 1010F (380C) although nights become relatively cool with an average low of 750F (240C) – but as they say “it is a dry heat” so it is actually not all that uncomfortable (in relation to even the 80’s and 90’s in more humid areas). Everything is air conditioned and the planned outside activities at this point will be in or around the pools adjacent to the hospitality suite which has its own dedicated pool.

For those choosing to trek into the high country before or after the conference, it is quite comfortable. At the proposed central point of your tour, Flagstaff, temperatures on average in June are a highs ranging from 73 to 810F to a low of 49 to 570F.  At the North Rim of the Grand Canyon they are about the same, and in Sedona about 10 degrees F higher.  If you go it is a good idea to take a light jacket for the evenings and mornings.