Marta Aarli, MA, LPC, (USA) is a psychotherapist and dreamworker in Boulder, Colorado. Her dreamwork integrates psychodynamic and archetypal psychology, transpersonal and contemplative psychology, Gestalt parts theory, creative expression, active imagination, dream re-entry, and dream theater. She offers individual dream sessions, groups, and classes, and writes dream poetry.

Kate Adams (UK) is Professor of Education and Childhood at the University of Winchester, UK. Kate has done research into children’s divine dreams and spent two decades researching, publishing and presenting her work on children’s spirituality globally. A former Secretary and Director of IASD, Kate is co-editor of Dreaming in Christianity and Islam, and Dreams and Spirituality. She is the author of Unseen Worlds: Looking through the Lens of Childhood.

Milo Alexander-Travers (New Zealand) is a filmmaker of human interest topics. He is a largely self-taught filmmaker and documentary photographer, whose work focuses on character driven documentaries as well as branded content, working as a shooting director and producer.

Erin Amundson, MA, LPC (Netherlands) is a depth psychologist who specializes in teaching people to make friends with their subconscious mind. Founder of Natural Dream Technology, Erin knows that a uniquely talented visionary lies beneath the surface of your conscious mind, and she wants the world to benefit from your contribution.

Jeanne Anastasi, MEd, (USA) is a researcher experienced in health and wellness, communications, training and outreach.

Simone Anthes, (Germany), is a Cognitive Science student and is the current correspondent of the Student Initiative Sleep and Dream at the university of Osnabrück, Co-Author of “Lucid dreaming: an overview of research, application and prospects”, an overview article about lucid dreaming that was published in Schlaf in 2018.

Kiran Anumalasetty (India) is a past life regression therapist in India. He is a member of Indian Advisory Board, ARRR ( Kiran is a trainer with Quantum Life University, India ( He teaches workshops in India and Europe on past life regression, Transformation and new creation, Awakening Intuition. Visit

Lilith Apostel (Germany), ( is an archaeologist with an emphasis on history of religion. Her doctoral dissertation, Falling into Other Realms: The Universal, Embodied Experience of Sleep and Dreaming and Its Relation to Concepts of Death and the Netherworld before 1500 BC, is currently being prepared for publication.

Kristoffer Appel (Germany) is a sleep and dream researcher based in Hamburg. He completed his PhD at Osnabrück University, Germany, in 2018. He wrote his dissertation about crowd- based, machine learning-driven, polysomnographic, complex sleep and dream experiments.

Isabelle Arnulf (France) is a professor of neurology at the Sorbonne University, Paris and head of the Sleep Disorders Clinic at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. Her research themes are focused on neurological sleep disorders, mainly abnormal behaviors during sleep (sleepwalking, REM sleep behavior disorders), sleep in Parkinson’s disease and central hypersomnias, and what these disorders tell us about dreaming.

Bhaskar Banerji, PhD, (USA) is a dreamworker and bodywork instructor, with decades of experience specializing in dreams related to the body and health.

Steve Barrell (USA), once a concert artist, now ghost investigator and dreams group facilitator at The Rhine.  Steve holds a Masters in music, certifications in transpersonal hypnosis, past-life regression and spirit releasement therapies, and is an ordained metaphysical minister, pioneering evidence-based spirituality in worship and pursuing a masters in theological studies.

Mies Bartholomeus (Netherlands) Born in 1949. At first, she worked as a Geography Teacher for 7 years, doing that with much pleasure. She discovered Kinesiology in 1884. She became passionate about the possibilities of Kinesiology in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. From 1987 she has had a practice in Applied Kinesiology.

Kathryn Belicki, PhD, MTS, CPsych (Canada) is a registered psychologist and a Professor of Psychology at Brock University, and a former Vice President, Board Member, Conference Program Chair, and Membership Chair for IASD when it was called ASD.

Katherine R. Bell (USA) is founder of Experiential Dreamwork, is a dream coach, group leader, and founded the Santa Cruz Festival of Dreams. She is a member of the IASD Ethics Committee and has a Certificate of Study in Embodied Dreamwork.

Ann Bengtsson (Norway) is a specialist in clinical psychology. She is Danish, lives in Norway. She works with psychotherapy, dreams, body therapy, trauma therapy, healing, meditation, and mindfulness. She is the author of Dreams and Self-Development.

Sheila Benjamin (USA) has studied dream interpretation since 1978 and has used this medium to aid others in counseling, in her ministry, and in her professional work.  She has also lectured to a variety of groups and individuals. She has some published essays that she has written on dreams.

Virginia Bennett, PhD (USA) is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Berkeley, California. For over 16 years, she has taught graduate psychology courses, guided individuals and groups in dreamwork, presenting at IASD and Seth conferences. Since 1970 she has recorded her own dreams and actively participated in the Seth material.

Monica Bergman (Finland) is a PhD candidate at the Department of Psychology, University of Turku, and a Lecturer at the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy at the University of Skövde, Sweden. Her PhD thesis focuses on the threat simulation theory, specifically on the effect of severe trauma on dreams.

Walter Berry, MA, (USA) is a Los Angeles dreamworker, a member of the Board of Directors for the IASD, and author of the upcoming book Drawn into the Dream. He conducts a weekly dream group and has conducted local and international dream workshops and is a visual artist working in encaustics and printmaking.

David Billington (UK) is psychotherapist, supervisor, dream worker, tutor and researcher in London. He works with the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education and its research function, the Dream Research Institute. His MA dissertation (University of Northampton) was on research into the Waking Dream Process.

Mark Blagrove (UK) is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Sleep Laboratory at Swansea University. He is a past-president of IASD, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and is part of the DreamsID (Dreams Illustrated and Discussed) art science collaboration.

Anthony Bloxham, BSc, MSc, (UK) is a PhD Student at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, supervised by Dr. Caroline Horton, with an interest in the possible functions of dreaming, relationships between dreaming and other cognitive variables, and how dreams may be used for personal recreation.

Fariba Bogzaran, PhD (USA), scientist/artist, founded the Dream Studies program at John F. Kennedy University where she taught, for twenty-five years, graduate courses on Psychology of Sleep and Dreams; Lucid Dreaming; Art, Shamanism, and Dreams. She is the coauthor of Integral Dreaming (2012, SUNY Press) and Extraordinary Dreams (2002, SUNY Press).

Ghazaal Bozorgmehr (Iran), is a woman from Tehran. She has an MA in Women and Gender Studies from a joint Erasmus program in CEU and Granada Universities. She has been volunteering at an NGO working with Afghan labor children in Tehran.

Ceri Bradshaw (UK) is a Psychology Lecturer at Swansea University. Her research interests include learning and behaviour, substance misuse and behavioural addictions.  In particular, she is interested in the impact of substance misuse on a range of behaviours and screen addictions, such as smartphones and gaming.

Jaclyn Brown (USA) is a middle school teacher from Springfield, MO. This last school year she taught a class called The Dream Project to all 7th and 8th grade students enrolled at her site.

Kelly Bulkeley, PhD, (USA) is a psychologist of religion focusing on dreams.  He is Director of the Sleep and Dream Database (SDDb), Senior Editor of the journal Dreaming, and former IASD president.  His books include Lucrecia the Dreamer (2018), Big Dreams (2016), and Dreaming in the World’s Religions (2008).

Rolf Cachat-Schilling (USA) is a Nipmuc/Mohawk Elder, Native American Inter-Tribal Council of Western Massachusetts, Chair of the Massachusetts Ethical Archaeological Society, an ethnographer, and Editor of the Oso:ah Foundation.  He was a co-presenter of the conference paper at the 2018 Psiberdreaming Conference.

Jean Campbell (USA) is an IASD Board member and Editor of IASD’s DreamTime magazine. She is the Director of the nonprofit organization, The iMAGE Project, and author/editor of several books including Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power (Wordminder Press, 2006) and Sleep Monsters and Superheroes: Empowering Children through Creative Dreamplay (Praeger/ABC-CLIO, 2016).

Michelle Carr (UK) is a researcher at the Swansea University Sleep Laboratory, where she studies lucid dreaming, nightmares, and general psychophysiology during sleep. Other research interests include sleep paralysis, consciousness studies, and the use of dreamwork in psychology.

David Cielak, MSc Rehabilitation (Australia) resides in Perth, Australia and has studied, facilitated groups, and worked with Dreams and the Seth Materials for over 3 decades. David is Director of Programs at the New Awareness Network.

Laurel Clark (USA), past president of IASD, is an adult education teacher, certified dream professional, interfaith minister, counselor, author of Intuitive Dreaming, chapter author for Dreams that Change Our Lives, and contributor to the online study program.  She has been keeping dream journals and teaching about dreams for 40 years.

Monique Dankers MSc, (Netherlands), is a certified facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie, specialized in The Work on Dreams. She considers dreams as messages from our subconscious, containing customized advice for our personal development. Dreams also offer us a broader perspective on key choices we can make in our life.

Debra Deaville (UK), is a transpersonal psychotherapist, and has been working with dreams for 20 years. At the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, she facilitates dream work with student groups and with her private clients. Currently studying for a PhD at Canterbury Christchurch University, Debra uses her dreams to guide the research process.

Gayle Delaney, PhD (USA) created the Dream Interview Method while an undergraduate at Princeton University and has developed it in partnership with Loma K. Flowers, MD, through decades of training professionals and amateurs at the Delaney and Flowers Dream Center. Founding President of IASD.

Harald De Bondt (Belgium) is a computer scientist and dance and movement therapy student from Belgium who explores technology for creative purposes.

Joseph De Koninck, PhD, FRSC, (Canada) is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Ottawa. He has more than 45 years of experience dreams research. He has studied the socio-cultural, personality, developmental and gender determinants of dreams. His main contributions have been focused on dreams and adaptation to stress.

Iain R. Edgar (UK) is a retired Emeritus Reader in Anthropology at the University of Durham, UK. He has had a lifelong interest in dreaming and is the author of three books on dreaming including The Dream in Islam: from Qur’anic Tradition to Jihadist Inspiration, Berghahn Books 2016.

Chris Edwards (UK) completed his PhD on the topic of insight generation within dream discussions. His research interests include the impact of experiential dreamwork on well-being, social connectivity, sense of purpose in life and understanding of the self and others.

Joshua Eichler-Summers (Scotland) is completing a Masters of Science in Psychology of Mental Health at the University of Edinburgh; he holds a Foundation in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation in London and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University College London.

Leslie Ellis (Canada) is a teacher, author and therapist. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a Masters from Pacific Graduate Institute. She is Vice President and Certifying Coordinator with The Focusing Institute. She has a book forthcoming from Routledge on the clinical use of dreams.

Willem Fermont, PhD, (Netherlands) studied chemistry/geology/paleontology, worked as paleontologist, coal petrologist, oil and gas geochemist, switched to the National Museum of Ethnology. He became an artist, interested in dreams. He was board member of the VSD (2009- 2012) and IASD (2012-2017). He co-hosted the IASD conferences in 2011 and 2016.

Art Funkhouser (Switzerland) received his diploma in analytical psychology from the C. G. Jung Institute, Küsnacht, Switzerland in 1981. His academic interests include dreaming among the elderly and déjà vu research. He is an instructor in dreamwork at the C. G. Jung Institute and leads a monthly dream group.

Jayne Gackenbach (Canada) is recently retired from MacEwan University as a Professor Emeritus in Psychology. She is a past-president of IASD. Her focus in the last half of her career has been studying the impact of technology on dreams.

Elena Gerhardt, (Germany), is a psychology bachelor student and an active member of the student initiative Sleep and Dream at the university of Osnabrück, Co-Author of ” Lucid dreaming: an overview of research, application and prospects” an overview article about lucid dreaming that was published in Schlaf in 2018.

Annika Gieselmann (Germany) is a psychologist and licensed psychotherapist. Since 2011, she has worked at the Department of Clinical Psychology at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany, and her research covers the onset of maintenance of nightmare disorder and insomnia and the treatment by the means of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Robert P Gongloff, MA (Spain), is author of Dream Exploration: A New Approach, which helps dreamers identify the core “theme” – the “heart” – of the dream; has served as secretary, board chair, and president of IASD; and hosted three international dream conferences; lives in Malaga, Spain. His website is

Loren Goodman (South Korea) is the author of Famous Americans, selected by W.S. Merwin for the 2002 Yale Series of Younger Poets, and Non-Existent Facts (2018). An Associate Professor of Creative Writing and English Literature at Yonsei University/Underwood International College in Seoul, Korea, he serves as the UIC Creative Writing Director.

Mika Hadar-Borthwick (UK) is a poet and a Mind-Body teacher. Mika developed her specific brand of Dream Dialog, a way of dialoguing with the dream world and with dream symbols. Mika is based in London and teaches internationally.

Louis Hagood (USA): In the first half of his life Lou was an engineer and business type, in the second half he trained in psychoanalysis and worked with dreams. He has written articles and books on dream play and presented at IASD conferences and online.

Nigel Hamilton (UK) is Director of CCPE, a Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training Centre and Clinic, London, where he lectures and practices as a Psychotherapist. He is Co-Founder of the Dream Research Institute (DRI). He originally trained as a physicist, working at the MIT for the use of light in Energy Storage Research.

Marc Hanlan, PhD, (USA) is eclectic, having studied physics, astronomy, Organizational Development, and Transcendent teams. His life-long passion is around catalyzing “the possible from the impossible.”  His research interests include transcendent teams, group consciousness, and how groups manifest extraordinary performance and communitas.

Megan Harlow is a PhD (USA) is a candidate at The European Graduate School, writing her dissertation on lucid dreaming and philosophy. She is on the communications faculty at Castleton College. She teaches communications courses and has run and coached public speaking and debate internationally in Finland, Iraq, Slovenia, and Italy.

Tony Hawkins (UK) lives in London, was a psi dreamer from early childhood and grew up to write stories about people re/discovering their god selves. He has self-published ten books on Amazon and is currently writing a novel about the artificial processing of dreams leading to the first true civilisation.

Keith Himebaugh, PhD (USA) is an animator, mythologist, Dream Tender, and founder of Mythic Drawing. He received his BA in Art/Communications and Religion from Hope College, classical animation certification from Vancouver Film School and MA/PhD in Mythological Studies with Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Curtiss Hoffman (USA) is professor emeritus of Anthropology at Bridgewater State University, where he has taught courses in archaeology and cognitive anthropology, including dreamwork, since 1978. He is a frequent presenter at IASD annual meetings. He is the chair of the IASD Student Research Awards Committee.  He is the author of the recently published Stone Prayers:  Native American Stone Constructions of the Eastern Seaboard (FontHill 2019).

Adam Haar Horowitz (USA) is a Master’s student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab. His work aims to augment human awareness, translating advances in neuroscience into design of interventions and experiences. He is an alum of MIT’s Gabrieli Lab and an affiliate at Harvard metaLAB.

Robert Hoss, MS, (USA) is a Director and Past President of IASD, directs the DreamScience Foundation for research grants and is a faculty trainer for the Haden Institute. Author of Dream Language and Dream to Freedom, author/editor of Dreams That Change Our Lives, and Dreams: Understanding the Biology, Psychology, and Culture.

Clare Johnson (Germany), President of IASD, is the author of Dream Therapy and Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming. Her novels are Breathing in Colour and Dreamrunner. She is co-editor of Sleep Monsters & Superheroes: Empowering Children through Creative Dreamplay. She responds to dream and nightmare queries on

David Kahn, PhD, (USA) is currently on the faculty of Harvard Medical School in the Psychiatry Department, Boston, MA, engaged in research to develop a neuropsychology of dreaming that can be used as a basis for a brain-based theory of psychiatry. David Kahn received his PhD in Physics from Yale University.

Paul Kalas (USA) is an astronomer who searches for planetary systems around other stars using the most advanced telescopes in existence. He is an astronomy faculty member at UC Berkeley and published a comprehensive book on precognitive dreaming called The Oneironauts.

Katarzyna Kaminska (Poland) is a psychologist, psychodynamic psychotherapist, with twenty years of private practise with special focus on dreams, founder of Verbum Centrum for Psychological Help in Katowice. She is a pioneer in the field of dream groups in Poland, creator and Spiritus Movens of the social project Dream Spinning Mill.

Simon Kern, MSc (Netherlands) is a Sleep Scientist working at Arenar BV. Having a background in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, he is trying to use state-of-the-art computational methods to research sleeping and dreaming.

Stefan Klein (Germany) is considered one of the most influential science writers in Europe. He studied physics and analytical philosophy in Munich, Grenoble and Freiburg, and graduated in biophysics. But after some years in academic research, he started a new career as a science writer because he “wanted to inspire people with a reality that is more exciting than any thriller”. His latest work is Dreams.

Svitlana Kobets, PhD, (Canada) is a Medievalist and Comparative Literature scholar, who conducts her research at the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. Among her latest publications is a co-edited book, Holy Foolishness in Russia: New Perspectives as well as articles and book chapters on cultural history of holy foolishness. Her current research focuses on the visionary dimension in the lives of Byzantine holy fools.

Barbara Koning (Netherlands) is a clinical psychologist of religion and spiritual director in The Netherlands. For 21 years she has participated in a multi-disciplinary research team of the Protestant Theological University at Kampen, The Netherlands, building expertise in the area of inter-disciplinary empirical research.

Karen Konkoly, BA (USA) is a graduate student studying lucid dreaming in Dr. Ken Paller’s Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She previously conducted a study on the effects of lucid dream training for well-being in college students.

Cornelia J. Krikke, MBA, MA, (Canada), is a dream worker, coach and author. Cornelia’s multi-disciplinary approach integrates several wisdom practices. Her dream work is informed by Jungian traditions.  For a decade she mentored with David Gordon and Dani Vedros. She has an MA in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University.

Helen Landerman, PhD (USA) is a dreamworker in Tucson, Arizona. She has a Harvard PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures, and is certified by Jeremy Taylor’s Marin Institute of Projective Dreamwork. She has 30 years of experience in attending dream groups and 3 years of experience as a professional dreamworker.

Sue Llewellyn (UK) is a Professor in Humanities at the University of Manchester, UK. Her work was mainly in health services delivery from a sociological perspective. About ten years she began to read neurobiology and has now published several papers in the area of sleep and dreams.

Julia Lockheart (UK) is an artist, is Senior Lecturer at Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity St. David’s, has a BA in fine art from Central St. Martin’s, London, and a PhD from Goldsmith’s, University of London. She is part of the DreamsID (Dreams Illustrated and Discussed) art science collaboration.

David Low, MS PhD (USA) is a licensed counselor from Philadelphia, PA focusing on dreamwork, substance abuse and problem resolution. He authored a spirituality textbook and taught religion courses at Rutgers and other area universities. He spent six years in the US and India living in spiritual communities.

Yong Lu, MSc, (Poland) is a PhD candidate in Psychology at the Faculty of Christian Philosophy, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. He earned B.Eng. and M.Sc. in Engineering Economics and post-graduate studies in Biblical formation. His research takes an interdisciplinary approach to an emphasis on psychology and Christianity theology.

Sonia Lyra, PhD (Brazil) Jungian Analyst, Master of Philosophy; PhD in Religious Sciences, graduated in Photography; Director and Professor of Analysis and Interpretation of Dreams at Ichthys Institute of Analytical Psychology. Author of several books; O Elixir Vermelho, Imaginação Ativa e Criativa, Imaginação Ativa – Cura e Quintessência da Arte.

Georjean Machulis (USA) lives in a cooperative community in Tallahassee, Florida. Described as a gifted dreamer; she is an artist, creating altars and shrines, a healer, writing and performing ritual and ceremony. Her waking life has been connected to the dream world since early childhood.

Peter Maich (New Zealand), a life-long lucid dreamer, was Interviewed by Robert Waggoner and Alex Tsoulis for Reay (NY Mag), took part in a study with Tadas Stumbrys (effectiveness of motor practice in lucid dreams), has presented to the Dream network of Aotearoa, and participated in a galantamine study for PTSD with Scott Sparrow and Ryan Hurd.

Josie Malinowski (UK) is a dream researcher at the University of East London. She is currently researching the effects of thought suppression on dream content and the efficacy of dreamwork.

Remington Mallett (USA) is a PhD student studying human memory at the University of Texas at Austin.

Luigi Manfredi (Italia) is an Italian neurologist interested in the study of the content of dreams in the elderly and Parkinson’s disease patients.

Louis-Philippe Marquis (Canada) is a PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology at the Université de Montréal (Québec, Canada), currently conducting research with Tore Nielsen, PhD, at the Dream and Nightmare Research Laboratory. His research is focused on the neurophysiological correlates of nightmares and the characteristics of frequent nightmare recallers.

Kimberly R. Mascaro (USA) is the author of Extraordinary Dreams: Visions, Announcements and Premonitions across Time and Place (2018), and has worked in the fields of mental/behavioral health and education for close to 20 years. She is a licensed psychotherapist (LMFT), dreamworker, artist, and blogger at

Jonas Mathes (Germany) since 2017, has been working at the University of Düsseldorf. His publications are about topics such as dream content analysis, nightmares, personality and dream emotions. He is writing his dissertation about “Offender-nightmares”. He is member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Dream Research.

Rose Redding Mersky (Germany) has been an organisational development consultant to a variety of private, public, non-profit and professional organizations for over thirty years. She conceived, developed and trialed Social Dream-Drawing, for which she received her PhD.  An American citizen, she lives and works in Germany. E-Mail:; website:

Angel Morgan, PhD (USA), founder of Dreambridge (, Global PhD professor at Sofia University, and IASD Board Director, is the author of The Alphabliss of Miss, Dreamer’s Powerful Tiger: A New Lucid Dreaming Classic for Children and Parents of the 21st Century, and a chapter in Sleep Monsters and Superheroes.

Marja Moors (Netherlands) is a clinical psychologist with a private practice as (couples) therapist and dreamworker. She was part of the board of the Dutch Dream Association. She founded a center for dream investigation, ‘Dreaming Together’ in Heemstede, the Netherlands ( ) in which individual and group dreamwork takes place.

Alina Musiol finished her BSc in psychology at Heinrich–Heine–University (2019).

Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, PhD (USA) a cultural anthropologist, is a faculty member in the Critical Studies Program at the California College of the Arts (San Francisco, California).

Geoff Nelson, DMin, (USA) is a retired Presbyterian pastor, a trained spiritual director, and dream group leader. His book, Dreaming in Church, is available through Amazon and the publisher, Wipf & Stock.

Donna-Marie Newfield, RCST, BFRP, (Canada) is a registered craniosacral therapist, Bach flower practitioner. She is also a medical intuitive. She has had a life-time interest in dreams and has used them as a diagnostic aid in her practice as well as in her own life with great success.

Fred C Olsen, MDiv, (Philippines) is a dreamworker / ‘soul tracker,’ conference presenter and trainer in Inner Image Healing. Fred co-founded the Bay Area Dreamworkers group in 1985 and the San Francisco Dream House in 1986, where he taught numerous dream classes, led groups and had a private practice.

Wojciech Owczarski (Poland), full professor, Dr. hab., is a researcher and academic teacher at the University of Gdańsk, Poland, Head of the Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies. His interdisciplinary research interests include literature, dream studies, theatre studies, and cultural anthropology.

Judy Pascoe MA, Dipl. Psych., (UK) is a writer and psychotherapist with a life-long interest in the joys and difficulties of the creative process. She has a diploma and MA in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (CCPE) and practices in London as a psychotherapist with a particular interest in using dreams and art to aid in psychological transformation.

Laura Payne MA, (UK) Adv. Dip. Psychotherapy, Supvn., has studied the advanced waking dream technique with Nigel Hamilton of the DRI. She has run spiritual development/vision quest workshops, channeling Asklepios as her guide, and is a mindfulness teacher, author and poet. She practices as a clinical psychotherapist in London.

Claudia Picard-Deland, BSc (Canada), is a Neuroscience PhD student at the University of Montreal. She has been working at the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory, directed by Tore Nielsen, since Fall 2016. She uses polysomnography, targeted memory reactivation, and virtual reality to investigate the relationship between dreaming and memory consolidation processes.

Reinhard Pietrowsky (Germany) is a psychologist and licensed psychotherapist. He is the head of the Department of Clinical Psychology at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany. His research covers research on sleep, dreams, and nightmares, but also on eating disorders.

Stephen Potthoff (USA) teaches as an Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Wilmington College (Ohio). His academic background is in archaeology and the history of religion, and his principal research interests include indigenous religious traditions, ecospirituality, and the psychology of dream and visionary experience.

Pat Precin (USA) is an Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at Columbia University and Principal Investigator of a lucid dreaming research project. Pat is also a licensed, practicing psychoanalyst in Manhattan, NY. She uses lucid dreaming in her analytic work. Pat has published 7 books and delivered 145 conference presentations.

Victoria Rabinowe, (USA), DreamingArts Studio, Santa Fe, NM. Victoria has guided over 800 master classes and international workshops for psychotherapists, spiritual guidance counselors, artists and writers in the “Art of the Dream.”™ Trained in Advanced DreamTending, Pacifica Graduate Institute. Author, illustrator, her artwork is exhibited worldwide.

Melanie Rosen (Denmark) is currently a Carlsberg Distinguished Postdoctoral Research Fellow and lecturer at the Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University in Denmark. Her work focuses on consciousness in altered states of cognition, particularly in dreams. She received her PhD in philosophy at the Cognitive Science Department, Macquarie University in 2013.

Lana Sackwild (USA) analyses what it is about the conscious states of mind individuals access during lucid dreams that have such transformational, empowering, and transpersonal properties. Her research is focused on eradicating and overcoming depression and the use of lucid dreaming as a follow up treatment in the mental health field.

Asha Sahni (UK) trained in transformative dreamwork with Maggie Peters in the UK.  She has always listened to and written from her dreams.  She has a degree in English and is currently completing her dissertation for a MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.

Eugénie Samson-Daoust, BSc, (Canada) is a Master’s student in experimental psychology at the Université de Montréal, Canada. She works with another graduate student on an online research study – Project RESTED (REsearch on Stress, Traits, Emotions and Dreams) – at the university’s Dream Laboratory under the supervision of Antonio Zadra.

Penny Sartori (UK) worked as a nurse in a British hospital for 21 years, 17 of those being in Intensive Care. She has conducted unique and extensive research into the near-death experiences (NDEs) of her patients. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD for her research into NDEs. Dr Sartori’s work has received worldwide attention and media coverage, and her work has received the attention of HRH Prince Charles.

Linda Yael Schiller, MSW, LICSW, Boston, MA., (USA). A psychotherapist, consultant, and author in private practice, Linda has been teaching, training, and running dream groups for 30 years and is the author of the forthcoming book Modern Dreamwork: New Tools for Decoding Your Soul’s Wisdom, pub. pending Llewelyn Press, Fall 2019.

Carolin Schmid (Germany) is psychologist and licensed psychotherapist. She works at the Department of Clinical Psychology of Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main. The presented study is part of her PhD project. Her research covers the topics of nightmare treatment and measurement and imagery treatment for insomnia.

Lauren Z. Schneider, MA (USA) integrates family systems, dream work, eco-therapy and her pioneering method, Tarotpy® in an innovative approach to psycho-spiritual counseling. She lectures and facilitates dream and Tarotpy® groups worldwide. Graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC, Berkeley and certified in Advanced DreamTending and Embodied Imagination.

Michael Schredl (Germany), since 1990, has been working in the sleep laboratory of the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany. His publications cover various topics such as dream recall, dream content analysis, nightmares, dreams and sleep disorders, and sleep physiology. He is editor of the online-journal International Journal of Dream Research.

Richard Schweickert, PhD (USA) is Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. He was Editor of the Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 2001-2004. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Psychonomic Society.

Francesca Siclari (Switzerland) is a neurologist and attending physician at the Center for Investigation on Research and Sleep of the Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland. She investigates the neural correlates of dreaming using high-density EEG and serial awakening paradigms and has done some ground-breaking work identifying what she calls the dreaming “hot zone.”

Ashmin Singh (South Africa) has been working at tertiary institutions since graduation. She has presently been teaching at the university of Zululand for the past nine years from undergraduate to post-graduate students.

Arnoud Sisselaar (Netherlands) is a call center employee, keeper of dream-diary for thirty years, graduated in ancient studies, dream coach.

Carlyle Smith, PhD, C Psych, (Canada) is a Lifetime Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and is also Director of Trent University Sleep Research Laboratories. He has taught courses and published widely in the areas of sleep, memory and dreams.

Scott Sparrow (USA) is a Professor of Counseling at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, the Chair of IASD’s Education Committee, and a psychotherapist in private practice. His pioneering work in lucid dreaming and 40 years as a therapist have led to the development of an approach to co-creative dream work called the FiveStar Method.

Shanee Stepakoff, PhD (USA) is a U.S.-based clinical psychologist, writer, and scholar. She holds a graduate certificate in women’s studies and completed a Training of Trainers with Gender Equity and Reconciliation International. A committed dream-journaler, her interests center on the uses of dream journals for personal growth and in qualitative research.

Tadas Stumbrys, PhD, (Lithuania) is a psychologist, lecturer and lucid dream researcher. He is an assistant professor in psychology at Vilnius University (Lithuania) and a core faculty member at Alef Trust (UK). His research interests include phenomenology and applications of lucid dreams, as well as their links with meditation and mindfulness.

Kateřina Surovcová (Czech Republic) is a psychologist, who obtained her Master’s degree from Palacky University, Olomouc. She is interested in sleep research, and currently she is interested in sleep quality in nightmare sufferers.

Martha A Taylor, MSN, (USA) is a dreamer-teacher, co-author of book, career as community health nurse with children in the U.S. and East Africa, with relief work in Lebanon. She started two Home Health Agencies and worked in home health.  She is currently exploring consciousness through dreams, teaching and dreamwork.

Matt Thomas (Japan) is an educator and lifelong student of dreams. He is the author of “Levels of Lucidity: A Close Reading”, a paper presented at IASD’s 2018 Psiber Dreaming Conference and is a board member of the International Association of Mental Health Professionals of Japan. He is based in Kyoto, Japan.

Misa Tsuruta, PhD (Japan) obtained her PhD in Cognitive, Social and Developmental Psychology from the New School for Social Research. Currently she is a psychotherapist in Tokyo and serves as a school counselor at an international school. She has presented on Japanese culture and other topics at many past IASD conferences.

Katja Valli, PhD, (Finland) is a Senior Researcher at the Department of Psychology, University of Turku, Finland, and an Associate Professor at the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy, University of Skövde, Sweden. Her research focuses on the simulation theories of the evolutionary function of dreaming.

Johanna Vedral (Austria) is the IASD regional representative for Austria, a psychologist, writing teacher and collage artist, author of Collage Dream Writing.

Kim Vergil (Canada, Switzerland) is Canadian Mixed Media Artist living and working as a professional artist in Basel, Switzerland.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Quebec, in Montreal, Canada.  Member of IASD for 10 years, Chair of the Arts committee, Curator and jury member for the Dream Art Exhibition. Lifetime dreamer.

Sophie Verheij (Netherlands) is a Jungian therapist, author of the books: Van angst naar passie and Heb je vraag, vind je antwoord!/ de Gans Methode.

Robert Waggoner (USA) wrote the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self and co-authored Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple. For 17 years, he has co-edited the online magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience. A past president of IASD, he conducts online workshops on and gives presentations internationally.

Bernard Welt (USA) is Professor Emeritus at The Corcoran College of the Arts and Design at The George Washington University (Washington DC), writes frequently on dreaming and the arts and is a Contributing Editor of DreamTime. He has conducted many dream-sharing groups for artists and writers.

Nicola Wreford-Howard (Netherlands) is an organisational psychologist, consultant and leadership coach. Nicola creates spaces for organizational learning, leadership, and innovation for international corporations, NGO’s and business schools in U.S., Europe and Asia. Teaching faculty in Executive Education programs, International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations, Center for Social Dreaming.

Xiaofang Zheng, (USA) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. She received her dual Bachelor’s degree of Psychology and Finance at Nankai University in 2015, and Master’s degree of Psychology in Purdue in 2018. Her research includes applying automatic analysis technique to dream contents.