Conference Committee

Conference Advisory Committee 2018/19

IASD Core Team

Bob Hoss
IASD Conference Manager

Robert Gongloff
Program Co-Chair/Database Mgr

Jean Campbell
IASD Advertising Manager

Laura Atkinson
Website, Advertising & Onsite Reg Co-Chair

Richard Wilkerson
Office Mgr and Registration

Julie Sparrow
IASD Pre Conf Volunteer Mgr/Scheduler

Katja Valli
CAC Research Track Program Chair

Geoff Nelson
Room Monitor Manager

Scott Sparrow
Recording Manager

Curt Hoffman
Editing (Rack Cards, Abstracts, Prog Book)

Clare Johnson

Dutch Core Team Comp Conference

Harry de Bont
Dutch Co-Manager / Facility contact

John van Rouwendaal
Dutch Co-Manager

Merel Hak
Arts Chair

Willem Fermont
Art and General Advisor

Barbara Koning
Marketing/Promotion/Bookstore Mgr

Susanne van Doorn
Dutch Program, Dream Ball, Music