Continuing Education



Earn up to 25 CE units.  Sessions that qualify for Continuing Education units will be marked with CE in the conference program. This is IASD’s 2019 Annual Conference will feature available continuing credits of presentations on dreams by psychologists who submit peer reviewed proposals. The proposed content must have direct relevance to the acquisition of new skills by the continuing postgraduate and professional education of mental health or health care professionals with primary focus on clinical, theoretical, research or academic topics, such as the following:

  • Clinical use of dreams or mental imagery (therapeutic, theoretical, cultural perspectives)
  • Theory and research on the biology/neurology/physiology of dreaming or mental imagery
  • Nightmares, sleep and dream disorders
  • Cross-cultural, religious, spiritual issues in working with dreams or mental imagery
  • Content analysis and research on dreams and personality
  • Comparative theories of dream function or interpretation
  • Ethical issues in dream work or dream research

The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) maintains responsibility for this program and its content. 

Many licensing boards for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists and counselors will accept credits from an APA-approved sponsor. Check with your licensing board to make sure that credits from an APA sponsor, such as IASD, can be applied for your license renewal.

IASD seeks to promote diversity in its Continuing Education course offerings and faculty and staff selection based on cultural, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, national origin, religion, socioeconomic status and spiritual practices.

The IASD Continuing Education Program welcomes your feedback. Please let us know what was most and least valuable in your course evaluation form so we can use your comments to improve the content and delivery of our programs.

If you have additional comments, concerns or complaints, please contact Richard Wilkerson, IASD Central Office Administrator at or Linda Mastrangelo, the Administrator of Continuing Education at


Certificates are issued at the conference for successful completion of CE credits. The certificate provides a permanent record of training that may be applicable for meeting professional license renewal requirements or professional society requirements for CE credits. They may also apply for insurance panel documentation of CE, for hospital staff status, or independent study credit at educational institutions. Keep in mind that each state or province and each profession’s licensing board, professional societies or educational institution or training program may have different requirements.  As per APA guidelines, psychologists must attend a CE course in entirety to receive full credit for their participation.  Partial credit will not be awarded for partial attendance. CE credit is not synonymous with any kind of academic credit. IASD maintains records of CE credits earned. IASD will issue the certificate at the conference in person to the attendee and will not mail a certificate. There is an additional $30.00 handling fee imposed by IASD if a replacement certificate is requested. Suggestions or comments about these programs or the IASD CE credit program may be directed to: 


THE APA CE Glossary of terms states: Mutual planning of an activity by two or more organizations, which is not to be construed as lending or transferring approval status. This activity does not permit the sponsor who is approved by APA to act as an approval body by reviewing a program or organization and then stating that it is, in turn, approved by APA. Regardless of the level of involvement of the sponsor, it is ultimately the responsibility of the approved sponsor to ensure that all of the Standards and Criteria for Approval of Sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists of the APA’s Office of CE Sponsor Approval (CESA) are met. 

If you request your submission be accepted for CE credit it will be considered and rated by the CE evaluation committee for approval, as qualifying for CE against the following criteria. PLEASE NOTE that the International Association for the Study of Dreams is not an approval body but is sponsored by APA and does not transfer or lend approval status.

CE Qualification Rating Criteria:

1) Did it meet the APA Related Requirements (required as a minimum)?

  1. a) Is it designed for the continuing postgraduate education of psychologists and other mental health and health professionals?
  2. b) Is the primary focus on clinical, theoretical, or academic topics related to dreaming, such as the following?
    1. clinical use of dreams in psychotherapy,
    2. the biology and science of dreaming,
    3. research on the nature, function, or meaning of dreams,
    4. cross-cultural issues in working with dreams,
    5. content analysis of dreams,
    6. comparative theories of dream function or interpretation, or
    7. comparative analyses of theories of dreams.
  1. c) Did it contain the following?
    1. 3 learning objectives
    2. 3 professional literary references

2) Is the Proposal Sound?

  • Does it reflect sound practices which meet our IASD ethical guidelines?  This includes: sensitivity to cultural and gender issues; not overly directive (the dreamer remains the ultimate authority as to the personal meaning of their dream); and avoiding self-promotion?
  • Are claims reasonable, well-supported, and balanced (rather than one sided).
  • For research presentations are the hypotheses, methods, and results clear and consistent?

3) Clarity: Is the title, summary and abstract (if applicable) clear, well-organized, and consistent?

4) Qualifications: Does the presenter’s vita show expertise on the topic being proposed?


To receive CE credit each participant must receive and maintain a CE Log Book at the conference.   For online courses this is done electronically, however a physical CE Log Book is required at the annual or regional conferences.  The log book is typically reserved as a part of the online pre-registration process and forms but may be purchased on-site during the registration process.  Every person who wishes to receive CE credit must follow the following procedure.  Volunteers will be set up at the conferences to administer the process.

The CE Log Book Contains:

  • An instruction page
  • A signature page requesting your Name, Signature, e-mail and Education Level
  • A Session Log page listing all CE sessions with a place for the volunteer to initial the sessions that you attended
  • Evaluation forms for you to fill out for each session you attended
  • An IASD CE LETTER OF ATTENDANCE for you to keep
  • A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION listing your CE credits for you to retain

Summary Instructions for CE Log Book and receiving CE certificates:

  1. When you receive your CE Log Book at the registration desk immediately read the instructions page. Carry it with you at all times.
  2. Fill In your Name and Information right away:
    1. Name, Signature, e-mail, Education level on the signature and Session Log pages
    2. Name and e-mail on the Certificate IASD retains
    3. Place your name on the 2 sided CE Certificate that you will retain once signed off
  1. Sign-In when you enter every CE session. There will be a sign-in sheet on the room monitor table at entry.
  2. Have your CE Log Book session listing page initialed by the room volunteer or designated CE Monitor before you leave the session.
  3. Fill out the Evaluation Form for each individual presentation you attend. Rate the presentation (7 ratings) and each learning objective (3 learning objectives) in the cells provided (rate from 1 low to 5 high).
  4. Before leaving SIGN and TURN IN YOUR LOG BOOK for CE Credit to the designated CE Monitor. You must have completed all forms and turn in your CE Log Book at the registration desk: a) to have your credits tallied and b) to have your 2 sided CE Certificate signed and issued (last page). Do Not Leave without doing this, certificates can only be issued in person at the conference and are not mailed.  In addition to YOUR information from step 1 above the following will be checked and completed by the CE Monitor or volunteer before issuing you your certificates:
  • Room Monitor must have initialed each session you attended. The CE Monitor then tallies CE amount at the bottom.
  • CE Evaluation Form must be filled in for every single CE-presentation you attended.
  • The CE Monitor will enter the CE credits on the certificates and sign them – then issue you the 2 sided Certificate that you retain.
  • The CE Monitor will retain the rest for IASD records
(Updated 10-17-2018)