Dream Hike To Germany


(updated 6-6-2019)
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Why not air out your dreams after supper on Monday, June 24th, 18:15-20:15?

Willem Fermont and Merel Koopman Hak are leading the traditional dream hike.

Grab your hiking shoes, have us lead you across the border, practice your German argot and let us guide you along a few interesting historical sites in a scenic area along the Wurm River. Be aware that there are some hills and valleys. The elevations together amount approximately 100 meters.

(If too rainy- we’ll be leaving the walk to your active imagination)



We will start is at the back side of the Abbey at the frontier between the Netherlands and Germany (1). Here we collect at 18:15 sharp. Opposite of the gate of the Abbey is a small trail with stairs. Go directly down into the forest. You pass another stair in which the history of the Abbey is chiselled in the stones. You’ll be entering enter the old village of Herzogenrath now. Follow the Klosterrather Strasse. Left is the old Castle Burg Rode, which shares much of its early history with Rolduc. You enter a main road through Herzogenrath. Cross it at the traffic light and turn left along this road. Walk down, cross the railway and turn immediately right (2) into the Eisenbahnstrasse. The road turns quickly into a dirt road. Walk straight on to a crossing. Right was formerly a bridge over the railway. Turn left through the fields and orchards and cross the river Wurm. walk along the dirt road until a crossing. Here a number of forest tracks come together. Take the first one to the right (3) and continue through the forest with the river Worm in the valley on the right side. Follow this track close to the river. After some stairs you cross the river by a wooden bridge. After the bridge turn left. After a while you enter a crossing with paved roads and a small pavillon. Everywhere in the forest are pyramidal concrete blocks, which form part of the Westwall (4). This was a giant German defence structure, a tank trap built during World War II (See figure). Here is the end point of the dream hike.

You can turn back either the same way which is the most scenic, or follow the east side of the river (5). This will bring you straight to the non-existing railway bridge. From there you can follow the same way back along the Eisenbahnstrasse.