IASD Conference attendees that may be traveling through Germany on Friday, June 21st, 2019 – expect major transportation delays. Especially impacted will be those traveling by bus or train via terminals in Aachen, Germany to connect to Kerkrade.

Please be aware that there will be a very large public demonstration for “Fridays for Future” throughout the day. It is expected that upwards of 50-thousand people may be in the city of Aachen. These are peaceful, non-violent demonstrations. There are no personal safety alerts issued at this time. However the sheer number of people anticipated to be participating will overwhelm transportation that day.

If you travel by car, or perhaps Uber or Taxi, most highway routes from Dusseldorf Airport (routes 44 and 46 in particular) are well north of Aachen so should be ok, but the route from Cologne (rt 4) goes near Aachen unless you take a northern detour. But do plan and reserve well in advance and check rates – car rental from some companies even for the 6 or 7 days may be much less expensive than a taxi. Whatever you choose, reserve well in advance.

We are sending this message so that you may alter your travel plans when possible.

IASD Conference Committee

General Information about “Fridays for Future?” Demonstrations:

Fridays for Future is a peoples movement following the call from Greta Thunberg to school strike.

Why are kids striking?

School children are required to attend school. But with the worsening Climate Destruction this goal of going to school begins to be pointless.
– Why study for a future, which may not be there?
– Why spend a lot of effort to become educated, when our governments are not listening to the educated?

Greta requests that people strike in front of their closest town hall, every Friday. With a sign, take a picture and post it on social media.