Special Event: Art Exhibition and Reception

Dream Art Exhibition — open throughout the conference … enjoy the physical manifestations of dreams!  We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to our private sponsors, the VSD (Dutch Dream association) and Het Huis voor de kunsten Limburg.

Art Exhibition Jury 

Dorine Hulshof (Netherlands), Uta Göbel-Gross (Germany), Jos Jacobs (Belgium), Kim Vergil (Canada), Richard Russo (VS).

Dream Art Exhibit and Reception

Arts Reception on Monday evening 20:30-22:30 in the cloister area . Each reception will have complimentary bulk beverages (punch, tea and coffee), snacks, and a pay bar for beverages served from the bar.

This year’s annual juried Dream Art Exhibition is located in the cloisters, will be available for viewing at the times marked on the Schedule-at-a-Glance. There will be a Meet the Artists session and Art Reception on Monday evening for conference attendees. Dreams have informed, inspired, dictated, and led these artists to their creative expressions. The jurors were open-minded about the relationship of the artwork to dream content when selecting the art pieces, as long as the work was inspired in some fashion by visionary or emotional experiences that occurred during sleep or from dream-related inspirations. These interpretations were expressed in representational and abstract ways with a wide variety of two-dimensional and multi-dimensional media, including photography, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, ceramics, video, and installation art.

The Art Committee is glad to be able to provide monetary Dream Art Awards due to the generosity of IASD members and VSD members who contributed during the annual Pledge Drive. Awards will be granted to artists chosen from among those whose work is accepted for the show. Criteria for award selection will be originality, integrity, universality, and relevance to dreams and dreaming.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the jury committee: Dorine Hulshof, Uta Göbel-Gross, Jos Jacobs, Kim Vergil, Richard Russo.

The Dream Art Reception will be held on Monday evening from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM (20:30-22:30 SET), during which the winners of the 2019 Dream Art Awards will be announced. You are also invited to Meet the Dream Artists One-on-One at 6:45 PM on Monday, a casual event in the cloisters where you can meet with some of the artists before the Arts Reception. Artists will be available at this time to share and explain their works for anyone from the conference who has questions, is interested in particular pieces, or who wishes to understand an artist’s process.

On Monday morning from 9:15-11:15, you may want to attend the Dream Artists Panel in in the Aula Minor. Four dream artists will share their creative process and how it relates to dreams. One way you can support the IASD Arts Program and encourage the artists who are sharing their work with us this year is to buy their work. If you fall in love with a piece of Dream Art, BUY IT. Peoples’ Choice Award: As part of the program, a special cash award will be given to an artist whose work is chosen by attendees as their favorite. Please come to the Registration Desk on Sunday and Monday and cast your ballot for the piece of work you see as the most original, professional, and expressive of dreams and dreaming. The ballots can be found in your registration packet, and will be collected and counted at 4:00 PM on Monday. The winner will be announced at the Art Reception on Monday night. Please also cast your vote for the children’s dream drawings! Several children from the direct area of Rolduc Abbey have participated in the exposition by sending in their dreams. The ballots can be found in next to the People’s Choice Award ballotbox, and will also be collected and counted at 4:00 PM on Monday.

Participating Artists

  • Bhatia Roshni
  • Ilse Bielok
  • Kelly Bulkeley
  • Yoko Choi
  • Christel Wermuth
  • Gabriele M. Corsten
  • Georges Daemen
  • Alexander de Keijzer
  • Helene de Winter
  • Ivon Drummen
  • Willem Fermont
  • Uta Göbel-Gross
  • Marte Hameleers
  • Myriam Hazelzet
  • Hermien Hendriks-Assen
  • Keith Himebaugh
  • Leo Horbach
  • Harshita Ilango
  • Jos Jacobs
  • Jason Kravitz
  • Frans Lagro
  • Ileana Lartique
  • Amy Lloyd
  • Julia Lockheart
  • Georjean Machulis
  • Renate Magrean
  • C.J. Marcelis
  • Michelle Mcauliffe
  • Polly McCann
  • Gertie Meijers
  • Christine Morren
  • Sylvia Nirmaier
  • Carmen Oberst
  • Peter Paulusse
  • Monika Pettschnigg
  • Kaza Poorter
  • Brenda L. Prins-Smissaert
  • Victoria Rabinowe
  • Emylia Safian
  • Ida Scheijgrond
  • Jeanne Schouten
  • Mignon van Binnebeke
  • Marianne van der Bolt
  • Michel van Henten
  • Lieve van Immerseel
  • Arjen van Prooijen
  • Joop van Schie
  • Kim Vergil
  • Anke Verhees
  • Dagmar vom Grafen-Connolly
  • Marlou Vossen
  • Karolien Vrints
  • Rene Weling