Important Passport Information: 

US citizens:  It is advised that all US Citizens traveling to the conference should make sure that their passports are up to date and no less than 6 months away from expiration, to avoid delays at customs returning to the US.

UK citizens:   Due to the yet to be agreed upon Brexit rules, IASD conference attendees who live in the UK will need to inform themselves of the necessary steps for gaining entry into the Netherlands.

Nearest Airports and approximate distance and time

Airport Distance Travel time car Train (to Kerkrade or Herzogenrath)
Km Mi hours hours
Dusseldorf Int. Airport (Germany) 89 55 1.10 1:35 (Herzogenrath)
Koln Int. Airport (Germany) 96 60 1.10 1:35 (Herzogenrath)
Brussels int. Airport (Belgium) 133 83 1.25 3:00 (Kerkrade)
Maastricht Aachen Airport (Netherlands) 34 21 0.30 1:40 (Kerkrade)
Schiphol Amsterdam (Netherlands) 224 139 2.30 3:00 (Kerkrade)

Transport from airport to Conference Centre

Transportation must be arranged on your own however if you are having problems locally, the Rolduc Conference Center can assist with scheduling local cabs and shuttles from the nearby train station. Call them at +31 (0)45 54 66 888 and let them know you are coming to the IASD conference and need assistance. The best international public transport is: fly to Dusseldorf or Koln International Airport and by train to Herzogenrath (Railway station Herzogenrath is less than 2 miles from Rolduc).

Shuttle facilities

Rolduc can arrange taxi facilities from various places including: Aachen; Brussels Airport; Düsseldorf Airport; Heerlen Railway Station and Maastricht City en Railway Station

Use of the Public Transport in The Netherlands (also downloadable in .pdf format)

Public transport in The Netherlands is well organized and plentiful. Public Transport in Dutch is Openbaar Vervoer. Often abbreviated as OV.

As a visitor though it might be overwhelming to find your way around. This short guide is to help you get going.

Public transport in The Netherlands consists of trains, trams, the metro and busses and are managed by different operators. Travelling from Amsterdam airport to Kerkrade is best done by train. Trams and busses are perfect for travelling in an area of a city like Amsterdam or Kerkrade.

Methods of paying for Public transport

If you plan on using more than the roundtrip (e.g. from the airport to Rolduc Abbey Kerkrade and back) we advise to obtain an OV-chipcard. If you just need a roundtrip you could buy a paper roundtrip ticket at the ticket vending machines. Always check to see if you own one of the accepted credit-cards (listed below).

All the modes of public transport could be paid for with the OV-chip card (Dutch: OV-chipkaart). The OV-chip card is a credit card sized card allowing you to travel through the Netherlands. This Public Transport card costs 7,50 euro.

Obtaining the OV-chip card at a ticket machine

You can buy these tickets and cards at the ticket machines. Every train station and Amsterdam airport has one of those machines.

These ticket machines allow you to buy an OV-chip card (or paper round trip ticket) with the accepted credit cards: Vpay, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and American express.

While ordering you can put the necessary credit on the card for travelling. Travelling (single way) to Kerkrade from Amsterdam airport will cost you about €25,60. The maximum credit on these cards is €150,00.

These machines also operate with Euro coins: 2-euro, 1 euro, 50 eurocent, 20 eurocent etc.

Ordering an OV-chip card online and send it to your home address

You’re even more prepared if you order the OV-chip card before travelling. Allow at least three to four weeks to ensure timely delivery. You then choose to pick it up at the Ticket Machine at Amsterdam airport or have it sent to your home address. The Public Transport Holland Shop accepts payment via Bancontact, Maestro Card, Sofort, Visa and PayPal. Visit the link to order:

Information about the OV-chip card (including how to add money to your balance on the OV-chip card)

Travelling with train can easily be planned with the application available for Android and iOS. For the tech savvy people this App allows you to pay and obtain (electronic) tickets as well. This application also allows you to use credit cards.

Services desk If you have any trouble obtaining a ticket or OV chip card or if you require other information for your travels, you can visit the OV Service & Tickets shop situated at Amsterdam airport.

Kerkrade train station

Please note that people have had trouble buying a ticket at the Kerkrade station. So please be sure you have a round trip ticket or enough balance on your OV chip card.

Rolduc Abbey is at 2 km distant from the train station, this is a 30-minute walk. There are bus services(bus nr. 20) this still involves 15 minutes of walking. (See google-maps) There are also taxi services available to bring you to Rolduc Abbey.

Taxi services:

– Hanneman 045-5452666 (this company has taxis and vans for groups)
– Scheepers 06-34472286

Travelling through Europe If you are travelling to other countries besides the Netherlands an Eurail pass might be a fit for you. Visit the link below for more information.

Not a fan of public transport?

Good travels!