Dream Ball


Every year at our annual dream conference, the International Association for the Study of Dreams lets off steam with our famous costume Dream Ball. There’s a costume parade where each person has 60 seconds to share the dream that inspired their costume, and then the dancing begins. At the 2019 conference at the beautiful 12th century Rolduc Abbey in The Netherlands, our Closing Ceremony was a high-energy event that kicked off the Dream Ball for a night of dream-filled fun after a wildly successful five-day extravaganza!


We are pleased to announce the return of
City Nights Band
for our 2020 Dream Ball!

City Nights Band is a high energy dance band that plays great music from Bruno Mars to the Beatles, Michael Jackson to Journey, Pink to the Band Perry. This band will also play some of your favorite “Dream” songs and you won’t stop dancing!

Plunge head-first down the rabbit-hole of dreaming, abandoning the conscious overburdened part of ourselves, and spend a few hours in the place where dreams surround us and come alive. Costumes are not mandatory, but you will be the odd-person-out if you don’t take this chance to dress up like a figure from your dreams and dance the night away.

Start thinking now about your costume! There will be a dream costume parade that begins at 7:15 pm. You will have a brief chance to show off your costume and tell how it relates to your dream. And because so many will share, we do mean brief – some menacing dream figure will be standing by with the “hook” for those that go over the 1 minute time limit (2 minutes for groups). Don’t miss this fantastic conclusion to the conference


Do not, under any circumstances, miss the Dream Ball at the end of the Conference!

It happens Wednesday night (It is the very last event of the entire conference) at 7PM in the Ballroom.

After days and days of cerebral activity and learning, it is time to jump inside our dreams and lose ourselves in the catharsis of dance and music.

Come dressed in costume as one of your dream figures (there is a lot of latitude here) and if you feel moved to, you will have 1 minute to tell everyone about it- 2 minutes if you are a group, – think about teaming up with others- some of the best presentations are groups.

Cultural Appreciation If your dreams are diversely populated, that’s a beautiful thing. However, IASD members sharing the dance floor will appreciate your awareness that cultural and/or racial appropriation is harmful to other members in waking life. The IASD Principles of Community statement says we value “Diversity: A constructive educational environment for participants at conferences and other activities, that welcomes the multiplicity of different approaches to dream studies, and strives to create an open, inclusive atmosphere of mutual respect.” We hope you enjoy exploring the multiplicity of creative possibilities for dream costumes that won’t offend other members. Here’s some valuable information that might help you decide what not to wear: 


Don’t have a costume? Here are a few places nearby you can procure a costume.


Mardi Gras Costume Shop(2.2 Miles from Hotel)
5895 Granite Reef Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Closed Monday
Tues thru Friday- 10AM- 6PM
Sat.- 10AM to 5PM
Closed Sunday

Cloud Creations/Fly By Night
(6.2 Miles from hotel)
13216 N Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Closed Sunday and Monday
Tues, Wed- 10AM to 7PM
Thurs. 12 noon to 6PM
Fri. 10AM -5PM
Sat. 12noon – 4PM


The White Dove Thrift Shop
(2.2 miles from hotel)
8461 E. McDonald Dr.
Scottsdale AZ 85250
Mon- Sat. 9AM- 5PM

(9.6 miles from hotel)
15020 North Northsight Bl.
Scottsdale. AZ 85260
Mon thru Sat- 9AM to 9PM
Sunday- 10AM -8PM

(5.5 miles from hotel)
1290 N Scottsdale Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Mon.- Sat.- 9AM-9PM
Sun. 10AM-6PM