2021 Art Show

This year´s virtual art show will be truly international, exhibiting works of 48 artists from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Thank you for your interest in this IASD Juried Dream Art Exhibition. We look forward to sharing with you in this creative experience.

Jurors for this exhibition are:

Kim Vergil
Walter Berry
Julie Nauman-Mikulski

As part of the Dream Art Exhibition, a special award will be given to an artist whose work is chosen by conference attendees as their favorite. Please browse through the Online Art Exhibit and cast your ballot for the artist whose work you see as the most original, professional, and expressive of dreams and dreaming. The ballots will be collected and counted at 2:00 pm Pacific US time, right after the mid-day break on Wednesday. The winner will be announced at the Art Reception on Wednesday night.

If you like it you may be able to OWN IT:  One way you can support the IASD Arts Program and encourage the artists who are sharing their work with us this year is to buy their work. If you fall in love with a piece of Dream Art, BUY IT. You can negotiate a purchase directly with the artist by writing to the email address provided with their work.

Correction to dream text for the following two works for Sackjo22 Joseph.

Deeper Nights Deeper Dreams.

There were several dreams with images of my beloved that were fleeting and obtuse. Lyrics came from musing upon awakening from such dreams, arising out of the hypnopompic state when the boundary between dream and thought is diffuse. — Sackjo22, Music

I love telling stories using symbolic language, providing imagery for others to explore their thoughts and feelings. My experience of creating the video reflects a deepening of my dreams and what was transforming in my life. It was a dance-like process between song and image, which influenced my intimate relationships and my dreams. — Angela Grillo, Director

Breathe the Sun.

Breathe the Sun
Arms of light reach heaven
Night watches dreams
The universe listens

Breathe the Sun was composed in a hotel room during an IASD conference after a workshop with Dr. Paul Overman. The dream work brought me to vistas of light and a perspective that guides me still.

Before the workshop, sounds from space filled the room. As a sound artist, I was thrilled to learn that space sounds were available for download; intergalactic particulate matter, space station beets, star signals. Sounds and visions from space are included in the music and the video