Features of the Virtual Conference


This year for those who have registered, you will gain entry to the 2021 Virtual Conference by way of a private link to an “Entry Portal”. Once in the portal, you will be able to find the important information you will need to access all the events at the conference.  


Sunday 13 June, 2 to 3:30 pm Pacific US time.

Opening Reception

Come one, come all! Join us in the Opening Reception to touch base and connect in the IASD Community. What do you love about IASD? Miss about IASD? Want for IASD? Together we will share many blessings for IASD, celebrating the close of the first day of IASD’s Virtual Conference.

Research Reception

The Research Reception is a casual gathering of researchers and research committee members of IASD. It is open to all researchers and anyone interested in empirical, methodological, theoretical and conceptual aspects of dream research. Join us in this informal networking event to catch up with colleagues and to make new connections.

Regional Representative Reception

This will be an informal gathering for our Regional Reps and any who are interested in learning more about this role in IASD. Stop by to say hello, plan your conference, and give your two cents about IASD’s future.

First Timer Reception

We are excited to greet all the first timers experiencing their first IASD conference. You’ll find out how to get the most out of this experience and answer any lingering questions. You can share what attracted you to dream work and the role dreams currently play in your lives.

Tuesday 15 June from 6:00 to 7:30 PM Pacific US time

One of the primary purposes of our annual conferences is to hold the annual IASD Membership Meeting. This meeting is open to all attendees – members, non-members, and those curious about becoming a member. This is a chance to virtually meet our members, our incoming officers and board, and to hear about recent IASD achievements and future plans from our outgoing and incoming Presidents. We welcome and encourage your attendance.

Monday, June 14 at 7 PM Pacific US Time

The Dream Telepathy Contest invites dreamers to “try their psi,” based on the groundbreaking experiments of Drs. Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner performed at the Maimonides Medical Center and reported in their book, Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal ESP.

When is it? The contest begins on Monday, June 14. There will be a presentation and live Q&A about the contest during the virtual conference at 7 PM Pacific Time US. For participants who will be sleeping then, we will shortly be providing pre-recorded PowerPoint instructions here (so watch this space) and in the Entry Portal provided to all registrants, which will allow everyone to get acquainted with the contest on their own time

If you have participated in years past, please note that this virtual version of the contest has been simplified. This year, you will not be asked to choose among four possible images — you need only submit your dream accounts via email. (This format is actually more in keeping with the original studies by Ullman and Krippner.)

What are the results? Over the years participants have experienced a range of hits. Dreamers may pick up on the target picture’s theme, or emotional content, or colors, or shapes, or setting – or even contextual information, such as the picture’s origins. In any event, participants have great fun practicing their psi skills!


Thursday 17 June 6:00 to 8:00 PM Pacific US time

After five days of cerebral activity and learning on Zoom screens, it is time to jump inside our dreams and lose ourselves in the catharsis of dance and music. And although we will be physically separate, grab a partner at home and dance with the music of Ed Mays Groove Kitchen— a Seattle-based red hot dance band made up of some of the finest musicians in the Pacific Northwest area. This band will rock your soul. Check them out at https://www.groovekitchenband.com/music.html, or just join us all virtually as we dance in front of the camera while chatting to each other using the Zoom Chat function.

We will also hold our customary costume parade before the ball, where you dress up as a character from one of your dreams and have a chance to BRIEFLY tell the dream the costume came from. What will a virtual costume parade and dream ball be like on Zoom, you ask?  Whether you wish to enter the parade or just attend in costume, you can dress in a costume or mask. The Zoom “video filter” function even gives you the option of wearing a virtual mask.  (When setting up zoom or even after entering event, if you go to the little up arrow next to the video camera icon at the bottom left, you will see “Choose Video Filter” Click on that and you will find a number of “backgrounds”, “filters” and “studio effects” you can click on to create your own virtual costume.)

Also, traditionally DreamTime magazine runs a photo spread of conference activities in its Fall issue, with about half of the photos coming from conference attendees going to the Dream Ball dressed as their favorite dream characters. If you are planning to go in costume to this year’s virtual Dream Ball, we invite you to snap a selfie and send it via e-mail (jpg attachment please) to DreamTime editor Jean Campbell at jccampb@aol.com for possible use in the Fall issue of DreamTime. All photos must be received by August 15, 2021. Give us your best shot!

PLEASE NOTE: Cultural Appreciation

If your dreams are diversely populated, that’s a beautiful thing. However, for IASD members sharing the virtual dance floor, we will appreciate your awareness that cultural and/or racial appropriation is harmful to other members in waking life. The IASD Principles of Community statement says we value “Diversity: A constructive educational environment for participants at conferences and other activities, that welcomes the multiplicity of different approaches to dream studies, and strives to create an open, inclusive atmosphere of mutual respect.” We hope you enjoy exploring the multiplicity of creative possibilities for dream costumes that won’t offend other members. Here’s some valuable information that might help you decide what not to wear: 
—  also     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMhKooYOQrM


Virtual Dream Art Exhibition Online
Planned Preview for Registered Participants beginning 7 June 2021

This year´s virtual art show will be truly international, exhibiting works of 48 artists from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It will be open to the public on a link to be provided in the Entry Portal as well as the Conference Home page about 1 June. Thank you for your interest in this IASD Juried Dream Art Exhibition. We look forward to sharing with you in this creative experience.

“Meet the Artists” Panel

Conference attendees will be provided an opportunity to meet with twelve of the artists and learn about their processes at the Meet the Artists Panel during the Virtual Conference on Wednesday, June 16, 4:30-6:00 PM Pacific US time.

Arts Reception and Award Ceremony

Don´t miss the Art Reception just after the panel on Wednesday, June 16, 6:30 to 7:30 PM with music on entry by Craig Webb at 6:00 PM Pacific US time.  The Visual Arts Committee will present selected artists with special awards, including the People´s Choice Award.

Vote for the People’s Choice Award: Only registered participants may vote.

As part of the Dream Art Exhibition, a special award will be given to an artist whose work is chosen by conference attendees as their favorite. Please browse through the Online Art Exhibit (once posted on the Conference Website in the 7 June timeframe) and cast your ballot for the artist whose work you see as the most original, professional, and expressive of dreams and dreaming. The ballots will be collected and counted at 2:00 pm Pacific US time, right after the mid-day break on Wednesday. The winner will be announced at the Art Reception on Wednesday night.

If you like it you may be able to OWN IT:  One way you can support the IASD Arts Program and encourage the artists who are sharing their work with us this year is to buy their work. If you fall in love with a piece of Dream Art, BUY IT. You can negotiate a purchase directly with the artist by writing to the email address provided with their work 


If you want more from your favorite presenters and dream experts – something you can actually physically place in your hands! Breakpoint Books is once again a part of our conference, however this year they are supporting our presenters with a virtual bookstore that will show the books that they have available for online purchase through Amazon, Hay House and other distributors. Browse the online store, click on the book cover you are interested in and it will take you to the distributor’s website where you can purchase it.