Call for Presentations

Due date for submissions: 15 December 2020
(Due date for poster submissions: 15 February 2021)

Submissions Solicited: High-quality proposals are invited that fall into any of the following tracks: Dreams and the Arts; Dreams and Ethnicity; Research and Theory; Clinical Approaches; Dreamwork Practices; Education; Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy; Extraordinary, Psi and Lucid Dreams; Dreams and Health; Culture and History; and Mental Imagery. Note the special emphasis this year on Dreams and Ethnicity, and on Dreams and the Arts – Ashland being a center for the arts.

Categories include: Pre-organized symposia or panels; individual talks for a symposium; special events; workshops; morning dream groups; and poster presentations.

Online Submission Only: All submissions must be made online below.

IASD encourages presenters of all backgrounds to apply and to be sensitive to matters of diversity and disability in their submissions and presentations. IASD does not discriminate in accepting proposals with respect to race, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, or various forms of disability.

  • NOTE – VIRTUAL CONTINGENCY: In the event that as we get into early 2021 and remain impacted by the pandemic, and find that for safety reasons or regulations we can’t hold an on-site gathering, we still plan to hold the full 2021 conference – but – would switch to a virtual contingency (likely Zoom based).  We would attempt to continue with live presentations (symposia, lectures, workshops, and even some special events) with a similar schedule and structure of the on-site conference. This will mean some creative scheduling and cooperation and perhaps a mix of pre-recorded sessions, in an attempt to accommodate non-US time zones for presenters as much as practical. Recordings would be available for non-dream sharing sessions.  We therefore are asking presenters to indicate on the submission forms whether they are able and willing to present their session virtually if that situation arises.  More information on logistics will come as planning proceeds.
  • Virtual Only Presentations:  If you are able to ONLY do a virtual presentation, note that for technical and operational reasons we may or may not be able to accommodate them in an on-site conference, but please submit your proposal with that clearly stated in the comments box just in case we have to go virtual. If we do go virtual there will be no other opportunity to submit your proposal if you don’t do it now. If we go all virtual, there will still be a conference fee for presenters, however it will be heavily discounted (still to be worked out but roughly in the 40% discount range).  

NOTE: Use of  your 2020 SUBMISSION(s): If your 2020 submission was fully ACCEPTED without conditions and you wish to use the exact same one for the 2021 Conference, we hope to make the process simpler for youJust locate what you sent in your files, and click the USE 2020 SUBMISSION link below and fill in the online form so as to provide us with the basic information to locate your submission in our database including: the exact same Submitters Name, List of Presenters´ Names, Title of Presentation, Type of Presentation and for 2021 whether you have any schedule limitations (review schedule template under the Program menu on the main conference page).

These 2020 submissions will not have to go through another content acceptance review, however, they will have to go through a re-acceptance process due to the change in venue and thus schedule and space limitations. Since there is no guarantee they can be automatically accepted, please consider them as “pending” until you are notified of final acceptance as part of the formal process in February.

You may submit your request for use of your previous 2020 submission by clicking here USE 2020 SUBMISSION and filling in the form. Once done your submission is COMPLETE at this point and there is no need for further action. But if you have any changes to that 2020 submission you would have to submit it in its entirety as a New Proposal, following the standard submission procedures below.

Submission Instructions

HINTS for best chances of approval: Read These Instructions.

  • Deadline adherence is critical. Submissions received by the deadline will be considered the final version for review.  Any received past the deadline will remain on a wait list status.
  • Multiple proposals are welcome, but because of venue size, scheduling limitations and fairness to others, they will be considered options for us to choose from. Multiple lengthy presentations (workshops and/or special events) will usually result in only one being accepted; also presenting in a multitude of symposia/panels could result in other proposals you have submitted being declined.
  • Timely Response to email correspondence within a few days is mandatory. Please honor the fact that we must stick to strict planning deadlines to make this conference happen. If we cannot contact you and we run out of time, we may be forced to eliminate your submission. 
  • Limiting your attendance to specific days or times may be necessary for you, but please realize that it increases the risk of our NOT being able to schedule your proposal. 
  • AV is limited and not available in some workshop rooms, particularly art spaces; thus, workshops requiring AV are more vulnerable to scheduling limitations and to being declined.
  • CE – Note that IASD is in the re-application process for which approval and updated requirements are not anticipated to be received in the timeframe needed for inclusion in the conference, therefore the CE will not be offered this year.
  • Recording, Video and Photographs: All lecture-style presentations will be audio recorded.  Expect that some people with smart phones may take pictures of your slides – so prepare your presentation accordingly. Workshops and Dream Groups, on the other hand, are experiential and contain personal sharing. They will not be audio recorded by IASD, nor will we permit video recordings or photographs (either by a filmmaker or personally) to take place in those sessions without the express permission of every person present. Art and artistic performances will not be video recorded or photographed without the permission of the artist.

Proceed as Follows:


DOWNLOAD the appropriate FORMS to help you prepare your material:

1) THIS PAGE OF INSTRUCTIONS (printable version)

2) SAMPLE FORMS can be used as guides in preparing your material, by clicking on the appropriate form listed below. NOTE: sample forms are NOT ACTIVE forms – they are only a convenience to help you see what is required so you can collect your information and prepare your text offline at your convenience.  This will allow you to later cut and paste the text into the online form. (STEP #3 below includes the link to the online form for your submission).

    Multi-Presentation Session:
    Pre-organized Symposium, Pre-organized Panel, or Special Event with multiple presentations.
    Single Presentation:
    Talk, Workshop, Morning Dream Group, Special Event. The presentation may include a presenter plus co-presenter(s) and co-author(s), or a group enacted event, as long as it is one single presentation, workshop or enactment.
    Poster Presentation: Theory or research paper presentation by single or multiple presenter(s) or co-authors to be posted on a 30″x 40″ foam board and easel with presenter or presenter(s) available for discussion during a 2½ hour session. Posters will remain available for viewing the remainder of that day.


Because your submission must be made online and completed in its entirety (it cannot be recalled for editing) we suggest you download the appropriate SAMPLE FORM (in MS Word) and use it to collect and prepare the information to cut and paste into your eventual online submission. Note that many fields have word limits, so count your words before you try to paste them into the form.

MULTI-PRESENTER NOTE: If you are submitting for a multi-presenter session, YOU as submitter must organize all of the materials for the various presentations (names, bios, summaries, abstracts, etc.) into a single submission form. It is your responsibility to contact your other presenters, gather their materials in accordance with the requirements of the form, and determine the order of presentation.



  1. At the beginning of the online form, select Multi-Presentation Session, Single Presentation, or Poster Presentation;

     2.  Complete all applicable fields; those identified with an asterisk (*) are mandatory;

     3.  Cut and paste the titles, summaries, bios, abstract, vitae and other information prepared offline, from your SAMPLE FORM, into this form;

     4.  Carefully review your completed form before clicking the “SUBMIT” button on the bottom of the form. *

*NOTE: Once you have submitted, you will not be able to retrieve the form for online editing. If you later decide to make a change to your submission, you will have to resubmit the proposal in its entirety unless changes are minor enough to be added manually (contact to request a minor correction).


All presenters must register for the conference and pay the appropriate fees. Once you submit your presentation, please go to the conference registration page

Note the presenter discount, and that all presenters must register by 1 March 2021 to remain on the program, after which time we must finalize the schedule, and we will remove or replace unregistered presenters. All registrations for approved presenters are non-refundable after 1 March (refunds possible prior to that date but subject to administrative fees). We highly recommend that you register early for your lodging to ensure room availability at the conference site. If you register before receiving your acceptance, and your submission is subsequently NOT accepted, you will be given a full refund if you notify us before 1 March (or within 1 week of non-acceptance notification) that you no longer wish to attend. Please be aware that scheduling is extremely tight, and we must remain fair to all submitters, including those on the wait list whom we were unable to fit into the program. We appreciate your courtesy to them and to us in maintaining your commitment to present.