Call for Volunteers

Request to be a volunteer at the 38th Annual IASD Conference
Sunday to Thursday 13 to 17
(11 & 12th setup) June 2021

NOW to be held virtually via Zoom

Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer for the IASD Annual International Conference.  In order to ensure the safety of our volunteers and attendees and avoid the risk of once again having to cancel our conference due to ongoing pandemic conditions, IASD has decided to hold the full 5-day conference virtually via. Zoom.  It will be live and interactive with the same symposia, panels, workshops, morning dream groups, and special events offered as had been planned for the onsite program.  This not only ensures the safety of participants but increases global access to the full event at a greatly reduced cost.

Virtual Positions: The decision to go virtual naturally effects the nature and quantity of the volunteer positions.  We still need about 16 or so positions in two categories:1) Room Monitors and 2) Help Desk Volunteers.  Zoom Room Monitors have similar duties to onsite Room Monitors – admitting people into the session from a waiting room and timing the presenters (no CEs this year).  The Help Desk duties are also similar to the onsite Registration/Info Desk duties in supporting our Office Manager Richard Wilkerson. It will be an open Zoom Room help desk and volunteers basically watch for and admit those requesting help and help answer basic conference questions or notify the Office Manager of more complex ones.  

Applying for the Positions: Out of fairness, existing approved volunteers will be given priority in applying to convert to these positions (a letter with further instructions will be sent out to existing approved volunteers by the IASD volunteer manager Julie Sparrow).  The volunteer application form is be changed to accompany the conversions as well as new volunteers that wish to apply if there are open positions that existing volunteers do not fill. You will go to the revised volunteer page (below) if you: a) wish to convert to a virtual position, b) are a new volunteer applicant, or c) for options open to you if you are an existing volunteer that does not wish to convert.

When you fill out the application form you can select one or more of the TWO virtual volunteer position choices. Please rank your choices as 1st and 2nd priority (or the same if they are of equal interest). To be fair to others, please be fairly certain that you can attend, and meet the requirements listed in the position description before you apply (we will provide instructions and training if needed, but at a minimum a degree of familiarity or comfort with Zoom is required, as either an attendee, a presenter or session manager). 

Fee Structure:  The fees for these virtual positions have also changed.  As before when you apply for a position and are sent an approval letter, you will confirm and register by paying a $200 non-refundable application fee once you are approved. (unless you are an existing approved volunteer who has already paid).  The entire amount will be reimbursed when you finish your duties.  Those existing approved volunteers who are not able to convert (don’t wish to, don’t meet the requirements, or not enough positions) will be given the opportunity to attend the entire virtual conference for the $200 application fee.  Those who cannot or no longer wish to volunteer or attend, but have already paid, will be reimbursed if requested.

Click on the above graphic to open the Call for Volunteers online submission form.