Dream Ball

Virtual Dream Ball 2021

Now, just because this year we are all virtual prisoners of our computer screens, you don’t think for a minute that we are not going to move the chair out way, and bust a move or two, at the end of the conference in the Dream Ball, dressed as dragons and woeful pirates, now do you? This year, because we are virtual and not restricted to local bands, Walter Berry, The Wizard of Awes, has been on a national search for a great band that will perform live on Zoom at the end of the conference. And did he find a gem— Ed Mays Groove Kitchen— a Seattle based red hot dance band made up of some the finest musicians in the Pacific Northwest area. This band will rock your soul. Check them out at — https://www.groovekitchenband.com/music.html. Oh, and crank your volume a bit when you do; they have a deep groove that will soundtrack your dreams! But before we unleash that unbelievable bundle of sound energy, we will have our customary costume parade where you dress up as a character from one of your dreams and have a chance to BRIEFLY tell the dream the costume came from.

What will a virtual costume parade and dream ball be like on Zoom you ask?  Whether you wish to enter the parade or just attend in costume, you can dress in a costume or mask. The Zoom “video filter” function even gives you the option of wearing a virtual mask.  

The Costume Parade

If you want to participate in the parade, or just watch and enjoy it, log on to the Dream Ball at the end of the conference sessions on Thursday evening.  When you enter please remain on mute until asked to unmute, since there will be a lot of you in a joyous mood and yes on Zoom it can get a bit crazy.  Walter Berry will MC the event and provide some direction to help you through the process.  If you want to enter the costume parade you will use the raise hand function in Zoom (bottom menu bar under “Reactions”) to line up for the parade. Walter will pick you by name and you will unmute and have one minute to show your costume and describe the dream or dream character it represents. And because so many will share, we do need to keep it brief (some menacing dream figure will be standing by with the muting “hook” for those that go over the limit). You can clap for your favorites using the “reactions” icon.  Start thinking now about your costume or try testing out some of the “video filter” functions in Zoom (click on Reactions on the black menu bar on the bottom of the Zoom screen). 

The Virtual Ball

After days and days of cerebral activity and learning on Zoom screens, it is time to jump inside our dreams and lose ourselves in the catharsis of dance and music. So we can see each other you will be asked to place your screens in Gallery view (click on the view icon top right) and unmute at first as we great each other. Then you will be muted as Groove Kitchen plays off and on (with minute breaks for us to unmute, clap and cheer) for a continuous hour – and although we will be physically separate, grab a partner at home and dance with the music, or just join us all virtually as we dance in front of the camera while chatting to each other using the Zoom Chat function.

Cultural Appreciation

If your dreams are diversely populated, that’s a beautiful thing. However, IASD members sharing the virtual dance floor will appreciate your awareness that cultural and/or racial appropriation is harmful to other members in waking life. The IASD Principles of Community statement says we value “Diversity: A constructive educational environment for participants at conferences and other activities, that welcomes the multiplicity of different approaches to dream studies, and strives to create an open, inclusive atmosphere of mutual respect.” We hope you enjoy exploring the multiplicity of creative possibilities for dream costumes that won’t offend other members. Here’s some valuable information that might help you decide what not to wear: