Call for Artwork – Prospectus

2022 Juried Dream Art Exhibition

Held in conjunction with the 2022 conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson, Arizona
July 17-21, 2022


EXTENDED DEADLINE: Midnight, MAY 15, 2022, GMT

Eligibility: We are accepting original art work about or inspired by dreams.* You can exhibit whether you are competing for a prize or not. You do not need to be a member of IASD or a conference attendee to participate in the IASD Juried Dream Art Exhibition.

*The jurors will be open-minded about the relationship of the artwork to dream content when selecting the art pieces, as long as the work was inspired in some fashion by visionary or emotional experiences that occurred during sleep. Note: an entrant can create a piece inspired by someone else’s dream.  

Media: All two-dimensional and multi-dimensional media will be considered, including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, video, and installation art.

Art works that are unusually large or require extensive installation may not be accepted but will be considered.

We are not able to accept performance art. However, performance artists may consider submitting a proposal for a special event for the conference program. Note that the deadline for these submissions is 10 January 2022 at this link:

Criteria considered by the jury in reviewing entries for the exhibition will include:

  • Professional quality.
  • Relation to dreams or dreaming. If the art was not inspired directly from a dream of the artist or other person that occurred during sleep, you will need to include documentation to show how the art is directly related to such dreams.
  • Completeness and quality of supporting documents. Incomplete documentation or vague, unclear statements may disqualify an entry.
  • Quality of digital files. Out of focus, poorly composed or difficult to see images will be rejected.
  • Artwork that is deemed by the jurors to be offensive, discriminatory, or in bad taste may be refused.

All work accepted for the show will be added to the IASD online dream art galleries, unless you specifically request that we not do so. 

Art awards: Cash awards will be offered for works chosen from among those accepted for display at the conference, unless the artists specifically ask to have their works withdrawn.

  • Criteria for awards will be originality, integrity, universality, and relevance to dreams and dreaming.
  • At this exhibition, we will continue to offer a Peoples’ Choice Award to an artist selected by vote of the conference attendees.
  • The award winners will be chosen by a special panel of judges.
  • Winners will be announced at the art reception to be held on Wednesday, July 20, during the IASD conference.

HOW TO ENTER: All works must be submitted using the Online Entry Form.

Click here to Review (or Download) a copy of the Online Entry Form in Word format. We recommend you review the information required on this document before going to the actual online entry form.

Click on the button below to go to the Online Entry Form and submit your works.
Be sure to fill in all required fields and make sure to press the Submit button at the end. You will immediately receive a confirmation email.

Entry requirements and general information:

  • General information requested on entry form:
    • Contact information
    • A biographical sketch
    • Artist statement – describe how your work is dream-related; if the art was not inspired directly from a dream of the artist or other person that occurred during sleep, include documentation to show how the art is directly related to such dreams.
    • Special requirements noted if necessary. 
  • Each artist may submit up to 5 art pieces (multiple views or details of the same piece are acceptable where appropriate). Provision is made on the form for two additional detail images for specific pieces.
  • Art submission information:
    • Size of work (height x width in inches)
    • Medium or media (if mixed) used for each piece
    • Price in US dollars if for sale
  • Image requirements:
    • Files should be in JPEG format only.
    • Images should display in the proper orientation, with resolution set at 72 dpi and sized to open no larger than 8” x 10”.  
    • The maximum total file size is 1 Megabyte per image.  
    • Artists are requested to compress individual JPEG files to a maximum per images sized at 1024 pixels vertical x 768 pixels horizontal (or) 768 pixels x 1024 pixels for vertical) at 72 dpi.
    • Image file names should include the artist’s name and an image number (e.g. “Smith1,” Smith1detail”, “Smith2,” etc.”).
  • Video entry requirements:
    • If possible, please include one to five representative images in JPEG format.
    • Provide the link to where the entire video can be viewed by the judges (e.g., YouTube).
    • Due to space limitations, videos can only be accessible in the show on small screens; IASD cannot provide video display equipment, so include in your statement the display device you plan to bring to the exhibition (e.g., PC, portable DVD player).

Notification of Jury’s Decision:

The jury will review all submitted works soon after the due date.

It is planned that all acceptance notifications will be sent by email by the end of May 2022.

Submission fee:  

There is a NON-REFUNDABLE submission fee of $40 per artist.

This fee is waived for artists who have registered for the conference. Conference registration is not required for the art submission, but if you wish to register for the conference, please go to the conference main page and click on the Registration link. You are considered to be a ¨Presenter¨ so you will be entitled to register at the lower Presenter fee scale.

Membership in IASD is not required. However, for membership information, check the IASD web site (

Delivery of Work and Liability:         

All art accepted for the show must be hand-delivered to theLoews Ventana Canyon Resort. The Resort is not able to accept shipments.

If your work is accepted for the show, you will receive detailed delivery and pickup instructions. 

  • All works accepted for the show must be suitably framed and/or ready for display. Works on paper must be framed under glass or Plexiglas.  All work must be delivered wrapped and protected for storage until hanging of the show. Unprotected works will not be accepted.
  • No substitution of selected work will be accepted.
  • All art works will be handled by experienced personnel and the utmost care taken to guarantee the safety of the work. The exhibition spaces will be staffed during all open hours of the show. However, IASD or the Resort will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the work during installation or during the exhibitions.  INSURANCE IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH ARTIST.

Questions? Please contact the Conference Visual Art Committee at this address: (Subject line: IASD Conference Art Entry Questions)                            

The extended deadline for entries is Midnight, MAY 15, 2022, GMT

Thank you for you interest in this IASD Juried Dream Art Exhibition. We look forward to sharing with you in this creative experience.