Special Events

Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare’s greatest romantic comedies. A desperate shipwreck in a faraway land launches a mirthful and thoroughly dreamlike tale of mischief and disorder, disguises and deceptions, fantasies and desires, and ultimate revelations of truth and identity. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival production of Twelfth Night is inspired by early 20th century Blues and Jazz greats like Bessie Smith. As an IASD conference attendee, you may attend this production with our group outdoors under the stars in the Elizabethan Theatre. After dinner downtown and a free Greenshow “on the bricks” of OSF, we will experience this bluesy, jazzy version of Twelfth Night under a sky that starts out light blue and slowly shifts to deep indigo by the end of the play. Sound dreamy?

Radio8Ball: The Pop Oracle

Andras Jones is a multi-disciplinary artist (writer, musician, actor, producer) who has brought his many fields of endeavor together in an interactive performance format he calls Radio8Ball. Participants “consult The Pop Oracle” by asking questions which are answered by picking songs at random. The songs are performed live by the guest songwriter and interpreted…like communal dreams. 

This synchronistic format, which Andras has been presenting on radio, live stages, podcasts, in classrooms and at conferences since 1998, draws inspiration from dream seminars his father, Richard M. Jones, led at colleges and universities like Evergreen, Cornell, UC Santa Cruz, Brandeis and Harvard and wrote about in books like “The Dream Poet”, “The New Psychology of Dreaming” & “Experiment At Evergreen”.

At our conference Andras Jones will be presenting a Radio8Ball show as a key note on June 19th with a guest songwriter who will be announced later in the spring. There will be a few scheduled guests who will ask questions to The Pop Oracle but several of our participants will be chosen at random from the crowd so you might end up being the star of the show. What’s your question for The Pop Oracle?

For more on Radio8Ball, including the podcast, and how to download the Radio8Ball app: www.radio8ball.com 

And for more on Andras Jones: www.previouslyyours.com

The conference committee is busy coordinating several special events that will be part of the annual conference. It’s still early in the conference planning, but you can look forward to many unique, special events.