Conference Program

The IASD Annual Dream Conference is available to download

Full Conference Program

  • Below is the Full Conference Program in .pdf format. Any changes to the schedule, cancellations, or presenter availability will be made at the conference.

About the Online Conference Track

For our global network who are not able to join us in person, we offer the IASD Online Track. This 4-day academic program includes selected highlights broadcast live via Zoom from Ashland, Oregon. It is filled with evidence-based talks on the latest dream research, lucid dreaming, working with nightmares, the art of creative dreaming and others we know you will enjoy.

The topic of dreams will be explored by a rich array of leading experts in the field, sharing their latest findings and insights. If we say so ourselves, the line-up is absolutely dreamy.

Be in the virtual room with our speakers, have the opportunity to ask questions in the live chat on Zoom, and receive follow up recordings of each session in the online program. No matter where you are in the world, you won’t miss a thing!


Last Minute Changes

Hospitality Suite – is now Room 327

CEs Are Available – Although not known at the time the Program Book was printed, the IASD has now been approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists at the 2023 Annual Conference. Instructions have been sent to all who applied for them. CEs registration can also be made when you arrive and register.

Latest Schedule at a Glance and Program Book – The latest program schedule can be found on our conference website at  as well as an electronic copy of the Program Booklet.

Individuals (These changes do not affect the overall schedule.):

  • Monday 4:15 – Jennifer Hart had to cancel from the Dreamwork Symposium.
  • Monday 4:15 Poster session – Maja Gutman’s poster titled “The 2020 Dreams: Revealing Continuities between Waking Reality and Collective Dreaming” will now be presented by Kelly Bulkeley
  • Wednesday 10:30 – Carol Warner had to cancel from the Spirituality Symposium.
  • Wednesday 4:15 – Akinke Lucas, Dreams & Ethnicity Panel, An Argument for Ancestral Dreaming, (cannot make it but may present with a pre-recorded video).


  • Monday 2pm – The Dreams & Ethnicity Panel Mutual Dreaming & Ecology with Campbell, Reed, MacColl (Chair) and Casteel (virtual) is now 2 hours vs 90 minutes.

Notice to Presenters re Preloading Files:

In the presenter guidelines, we asked that presenters show up 15 minutes early for their sessions to load their PowerPoint or other files onto the computer in the room that they will be presenting in.  We also suggested that to save time, you load them on that computer during a break prior to their session.  Please note that doing that on the previous day can be a problem in case someone wipes the files clean the evening before. To overcome this, we will attempt to place folders on the screen for each day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) for you to load them into for the day you are presenting. If the folders are not present, it is best for you to wait until the day you present to pre-load or make sure you show up 15 minutes before your session to do so.