Roommate and Travelshare

Will you be looking for a roommate or travel share partner for the 2023 Dream Conference? Are you looking for someone to share a ride or fly with?

To connect with potential roommates or travelshare partners post your information on this thread. This will be an open blog thread available to the public, but will be monitored for spam and inappropriate content. Inappropriate or offensive posts will be deleted and the user blocked.

Neither IASD nor Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites will assign or re-assign roommates, nor can we get involved with financial disputes, so please make final arrangements and agreements prior to making your reservation.

Comments on this page are manually approved (due to high spam rates) and may take up to 24 hours to appear. Thanks for your patience.

5 thoughts on “Roommate and Travelshare”

  1. I will be driving from the Central Oregon Coast to Ashland and back for the Conference. If you are interested in sharing a ride and costs, please contact me.

  2. HI, I am looking for a ride from SF Airport to the conference location and vice-versa. Please let me know if anyone driving from SF can accommodate me. Thanks.

  3. hi i ive in taos nm and desp want to go to conference.

    i don’t know where to fly in but need help with sharing a room

    and getting from an airport.

    thanks liz dreams pls phone i don’t have internet at home

    360- 488 8485

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