Annual Conferences:

IASD is a non-profit international organization which supports the multidisciplinary research and study of dreams and the application of dreamwork by professionals, as well as anyone interested in the scientific, psychological, spiritual, artistic, healing, cultural and extraordinary aspects of dreaming. Our annual conferences are a five-day event of symposia, panels, workshops, and lectures typically featuring over 120 presenters from 20 or more countries around the world, typically attended by 350 or so persons.

Venues and our Keynote and Invited Speakers change from year to year.  We have held conferences from California, Boston, Chicago, Virginia Beach, Santa Cruz, Hawaii, The Netherlands, Copenhagen and more.  Here is an archive list of where IASD has held annual conferences. 

Online Conferences: 

Our Annual PsiberDreaming Conference is generally held the last week of September into the first week of October.  This is an old-fashioned online conference: two weeks of fun online all the time, 24/7, with global participation. Because participants can tune in at any time, there are no “real-time” video presentations or activities, aside from occasional chats. We use a php discussion board.

Along with two new presentations to read and discuss each day of the conference, PsiberDreaming includes other areas for you to enjoy: A PsiberDreaming Art Gallery (open to all dreamers), The Place For Dreams, Contests and Games for your participation, and the ever-popular Outer Inn.

Regional Conferences: 

IASD encourages its members to host regional meetings and co-sponsored events, and IASD will provide logistical and financial support to promote such events.

The benefits of regional meetings and co-sponsored events are twofold. First, they help IASD members in a particular geographical region to meet each other, socialize, network, and share their different approaches to dreams. Second, they help to advance the basic mission of IASD, which is to broaden public awareness and appreciation of dreams.

Although these are the primary goals, another aim is to generate new funds for IASD’s educational and outreach programs.