2024 Annual Dream Conference IASD

Welcome to the 41st edition of the annual IASD Dream Conference.

Join us from June 8th to 12th, 2024, as we delve into the world of dreams and their impact on creativity, evolution, innovation and our shared human experience. 

We retreat for the fourth time to the historic and enchanting 12th century Rolduc Abbey, where dreams are deeply rooted in nature and history. 

What happens when you bring together the worlds of science, art, professional dream workers, and dream enthusiasts? You create a unique gathering—a special event where night-time experiences blend seamlessly with daytime insights, transcending borders and disciplines.

It’s a melting pot of perspectives from around the globe, a symposium where the mysteries of the night meet the discoveries of the day.

In the quiet of this old abbey, we explore the undercurrents that flow through dreams, shaping our understanding of self and society. Between the presentations, the large dining room and the spacious courtyard garden of this abbey invite us to meet. Everyone is welcome – whether you are a professional, a dreamworker, researcher, student, artist, performer, author, or a curious, interested dreamer.

More than 100 presenters share their work with dreams from countries around the world. It is an excellent place to go deeper into the world of dreams and to have special encounters with dream lovers from all over the world.

What Awaits You: The Conference Experience

🌟Presentations and Workshops: Immerse yourself in a diverse range of cutting-edge dream research, practical dreamwork applications, and engaging workshops tailored to both inquisitive minds and creative souls.

🌟Dream Expression: Enjoy discussing your dreams in the morning dream groups. Get inspired at the dream art show in the galleries of this abbey, exploring the ways in which our nocturnal visions influence the world of creativity. 

🌟Community and Connection: Forge connections with fellow dream enthusiasts, researchers, and artists from over 20 countries and cultures around the world.  Our shared fascination with dreaming forms the foundation of a vibrant and nurturing community that you can enjoy for years to come. 

🌟 Retreat and Reconnection: Find solace and relaxation in the peaceful surroundings of Rolduc Abbey. Reconnect with your own nature by tapping into a simpler way of being. Draw upon the wellspring of beauty from which ideas and clarity begin to emerge.

Welcome to the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a long history of cultural exchange, bringing iconic artists, philosophers and scientists to the world. Indulge yourself in the land of Van Gogh, Escher, Spinoza, Erasmus and Frederik van Eeden. Be inspired by the cutting-edge research, artistic innovation, and diverse perspectives that the country has to offer. 

Against this background, we invite you to join us in the enchanting Rolduc abbey in the picturesque town of Kerkrade. Let’s unite through the world of dreams! 

Save the dates: June 8th to 12th, 2024

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in this wonderful blend of nature and discovery, science and art, tradition and innovation. Start your planning now.  You don’t want to miss this one.

Join us as a dreamer or perhaps as a presenter or volunteer in unearthing the timeless wisdom woven within our dreams. The IASD 2024 conference team is excited to welcome you with our dedicated team of volunteers. We’re crafting an unforgettable experience for you that will live in your hearts for years to come.

See you in The Netherlands!

Tot ziens,

The IASD Conference Team

PS: For more information on the planned schedule, conference offerings and events click on the picture icons below. 

We will update this website regularly for the latest news as the conference approaches!

The annual international dream conference is organized and presented by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). IASD is a non-profit international organization which supports the multidisciplinary research and study of dreams and the ethical application of dreamwork by professionals, as well as anyone interested in the scientific, psychological, spiritual, artistic, healing, cultural and extraordinary aspects of dreaming. 

Dates to be aware of

  • Presentation Submissions due – 20 December 
  • Poster Submissions due – 1 March 2024
  • Presenter Registration Required  – 15 March 2024
  • Art Exhibitor Submissions due – 15 March 2024
  • Early Registration Discount Ends – 1 May 2024
  • Last day for Meal Reservations – 22 May 2024

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Conference Registration

Here you’ll find all the information you need to secure your spot at this year’s conference.

Keynotes and Invited Speakers

To be announced this winter.

Lodging & Meals

Information about booking your stay and your meals will be available October 2024.

Special Events

More than just a conference it is a “dream experience” with a Dream Art Exhibit, a Dream Telepathy Contest, Opening and Art Receptions, and more, ending with a Costume Parade and Dream Ball.

Travel & Weather

Important Passport Information

It is advised that for nationals, where a Passport is required to travel to Europe, that all traveling to the conference get their Passports NOW to avoid delays, or make sure that existing passports are up to date and no less than 6 months away from expiration. Also note that in 2024 there will be a new European Union (E.U.) requirement to also apply for an ETIAS  (European Travel Information and Authorization System).  The E.U. will provide applications through an official website and mobile app.  We will provide more information as we know more.

Roommate & Travel Share

This blog for finding roommates and travelshare partners will open in the January 2024 timeframe.

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Scholarships | Grants

DreamScience Grants Restricted Student Partial Scholarships and approved BIPOC Conference Information coming soon.