Lodging & Meals

We are sorry but Rolduc is now “out of rooms” for what was reserved for IASD, so booking is closed. There are plenty of nice hotels and B&Bs nearby in the same price range.  There may even be some lower end economy rooms outside of our block at Rolduc that show up at times from 3rd party sellers.  For pricing comparison our Rolduc rates (including breakfast) were  € 93,00 for a comfort single and € 110,00 with 2 persons; € 63,00 for a single economy room, € 68,00 for a double with 1 person and € 80,00 for a double with 2 persons, all plus €2,95 per person tax.  

For Local Travel options to and from the Rolduc conference site from other hotels see the Getting to and from the Rolduc Conference Site at the end of this page

You can still book your lunch and dinner buffets at Rolduc

by May 22, 2024.

Whether you have lodging at Rolduc or not, you can pre-book your meals on the same registration forms you used to to sign up for the conference through our website.  Pre-registration for breakfast is excluded since it automatically comes with lodging for those staying at the Abbey Hotel Rolduc.   

For those who booked a room at the Abbey Hotel Rolduc:

You should have within a few days receive an email from Rolduc thanking you for your booking request and providing you instructions. Booking terms include payment on arrival (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, Vpay, Cash), cancellation must be before 11 am on day of arrival, no shows will be billed full amount of reservation (please avoid letting this happen in order to avoid an expensive transaction to both IASD and yourself).   Please note that at Rolduc they process your booking manually so there can be delays in confirming a communications.  In the event of any differences between the instructions on the Rolduc confirmation and these – please follow the Rolduc confirmation letter.

Note: As per Dutch law, Rolduc has to charge an additional €2,95 tourist tax per person per day therefore the number of persons staying in a room are required when booking.



  • Breakfast for those staying at the Hotel Rolduc
    Every morning we serve a delicious breakfast buffet in the Grote Eetzaal
    between 7 am and 10 am. And on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from
    8 am until 11 a.m. You need a ticket for breakfast which will be provided when you check in.
  • For those not staying at Rolduc, breakfast can be purchased separately and directly from Rolduc for € 15.50.

Lunch Buffet

To fully enjoy the gathering of like-minded dreamers, a tasty variety of foods, and make it to your next sessions on time, it is highly recommended for you to purchase lunch buffet tickets. Buffet selections are extensive and accommodate special diets – including meat, vegetarian/vegan and gluten free entrées on the buffet itself plus plated special dietary selections when pre-ordered. Also, the price is consistent with the area and there are no nearby restaurants, the closest being in Kerkrade, over a 1-mile (1.6km) walk from the Abbey.

Packaged Meal  for Monday Hike

Join us on Monday 10 June for an exciting 2-hour German/Dutch Frontier Hike planned during the free time and dinner break at around 18:00.  A packaged meal with drink can be pre-reserved for $17 (€ 15). It will contain 2 sandwiches (choice of meat, vegetarian/cheese or vegan/hummus), two rolls/small subs (in Dutch: belegde broodjes), fruit such as an apple or pear, fruit yoghurt, a boiled egg and a bottle of water.  There is likely no further special dietary options. Since that evening it is “dinner on your own” (no buffet) you may want to purchase this anyway if you just want a light snack or wish to picnic on the grounds during free time, or don’t otherwise want to make it into town.

Dinner Buffet

A dinner buffet is served on two of the conference evenings, Sunday 9 June and Tuesday 11 June, when the conference schedule is tight with evening keynotes. On the other evenings we have provided 2½ hour to 3-hour breaks for you to dine on your own in nearby Kerkrade.

Special Diet or Allergy?  Rolduc has stated that they will mark all of the dietary categories on the buffet. If you have a special dietary need or allergy beyond those listed, you can specify it in the comments box provided in the Dietary Selections item before you click the PROCEED button.  We respectfully ask that you only specify actual needs rather than preferences – please be courteous to our IASD volunteers as well as the Rolduc staff who have to manage the process.

Deadlines: Note that the DEADLINE for pre-ordering meals and special meal orders is 22 May 2024.

 Lunch Buffet 4-day Package: $99 (€ 90 ) – 4 days total package Sunday through Wednesday
Lunch Buffet single day: $27 (€ 25) – Daily Friday through Wednesday
Dinner Buffet single evening: $44 (€ 39.90) –  Sunday and Tuesday, 9 and 11 June
Packaged Meal for Hike – $17 (€ 15) –  Monday 10 June

Reception: The reception is open 24 hours. Take your room key outside at all times. From 17:00 the front door will be locked for our safety. You can call 24 hours. We will then ask you to show your key in the camera. From your room you can dial 00455466888 and you will be connected to the reception.

Checkout Time:
On the day of departure, the room is available from Monday to Friday until
10:00 am.
On the day of departure, the room is available on Saturdays, Sundays
and public holidays until 11:00 am.

Parking is only possible at P1. This is the large car park on the right before you
enter the gate. The 30-minute parking spaces in front of the reception are only
for loading and unloading. The remaining parking spaces are for the private use
of residents and businesses

Getting to and from the Rolduc Conference Site

• Rolduc currently has 6 bicycles renting for €19.50 per bicycle per day. We highly recommend advance rental reservations that can be arranged via the Rolduc registration desk (not IASD) More bikes can be arranged in advance via Rolduc.

• Taxi Maastricht looks like a reliable taxi company with lots of cars and experience with large groups and individual travel, including an English website. https://taxiservicemaastricht.nl/en/
• We’re in contact with them about costs, payment methods, potential reservations etc.
• Below Uber estimates can be more or less the same for taxi’s although regular taxi’s are more expensive usually.

• Keep order/waiting time into account, 20 mins minimum (as probably lots of Ubers need to come from Maastricht)

Nearby Hotels / Distance from Abbey

TransportErensteinBezige BijStegels HofZevende HemelOverste HofParkstad
Distance to Rolduc1.7mi – 2,7km1.4mi – 2,3km2.6mi – 4.2 km3.2mi – 5.2 km4.5mi – 7.3km4.7mi – 7.6 km
Walking35 min30 min54 min1h1h251h30
Bus5 min walk, then Bus 1 or 2, then 15 mins walk (25 mins total)5 min walk, then Bus 1, then 15 mins walk (30 mins total)5 min walk, then Bus 6, then 10 mins walk (30 mins total)10 mins walk, then bus 1 or 2, then 15 mins walk (30 mins total)15 mins walk, then Bus 5, then 5 mins walk, then Bus 1 or 2, then 15 min walk (55 mins total)15 mins walk, then Bus 1, 2 or 27, then 15 mins walk (40 mins total)
Uber/taxi5min (Uber estimate ~15EU)5min (Uber estimate ~15EU)5min (Uber estimate ~20EU5min (Uber estimate ~20EU)10min (Uber estimate ~25EU10min (Uber estimate ~25EU)
Bike 15min15min15min30min45min45min

Restaurants and Supermarkets Near Rolduc

Restaurants near Rolduc KerkradeAdressratingdistanceprice
high rating by the Forkkmmilesindication
De posthoornLaurastraat 39, 6471 JH9.54.72.9€ 35
Fletcher Hotel, Castle ErensteinKerkradersteenweg 4, 6468 PA8.53.62.2€ 37
Brasserie ParkstadRoda J.C. Ring 59, 6466 NH8.37.84.830
Ghorban Delikatessen ManufakturKrämerstrasse 5, 52062 Aachen9.2138.130
Stampeat RestaurantsGrotestraat Centrum 14, 6301 CX Valkenbrug8.62616.238
Holland Casino Valkenbrug (Taste)Cauberg 28, 6301 BT9.22716.835
RegionalVijlerhof Hilleshagerweg 2, 6294 AP, Vijlen8.8159.340
Restaurant t’KlükskeHolset 44, 6295 NC, Lemiers8.71710.638
Restaurants walking distancerating
Meteora Greek restaurantzonstraat 33, kerkrade4.51.30.8
Snackbar Friture AnitaAbtenlaan 5, 6461 JG Kerkrade50.80.5
Asai sushi & grill KerkradeHoofdstraat 59, 6461 CN Kerkrade4.51.91.2
Dé WieëtsjafMarkt 47, 6461 ED Kerkrade4.42.91.8
Eten en drinken by IrisHammolenweg 7C, 6466 XT Kerkrade4.42.81.7
Cuisine de SandroBleijerheiderstraat 7, 6462 AC Kerkrade4.21.71.1
Patras GrillSchütz-von-Rode-Straße 10, 52134 Herzogenrath, Duitsland4.52.11.3
Aldi SüdIm Straßer Feld 1, 52134 Herzogenrath, Duitsland4.31.10.7cheapest
JumboOnze Lieve Vrouwestraat 5, 6461 BM Kerkrade4.31.10.7normal
Albert HeijnHertogenlaan 29, 6461 BT Kerkrade41.20.7normal