Program | Schedule at a Glance

Welcome to the IASD conference Schedule at a Glance (updated 5-10-2024).

In this overview you can see exactly what happens when at the conference, with over 100 events in five days.  You’ll get the full presentations descriptions in the program provided a week before the conference.

We’ve divided up the presentations into conference categories:

  • Clinical Approaches
  • Culture and History
  • Dreams and the Arts
  • Dreams and Ethnicity
  • Dreams and Health
  • Dreamwork Practices
  • Education (teaching dream studies)
  • Extraordinary, Psi, and Lucid Dreams
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Philosophy
  • Research
  • Theory

Customize your conference experience with what appeals to you the most! Choose your own conference adventure between 7 different tracks that happen simultaneously: workshops, symposiums, special events, and daily morning dream group exploration sessions, etc.

Think of the conference as a dream buffet.
Pick and choose from each track based on your interests.

See you there!

PS – Don’t feel like you need to attend everything, or feel that you have to choose one symposium over another – most symposiums are recorded, and can be listened to post-conference. (Workshops, morning dream group and public events are NOT recorded for privacy reasons.)

The entire program book is available to read. Any changes will be announced at the Grand Opening ceremony at the conference.