Program | Schedule at a Glance

Welcome to the IASD conference Schedule at a Glance (updated 2-26-2024).

In this overview you can see exactly what happens when at the conference, with over 100 events in five days.  You’ll get the full presentations descriptions in the program provided a week before the conference.

We’ve divided up the presentations into conference categories:

  • Clinical Approaches
  • Culture and History
  • Dreams and the Arts
  • Dreams and Ethnicity
  • Dreams and Health
  • Dreamwork Practices
  • Education (teaching dream studies)
  • Extraordinary, Psi, and Lucid Dreams
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Philosophy
  • Research
  • Theory

Customize your conference experience with what appeals to you the most! Choose your own conference adventure between 7 different tracks that happen simultaneously: workshops, symposiums, special events, and daily morning dream group exploration sessions, etc.

Think of the conference as a dream buffet.
Pick and choose from each track based on your interests.

See you there!

PS – Don’t feel like you need to attend everything, or feel that you have to choose one symposium over another – most symposiums are recorded, and can be listened to post-conference. (Workshops, morning dream group and public events are NOT recorded for privacy reasons.)