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Enjoy the Journey as much as the Destination.

International Dreamers are very friendly folk! Many seek a travel partner(s) or a roommate situation so they don’t have to travel alone, and a roommate may help reduce the cost of accommodations on site.

Will you be looking for a roommate or travel share partner for the 2024 Dream Conference? Are you looking for someone to share a ride or fly with? It’s very helpful to let others know if you are a night owl, early morning riser, if you snore, or wear cpap device, etc…knowing these finer details goes a long way to finding a roommate match.

To connect with potential roommates or travelshare partners post your information on this thread.

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4 thoughts on “Roommate | Travelshare”

  1. Please carefully review the information above. This page is for people looking to share a room, or travel with someone / group. Remember, neither IASD nor Rolduc will get involved with assignments, personality conflicts or financial disputes. These arrangements are on your own.

    Tips: Are you a morning person, night owl, smoker, social butterfly, snore or use CPAP, allergies, etc? This information all will help you find compatible roommates.

  2. I’ll be traveling solo, likely flying into Amsterdam, from Boston, and would be interested in connecting and possibly traveling with anyone else attending the conference who is from the New England region. I reside and practice (psychologist and analyst) in the Berkshires (W. Stockbridge). This will be my first time attending an IASD meeting in person (last June I attended one remotely).

    1. Hey Anne!
      That’s exciting how it is going to be your first IASD conference in person.
      I haven’t solidified my plans yet, but I hope to be flying out of Chicago and landing in Amsterdam a few days prior to the start of the conference. I’m a little nervous about not knowing anyone in Europe. Maybe we’ll run into each other in Amaterdam!

  3. Debbra Haven, PhD, SEP
    Hello dreamers, I haven’t registered yet as I’m hoping to keep costs low and find a roommate. I’m quiet, easy going, and don’t snore that I know of – plus I am a good sleeper, so if anyone does have a light snore, I can sleep through or just go back to sleep. I’m a psychologist on the East Coast, working remotely right now. This will be my first time at this conference. I’ve taken Dream Tending at Pacifica previously, and want to hear the variety of ways to address dreams.

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