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Enjoy the Journey as much as the Destination.

International Dreamers are very friendly folk! Many seek a travel partner(s) or a roommate situation so they don’t have to travel alone, and a roommate may help reduce the cost of accommodations on site.

Will you be looking for a roommate or travel share partner for the 2024 Dream Conference? Are you looking for someone to share a ride or fly with? It’s very helpful to let others know if you are a night owl, early morning riser, if you snore, or wear cpap device, etc…knowing these finer details goes a long way to finding a roommate match.

To connect with potential roommates or travelshare partners post your information on this thread.

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  1. Please carefully review the information above. This page is for people looking to share a room, or travel with someone / group. Remember, neither IASD nor Rolduc will get involved with assignments, personality conflicts or financial disputes. These arrangements are on your own.

    Tips: Are you a morning person, night owl, smoker, social butterfly, snore or use CPAP, allergies, etc? This information all will help you find compatible roommates.

    1. Hello, this will be my first IASD Conference and presentation (I’m doing an Artist Talk about dreaming with AI and immersive technologies to generate new works), and am looking for a person who would be willing to share an economy double with me. I tend to be a morning person but im sure the festive atmosphere will see me enjoying late evenings as well. I don’t usually snore but I do talk & laugh during sleep. I am kind, warm and especially open and energetic around Dreamers. I am traveling from the Midwest US (shopping around for tickets so not yet sure from which city) to Amsterdam, and if it’s possible to stay longer in Europe I would like to do that, so I might be interested in connecting with travel companions as well. Please let me know if you would want to share your double with me or are interested in doing a bit of traveling afterwards. Thank you!

      1. Dear Teresa, I would love to share your room from Sunday till the end and would also be available to pay for the Saterday night, as I really want to be at the castle for the Conference. I cannot attend earlier because of family necessities. I’m travelling with my car coming from Milan (I’m German, but living in Italy). I’m a good sleeper and adaptable to any circumstance.
        Please let me know, if you would agree to share your room with me.

      2. Hi im living in belgium .we can connect im coming too but searching hotel.still thinkkng about it

      3. Hi Teresa, I’m Michael, and I am a straight married male from the U.S. If you have a place to share that is suitable (i.e., separate rooms), I would be interested.

      4. Michael – I am allowing this post once, but you wrote the same thing to many people, and I don’t have you on the conference registration list. Will you be registering AT the conference? Please confirm before I repeat your request to others. Thank you!

  2. I’ll be traveling solo, likely flying into Amsterdam, from Boston, and would be interested in connecting and possibly traveling with anyone else attending the conference who is from the New England region. I reside and practice (psychologist and analyst) in the Berkshires (W. Stockbridge). This will be my first time attending an IASD meeting in person (last June I attended one remotely).

    1. Hey Anne!
      That’s exciting how it is going to be your first IASD conference in person.
      I haven’t solidified my plans yet, but I hope to be flying out of Chicago and landing in Amsterdam a few days prior to the start of the conference. I’m a little nervous about not knowing anyone in Europe. Maybe we’ll run into each other in Amaterdam!

    2. Hi Anne,
      I’m traveling from Martha’s Vineyard, and flying out of Boston on the evening of June 4th, but arriving at Dusseldorf airport (since it’s closer to Kerkrade). Just in case you happen to fly into Dusseldorf, and around the same date, I’ll be making my way via bus or train to Kerkrade on June 6th. Otherwise, safe travels & see you there.

      1. Hi Cynthia, I have a flight from Dublin to Dusseldorf arriving Dusseldorf airport Saturday June 8 at 9:45 in the morning. After I collect my suitcase (I will have one checked bag) and freshen up briefly in the airport restroom, I would like to head out to Rolduc in some sort of taxi or car service, as I would not like to struggle by myself with the suitcase and computer bag getting on and off the train and so forth. By any chance would you have any interest in sharing a taxi or car service with me, if your flight arrives in Dusseldorf on Sat June 8th at a compatible time of day? Please feel free to email me directly or to phone me on my US cell phone (I am from the US, Dublin in merely a transit stop, I am flying from Hartford CT to Dublin to avoid the NY area airports, then consenting Dublin to Dusseldorf) at +1-207-578-4483.
        Take care for now, and all best,
        Shanee Stepakoff

    3. hi, when are you arriving in Amsterdam? I am arriving at Schiphol Airport on aer lingus from Dublin on Sat 8 June at 855am. I would like having a travel partner to Rolduc Abbey tomorrow morning if anyone else is coming that way.

  3. Debbra Haven, PhD, SEP
    Hello dreamers, I haven’t registered yet as I’m hoping to keep costs low and find a roommate. I’m quiet, easy going, and don’t snore that I know of – plus I am a good sleeper, so if anyone does have a light snore, I can sleep through or just go back to sleep. I’m a psychologist on the East Coast, working remotely right now. This will be my first time at this conference. I’ve taken Dream Tending at Pacifica previously, and want to hear the variety of ways to address dreams.

  4. Are you still looking for a room in Rolduc?
    I could only book a simple double room. We can share the room and share the costs together.
    I am participating in the conference for the third time as a male Dutch volunteer in the bookstore.
    I go to bed early because I really need my sleep.

    1. Hello Maarten, did you get an answer to your previous message ?
      I (French, male) registered for a presentation and I am still looking for a room. I would gladly share the costs of your double room if you would have me. I’m a quiet morning person, so your sleep should be safe with me !

    2. Hello Maarten,

      I will love to be at Rolduc, I just register. I will love to share costs with you. Please let me know if your offer is still available. I go to bed early as well. This is my first conference!

      Noris Binet

  5. I’m planning to travel to Paris after the conference. Is anyone else planning this? I’d love to rideshare if that is a possibility, or have company on the train.
    I’m coming from Portland Oregon. This is my 6th or 7th conference, but it’s my first time coming to Rolduc. I’m speaking (in the symposium on Extraordinary Dreams). Excited!

    Also would love any suggestions from previous Rolduc travelers about the best airports to fly into for the easiest connection to Rolduc….??

  6. Hello Teresa!

    This will be my first time at the conference as well!! I am coming all the way from Colombia in southamerica for the encounter :). I already booked a room in one of the hotels suggested by the IASD staff. If you want you can reach me up directly so we can talk about the possibility to share it.
    Let me know and thank you!!

    1. Hi paula, did you find a roommate allready? I am looking for someone to share rooms with still 🙂

      1. Hello Sandra and Noris!

        I don’t have a roommate yet. I’m staying at Fletcher Hotel Restaurant which is about 30 min walking from Ruldoc.
        Let me know if you’re still interested.


  7. Hi Dreamers!

    I am looking for a comfort room or suite at the castle (it’s a castle, so the Princess in me wants a nice room!) More importantly, I would like a nice room mate! So if you have a bed free and would like to split costs, or you booked a room but changed your mind about coming and would like me to take over your reservation, please let me know.

  8. Hello,
    I’ve just registered as a scientific presenter and discovered that Rolduc hotel was already full. I would really prefer to attend the meeting sleeping onsite. So if someone is looking for someone to share his/her room I would be happy to do so. I do not snore and I sleep at expected hours :-). Looking forward to hearing from you

  9. Hello,
    I’ve just registered as a scientific presenter and discovered that Rolduc hotel was already full. I would really prefer to attend the meeting sleeping onsite. So if someone is looking for someone to share his/her room I would be happy to do so. I do not snore and I sleep at expected hours :-). Looking forward to hearing from you:

  10. Howdy,

    I am traveling from Sedona AZ and presenting a workshop called Dreaming with Plant Allies. I am looking to share a room with someone. And if anyone else is flying out of PHX please let me know! Would love to travel together.


  11. Hi Dreamers

    I am travelling from Egypt, originally from the UK, and will be volunteering at the conference as well as presenting on dream work groups with teenagers in schools.

    Looking to share a room if anyone needs a roommate for a room they have already booked 🙏

    Available to contact on WhatsApp +447847825414

    Molly 🔮

  12. Hi dreamers,

    I am looking for a rideshare. Is anyone renting a car, and planning to depart the conference and head to Amsterdam, on either the evening of 6/12 or morning of 6/13? I have a flight out of Amsterdam on 6/13 in the afternoon that I am figuring out how to get to. Thanks!

    I live in Hawaii and I’m presenting on daydreams and altered states. This will be my third time presenting, but first conference outside of the U.S. I’m very excited. Mahalo!

    1. I will be arriving in time to get the 930am or later train[s] from Amsterdam Schiphol to Kerkrade on the morning of 8 June, and returning by train from Kerkrade to Amsterdam on the morning of the 13th to arrive early afternoon for a 5pm flight. [As I have limited mobility, I may be able to get a companion pass, will check it out if anyone else is heading that way.] I haven’t booked tickets yet, would also consider sharing a car or taxi to Rolduc. – Glenda Cimino I will be facilitating a workshop on ‘dramatising your dream’.

      1. Hello Glenda!
        My flight arrives on Amsterdam on the night of June 7th and I believe that would be late to catch the last train to Kerkrade so I am also planing on getting to Ruldoc very early on the morning of June 8th. And will go back to Amsterdam on the 13th anytime. Do you already have your tickets booked?
        Text me on whatsapp
        +57 3044704304

    2. I too am looking for a rideshare – on morning of 8 June from Amsterdam and morning 13 June to Amsterdam. maybe we can find someone else looking for paying passengers!

  13. Looking for a RIDE SHARE from Frankfurt, Germany.

    My wife Athena will be presenting at ASD for the 9th time. She and I are flying into Frankfurt. We would love to share a ride with an ASD member(s) travelling from Frankfurt to Kerkrade, ideally on Saturday, 6/8, or alternately on Sunday 6/9.

    Aloha, Eric Smith 805 861 7131 (cell)

  14. Hello,
    I will be driving from the UK and planning to get the Dunkirk ferry crossing. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in potentially getting a lift.

    1. Hi Cara
      I’m also going to the conference from the UK (as a volunteer).
      What date are you planning to leave and return?
      I have booked accommodation in Herzogenrath just over the German border, from 6-14 June.
      Do you have an idea of the total cost (and time) of potentially travelling together . I was planning to fly to Dusseldorf and take a train to Herzogenrath until I saw your post!

  15. Looking for a RIDESHARE from COLOGNE/BONN


    Me (Elena) and my colleague (Laia) are going to Rolduc to participate in the conference as volunteers. We are traveling from Cataluña and will arrive in Cologne/Bonn on June 7 at 11 am.
    Is anyone traveling by car from this area to Rolduc who would like to share a ride?

    Available to contact by email or WhatsApp:

    Thank you!

  16. I am attending the conference (from the UK) as a first time Volunteer. I have booked accommodation in Herzogenrath, just over the Dutch-German border – approximately 10 minute drive from Rolduc Abbey. It is also possible to take the bus (and possibly walk – though not sure about the practicality of this). As I’m new to the area and the conference, I wondered if anyone else is staying in Herzogenrath who would like to share walking and/or transport with me in the mornings and evenings?
    Thank you!

  17. Hi fellow dreamers,

    I am going to the conference as volunteer, leaving from Calgary, Canada the 6th of June, aiming to arrive to Rolduc on the 7th. I am still working on my flights, looking at the best option, considering how to get to the Rolduc from different airports. It would be great if I could meet some other fellow travelers at an airport and tag along, either by renting a car or drive the train/bus with someone.
    If there is someone arriving on the 7th , and is willing to share the transportation with me, please let me know.

  18. Do you believe in miracles??

    My name is Jesse and I am looking to share accommodations with someone staying at Rolduc or nearby! Making this trip happen last minute would be a dream come true! So, hopefully, I can find someone willing to save some money and split the costs with me so I don’t end up sleeping in a bush outside!


  19. Hallo allen,

    Ivm een schouderbreuk ben ik op zoek naar een mede-dromer, die een plek vrij heeft in zijn/haar auto voor mij (en misschien ook voor mijn man Pieter).
    Graag zou ik (of we) willen meereizen met je op 8 juni en/of 12/13 juni vanaf Deventer of vanaf station Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Heerlen of een andere plaats in midden Nederland:)

    Ik ben bereikbaar via mail,

    Ik hoop graag van je te horen🌺

  20. Hello everyone,

    Due to a shoulder fracture, I am looking for a fellow dreamer who has a space available in his/her car for me (and perhaps also for my husband Pieter).
    I (or we) would like to travel with you on June 8 and/or June 12/13 from Deventer or from Apeldoorn station, Arnhem, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Heerlen or another place in the center of the Netherlands 🙂

    I can be reached by email,

    I hope to hear from you🌺

    1. addition to my previous post:
      It’s a possibility that you drive with my car. It’s located in Schalkhaar where we live.

  21. Hi there, i am looking for people who would like to share an appartment nearby the congress. Let me know if you are looking too 🙂

  22. Hello everyone,

    As a last minute person, I’m having a hard time finding accommodation. Hotels are already full and the places I found through Airbnb are very expensive. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.


  23. In case this helps: there are a lot of airbnbs near there now, walking distance (20-30 min). I just checked today (May 17). I want to say they’re on the Germany side, if I’m reading this map line correctly!

    1. 🙂 Thank you! Yes, I found some places in Germany but I couldn’t find options that close. I will check it again.

  24. I booked an Airbnb about a 20-min walk to the venue, and have room for one person to share the space/cost. The Airbnb has one double bed, one small bed. I’d prefer a female roommate. I don’t snore, but I do wake up to write down dreams in the dark. 🙂 I am arriving in AMS (Amsterdam airport) early AM on the 7th, (coming on the Washington DC flight) and will be renting a car. I am willing to transport 1-2 people arriving same or similar time. I might stop in Amsterdam for a meal on the way, and possibly a grocery store. I will have a car, so if there’s parking at the Abbey, I’ll probably drive each day, unless it’s a beautiful sunny day for enjoying the nature on a walk. Lastly: my flight is out of AMS on the 13th– so if someone else is leaving same time, happy to transport, but I will be leaving SUPER early AM… I have an early flight. 🙂 Hope this is helpful! I’m looking forward to learning and growing through this new experience (I’m a first-timer!) Reach me at

    1. hi, Raquel, I would be very interested in travelling to Amsterdam Airport with you in your car on the morning of the 13th June. share costs – perhaps we can meet up at the conference . glenda cimino I am staying in Rolduc Abbey.

  25. Greetings-as of Monday I have the opportunity for a last-minute journey to Rolduc! In the past, I have traveled through Germany to get there, however this time I will be going from Amsterdam-Kerkrade, and the trains for that route look a bit more ‘adventurous’! So I am wondering if anyone would like to navigate together getting to Rolduc?

    I arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol on Friday, June 7th at 9:20 AM. Anyone else arriving that morning?

  26. IMPORTANT – our Dutch team has provided a great tip on TAXI service to get you directly from the airport / trainstation and bring you to the doors of Rolduc Abbey.

    The most important aspect to remember is that reservations should be made by JUNE 1st!

    See the TRAVEL page for exact instructions on taxi reservation.

  27. Hi dreamers,
    I am looking for roommates in one of the conference-recommended accommodations!
    There is room for 3 more people. I am an easygoing, considerate night owl and (bonus!) don’t snore.
    Let me know if you’d like to join through WhatsApp at +972523988582 or and I’ll fill you in with the rest of the details.

  28. I’m & a friend are staying at the Fletcher Hotel–which is about 2 miles from the conference.
    We will need a morning ride from our hotel to the Monastery
    on June 9-12.
    WE would be out front around 8:30AM & we would, of course, pay you for
    your help in getting us there.
    George Cohen

  29. Hi Dreamers in Rolduc

    After the conference ends, I am considering going to Brussels, Belgium, which is about 90 minutes away. Is anyone going to Brussels on June 13 (the morning the conference ends) who is driving to Brussels and wants a passenger? I could help reimburse expenses. Or, we could discuss getting a train or bus together to Brussels to make it easier, more fun. Let me know. My phone is U.S. 203-454-9939. I’ll be at the conference from June 7 through closure.

    Dream recording: If anyone is considering coming to The Dream Game workshop on June 9 in the afternoon, write down any dreams that you can remember for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night before that Sunday workshop. I’ll also put a notice on the Attendee Notice Board in Rolduc.

  30. George Cohen says:
    May 27, 2024 at 7:47 am
    2 possibilities–

    I’m staying at the Fletcher Hotel–which is about 2 miles from the conference.
    I will need a morning ride from our hotel to the Monastery
    on June 9-12.
    I would be out front around 8:30AM & we would, of course, pay you for
    your help in getting me there.
    2–If someone is staying at the Rolduc monastery hotel & is seeking a roommate to share expenses, I would be open. I am quiet.

    George Cohen–my email is

  31. Hey dreamers! I wasn’t sure about coming, unfortunately this festival is crazy expensive for italian students’ pockets. But it would be too important for me to be there, since I am writing my thesis about oneiric anthropology. So I was wondering about camping somewhere nearby the conference site and I am looking for options. Would anyone be interested in joining this adventure with me? Or does anyone have a free spot available in an affordable shared room? You can contact me through email
    Hope to meet you there 🙂

  32. ROOM OFFERED AT ROLDUC FOR WEDS. NIGHT JUNE 12th (1 night only):If you need a room at Rolduc Abbey for Wednesday night (the night of the Dream Ball) be in touch! I have an economy double that I will not be using that night. The cost is 60 Euros including breakfast Thursday morning.
    Tzivia: email hello [at]

    I’m looking for someone to travel with from the conference to Amsterdam near the airport Weds. morning or early afternoon. If you will be driving and have room for a passenger I’ll chip in for expenses. If you are going by train, etc. I’d love to have a travel buddy.

    Contact Tzivia via email: hello [at]

    1. Tzivia – you may also want to put a note on the bulletin board tomorrow at the Registration area (they usually have one every year). I’m not certain how many people read this thread once the conference actually starts. <3 Laura

  34. I will be closing down this threaded message board now (Friday 6-14-2024 a.m.). Hope that everyone has had safe travels and enjoyed the conference. Please remember to complete the online conference evaluation. Your feedback is important!

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