2013 Program



Keynotes & Invited
Lucid Dreaming from a Bön Buddhist Viewpoint – Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Edgar Cayce and the Use of Dreams for Self Guidance – Kevin J. Todeschi
Dream Research:  From Freud to Neuroscience – Mark Blagrove
Dream Experiences Accompanying My Week-Long Near-Death Experience –
Eben Alexander
Hippocampal Memory Reactivation in Awake and Sleep States – Matthew Wilson

Morning Dream Groups                
6828315    Healing Power of Dreams – Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier
6825938    Listening to the Dreamer  – Michael Schredl
6826597    Exploring the Heart of the Dream – Robert P. Gongloff
6829043    Ullman Morning Dream Group – Mark Blagrove
6829087    Change and Individuation with DreamSynergy™ – Justina Lasley
6832822    Dreams: The Verbal and the Visual – David Jenkins, Walter Berry
6833643    Treasures from the Deep – Attending to Archetypal Images in our
Dreams – Tom Lane
6824272    Using Ecstatic Trance for Healing and Spiritual Growth    Nicholas Brink

Arts & Humanities
Special Events
6828831    Welcome to My Dream World – Misa Tsuruta
6829550    Trapped in a Dream: Lucid and Ludic Dreaming in Cinema – Bernard Welt
6833896    Dreams Calling – Vinece Lee
6823441    The Gilgamesh Cantata:  A Dream-Based Musical Composition – Curtiss
6822832    From a Dream to a Performance – Silja Heikkilä
6823312    The Poetic Dream: Using Dreams to Create on the Page – Tzivia Gover
6826739    The Second Life (film event) – Hezekiah Condron
6829190    Dreams, Music & Consciousness     – Craig Webb, Massimo Schinco,
Laura Mason Lockard
Individual Presentations Organized into a Symposium
6828595    The Dream Castle Garden – Patricia Garfield
6828065    Perspectives in Dreams and Traditional Japanese Art – Megumi YAMA

Clinical Approaches
Special Events
6833510    Understanding and Working with Children’s Posttraumatic Nightmares –
Alan Siegel
6833781    Video Event: Lifecycle Dreaming and Researchers Exploring Dreams
6810987    Dreamwork takes Lessons from Neuroscience – Robert Hoss
6828247    Posttraumatic Dreams in Children and Adults: Clinical and Ethical
Guidelines – Alan Siegel
6833918    Using Hypnosis to Work with Dreams – Deirdre Barrett
6829184    Bringing The Dream To Life – George M. Leute
Individual Papers Organized into Symposia
Perspectives on the Psychology and Biology of Dreams:
6726308    The Predictive Value of the Clinical Manifest Dream Report – Milton
6811586    REM Stage Dreams the Amazing Neuro-Psychological Phenomena
– Wasseem Samaan
6830777    Toward an Architecture of the Dream II – Franklin J. Galvin
Topics in Dreams and Psychotherapy:
6830444    A Series of Transference Dreams of a Patient from a Jungian Perspective
Franklin J. Galvin
6833559    Lucid Dreaming as a Technique in Psychotherapy – Brigitte Holzinger
6833776    From Reliving to Relieving:  Using Embodied Imagination to Help
Combat Veterans Move Forward – Judith L. White

Dreams & Healing
Special Events
6824221    Dream Diagnosis of Cancer and Clinical Correlation – Larry Burk
6823726    A Therapeutic Model for Healing Trauma – Jean M. Campbell
6824919    Mindful Dreaming: Five Core Lessons in Mindfulness our Dream
Mentors Teach Us – David Gordon and Dani Vedros
6823411    End of Life Dreams:an Unusual Tool to Help Patients, Care Givers and
Family during their Journey – Monique Seguin
6833934    Liminal – Jessica Orfe
6764221    A Dreamer’s Guide through the Land of the Deceased – Susanne
van Doorn
6828813    The Lucidity of Light: Light as an Expression of Creative and
Transformative Consciousness in Dreams – Nigel Hamilton;
Diane E. Greig; Gregory Scott Sparrow; Mary Ziemer
6828873    New Directions for Dreams in Health Settings – Tallulah Lyons. And
Wendy Pannier (chair); Jeanne Van Bronkhorst; Christopher Sowton,
Beverly ‘BJO’ Ashwill
Individual Papers Organized into Symposia
Healing Self, Healing the Planet:
6827644    Dreaming Into the Rain Forest:  Toward a Living Relationship with
Mother Earth – Stephen Potthoff
6828914    Nightly Messages Reveal Inner Thoughts – Sheila Benjamin
6835149    We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us – Jan Kieft

Dreamwork Practices
Special Events
6834078    Hermeneutic of Creation: A Method of Exploring Dreams – Fariba
6825606    Dreams: Theater of our Inner World – Heloisa Garman
6823755    Mandala Drawing Techniques as a Method of Understanding Dream
Symbols – Ann Bengtsson
6826545    A Three Dimensional View of the Dream    David Jenkins and
Rita Hildebrandt
6826628    Dream as Story: Exploring the Themes of Your Dreams –
Robert P. Gongloff
6828468    Dream Analysis by Examining Handwriting Strokes – Judy Kolkin-Kaplan
6828535    DreamSynergy™: Dreams + Action = Change – Justina Lasley
6829086    Dream Maps: A Way of Drawing You into the Dream – Walter Berry
6831799    Four Types of Dreams to Watch Out for in Health Care Practice
Christopher Sowton
6832337    Dreaming It Forward with the Theater of the Oppressed –
Bonnie Tarwater
6832348    Solution Oriented Dream Decoding  – Layne Dalfen
6834085    Integral Dream Practice – Fariba Bogzaran and Daniel Deslauriers
6829154    “If this Were my Dream ……” “Well, it isn’t!” A Discussion of the Uses
and Misuses of the ITWMD Technique. – Mark Blagrove and
Gloria Sturzenacker
6828907    Seeing the Dream: Yogic and Shamanic Insight into Dream Work
Paul Overman
6829177    The Body Speaks — Health Guidance in Dreams – Joy Bloom
6834184    Dance the Part – Julia Ray
6828974    Long Term Journal Keeping: Lifetime Learning – Joan Harthan,
Gloria Sturzenacker, and  Cynthia Pearson
6828877    Applications of a Will-Development Model to Dream Experiences
Mark Thurston (chair); Gregory Scott Sparrow; Mary Ziemer
Individual Papers Organized into Symposia
Dream Explorations:
6828281    The Big Dreams of Childhood: A Jungian Method of Interpretation
Patricia M. Bulkley
6829125    Poetry and Truth through the Purple People Eater – James Bardis
6832990    Gathering Dreams on Main Street – Arthur Strock
Exploring , Mapping and Connecting:
6833742    Honoring the Mystery of Dreams – Claude Desloges
6828073    Dream Mapping – Frank Pascoe, Ph.D.
6829020    Dream Progress: Waiting for the Next Dream – David Jenkins
6848831    It’s All in Your Dreams: 5 Portals to an Awakened Life –
Kelly Sullivan Walden
Managing Dream Groups:
6834015    Invasiveness or Intimacy? The Boundary Paradox in Group Dream Work
from a Transpersonal Perspective – Henry Reed
6829209    Safety in Dream Groups; The Clearness Committee as Model –
Rev. Geoff Nelson
6825851    Throw Like a Girl:  Using Facilitated Dream Circles to Empower Girls to
Hold onto Their True Selves and Resist the Dangerous Pressures of
Contemporary Adolescence as They Transition into Womanhood –
Jane Maxfield

Extraordinary, PSI, & Lucid Dreams
6833818    Extraordinary Dreaming Experiences and Their Impact on Consciousness
Karen J. Bartnicki, Mary Whitefeather Joyce, and Carol D. Warner (Chair)
6827800    Dreaming about Tomorrow as an Adaptive  Behaviour. Analyses of 500
“Heads-Up” Dreams – Carlyle Smith (Chair); Donna-Marie Newfield
6829054    ‘Space’, Time and Lucid Dreaming: Connections to Modern Physics
Robert Waggoner (chair), Nigel Hamilton, Don Middendorf
6833846    Light and Enlightenment in Dreams – Rita Dwyer(Chair),Robert Hoss,
Fariba Bogzaran, Robert Waggoner
Individual Papers Organized into Symposia
Lucid Dreaming:
6827712    To Dream the Impossible Dream … The Quest to Become Lucid –
Laurel Clark
6829197    Championing Dreams for Lucid Living a Deeply Fulfilling Life –
Craig Webb
6833680    Lucid Dreaming Before Freud: The 19th Century History of Lucid
Dreaming in the United States and Great Britain – Chris Olsen
6833682    What Lucid Dreamers Can Learn From Emanuel Swedenborg –
Chris Olsen.
Spiritual and Theoretical Perspectives:
6833672    Van Eeden’s Secret: On the Centennial of the Publication of “A Study of
Dreams” – Chris Olsen
6827711    Awake and Dreaming Experiences that Portend of Unexpected
Transitions – Dale E. Graff
6834127    Accessing the Akashic Records in the Bardo of Dreaming –
Barbara Condron and Mark Richardson

Mental Imagery (AASMI)
6833834    Waking Dream Therapy:  A Therapeutic Use of Night Dreams where
Mental Imagery and Dream Imagery Converge (AASMI) – Gerald Epstein
Individual Papers Organized into a Symposium
Mental Imagery:
6827701    The Utilization of Dream Depictions—from Surrealist Art to Personality
Research – Robert G. Kunzendorf
6824800    The Content of Ecstatic Trance Experiences: IASD Attendees versus
Undergraduate College Students – Nicholas Brink
6825940    The Experience of Waking Dreams – Marybeth Carter
6828618    Mental Imagery of Wake and Sleep and Its Relation to Boundary
Thinness – Michelle Carr

Religion, Spirituality, & Philosophy
6825617    Dream Lectio: A Workshop on Lectio Divina for Personal and Group
Dreamwork – Merrill Hawkins
6828918    Mandala Motifs in Dreams as Signs of the Self (cf. Carl G. Jung) –
Barbara Roukema-Koning
6829211    A Journey of Dreams and the Tarot: A Tarot Dream Interpretation
Workshop – Athena Kolinski
Individual Papers Organized into a Symposium
Ancient and Spiritual Sources of Dream Wisdom Part 1:
6827734    Dream “Prescriptions” from the Akashic Records – Laurel Clark
6823684    The 7 States of Consciousness – Ann Bengtsson
6828988    The Problem of the Dream as “Knowledge”:  Imaginality as an Emerging
21st C. Discourse – David Patrick Greene
6833480    An Ancient and Universal View About the True Nature of Dreams –
Francisco Garcia
Ancient and Spiritual Sources of Dream Wisdom Part 2:
6821061    After Death Communication – Daniel R. Condron
6828577    Dreams, Glossolalia, and Individuation – Richard F Paseman
6828928    Dream Waters: the Mystical Sea of Shlomo – Richard F. Paseman
6833796    The Dharma of Dreams: Enlightenment, Nonduality, and Transrational
Dreamwork – Tom Crockett

6811162    Jung and Neuroscience – Ernest Hartmann; Stan Krippner; David Kahn;
Robert Hoss(Chair)
6827650    AASMI Symposium:  Understanding the Dream through an
Understanding of Mental Imagery – Robert G. Kunzendorf (Chair);
Eric Klinger; Anees Sheikh; Ernest Hartmann; Norma Mittenthal
(Discussant); Jerome L. Singer (Discussant)
6828446    Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies applied to Dream Research:
Soldiers, the Bereaved, with Meditation, and the Stroop Task – Teresa
DeCicco (Moderator), Allyson Dale, Nicolle Miller, Anthony Murkar,
Josh Black
Individual Papers Organized into a Symposium
Dreams, Cognition, Emotion and Personality:
6826725    Phenomenal Features of Dreams Reported and Rated upon Morning
Awakening – Tracey Kahan and Stephanie Claudatos
6827695    Social Media, Gaming and Typical Dreams – Jayne Gackenbach and
Arielle Boyes
6828340    Dreamers as Agents Making Strategizing Efforts Exemplify Core
Aggregate of Executive Function in Non-Lucid Dreaming –
Miloslava Kozmova
6829083    The Way We Dream: Linguistic Creativity and the Emergence of Lexical
Structures during Dream State – Marie-Helene Maltais
6828822    Boundary in the Tree Test and Dream Recall – Norifumi Kishimoto
Neurophysiology of Dreaming:
6828108    Alpha Induced Activity Differs in Subjects with High and Low Dream
Recall Frequency – Perrine Ruby
6826395    Testing the Prefrontal Hypothesis of Lucid Dreaming: A tDCS Study –
Tadas Stumbrys
Nightmares & Sleep Talking
6825385    Nightmare Prevalence among the Finnish General Adult Population and
WWII Veterans during 1972-2007 – Katja Valli
6825931    Coping with Nightmares in Adults: An Online Study – Michael Schredl
6833908    A Content Analysis of Dion McGregor’s Sleep Talking Episodes –
Deirdre Barrett
Impact of Dreams on Waking Life:
6827494    Analogous Action Structures, Reflective Awareness, and Dream Impact
Don Kuiken
6827884    Dreams of the Excluded: Therapeutic Effects of the Dreams of Nursing
Home Residents – Wojciech Owczarski
6828776    Earliest Remembered Dreams versus Recent Remembered Dreams –
Shudarshana Gupta
Dreams & Memory:
6829139    The Relative Incorporation of Waking Events, Emotional Waking Events,
and Current Concerns into Dreams: Implications for the Memory
Consolidation Function of Sleep. – M.Blagrove
6828626    Dream Bizarreness and Sensory Experience as Measures of REM-
dependent Associative Processing – Michelle Carr
6833051    The Malleability of Dream Recall: Exploring the Effects of Suggestive
Techniques – Antonio Zadra
Dreaming-Waking Continuity:
6825951    Animal Dreams in a Long Dream Series – Michael Schredl
6828240    Ontogenetic Patterns for Interactions and Emotions Across the Lifespan
in Women`s Dreams – Allyson L. Dale and Monique Lortie-Lussier
6828866    “I was Fighting Aliens … with my Dad and Two Uncles”: Close
Relationships in the Dreams of Children and Adolescents – Susan Lollis

Individual Papers Organized into a Symposium
A Diversity of Theories:
6822504    Genetically Modified Humans – David L. Kahn
6828470    Finding Repetitive Elements and Patterns in Dreams Using Computer
Aided Content Analysis Methods  – Beverley ‘Bjo’ Ashwill
6829053    Pre-Cogntive Dreaming – Alex Enescu
6829133    Animal Dreaming: A Wakeup Call from Forgotten Eden – Linda
Considerations of Language and System Theory:
6829055    Our Habitual and Unthinking Language-Usage Subliminally Influences
Our Construction, Deconstruction and Understanding of Dreams
Dominic J. Potts, Esq., J.D.; Mena E. Potts
6831806    Testing the Applicability of Dynamic System Theory in Dream Report
Analysis – Willem Fermont

Hot Off The Press (Research)

Assessing Insight Obtained During an Ullman Dream Appreciation Group
Mark Blagrove and co-author Chris Edwards –

Severely Injured Service Members and their Spouses Sleep Experience
Stephen V. Bowles, Paul T. Bartone, Davina Hardaway, Sarah Hawley, and Amber Shriver

Gaming, Social Media and Nightmares
Jayne Gackenbach and co-authors Keyfer Mathewson and Carson Flockhart

A Preliminary Study of Reflective Awareness in Taiwanese People’s Dreams
Ming-Ni Lee

Poster Session (Research)

Dream Yoga, Kundalini and the Clear Light
Nick Atlas

Interactive Music Therapy and Dream Activity in Psychosis
Manlio Caporali and Marco Zanasi, and co-authors Enzo Fortuna, Tiziana Corteccioni, Anna Maria Magazzino, Maria Vagena, Laura Bianchini, Michelangelo Lupone, and Alberto Siracusano

Different Cognitive Processes Predict Positive Versus Negative Emotion in Dreaming
Stephanie Claudatos and Tracey L. Kahan

Do Low Dream Recallers Really Dream Less?
Gaëlle Dumel and co-authors Vickie Lamoureux, Michelle Carr, and Tore Nieslsen

Nightmare Protection Thesis of Video Game Play in First Responders
Jayne Gackenbach and co-author Carson Flockhart

Social Media Use vs Video Game Play: Hall and Van de Castle Content Analysis of Dreams
Jayne Gackenbach, Arielle Boyes and Sarah Gahr

El Llibre Vermell: Inspiration for the Red Book?
Curtiss Hoffman

The Continuity Questionnaire
Josie Malinowski and co-author Caroline L. Horton

Exorcizing the Ghosts of Trauma
Isaac Yitzhak Taitz

Phenomenal Features of Lucid Versus Nonlucid Dreams (Poster)
Shannon Thomas and co-authors Stephanie Claudatos and Tracey Kahan

Dreams Cloud: A Website for Engaging and Benefitting Dreamers Globally (Poster)
Robert Van de Castle, Matt Tabrizi, Jean-Marc Emden, and Martha Kortiak Mert

Special Activities
6827773    Sunset Dream Hike at First Landing State Park – Alan Siegel
6829199    Dream Dance Circle – Craig Webb
6834113    Drumming into Dreaming – Mary Whitefeather Joyce
6858967    The Future of Dreams (luncheon event) – Lasley (moderator);
discussion group