2014 Special Events

Special Events / Enjoying the Conference 

2014_square_special eventsWith over 150 presenters anticipated to stimulate and stir dream life, several special events and social gatherings are planned to help relax and inspire fun.

Opening Celebration and Reception
Wednesday evening, June 4
The conference will open with The Orpheus World Music Ensemble, directed by Bruce Silverman, (with Renee Benmeleh, Rob Kelman, Yari Mander, and Brigid Kelly), a group of professional musicians, healers, teachers, and explorers of a variety of the world’s spiritual and musical traditions: The conference opening will feature two elements of Afro-Brazilian religious music: the rhythm: Ijexa, and a song invoking Iemaja: a great mother/oceanic presence. Members of the Sons of Orpheus men’s group will assist. Then after a stimulating keynote presentation from Barry Krakow MD, come enjoy a memorable social gathering with friends and colleagues as we celebrate our 31st IASD International Conference. You will have the opportunity to renew old acquaintances as well as join face to face with the experts, authors and dreamers in special interest areas such as researchers, clinicians, educators, psi dreamers, lucid dreamers, artists, and those with spiritual and cultural interests, among many others. We are excited to meet and greet our “first timers” to give them conference tips and previews.

Music and Poetry To Inspire Your Dreams
Thursday evening 4:00 PM—6:30 PM
An informal coffeehouse in which Ted Jones and Tzivia Gover will present music and poetry inspired by dreams that will inspire your dreams!

Film Screening: “The Invisible Forest”
Friday Evening 6:45 PM—9:00 PM
Presented by director Antero Alli. In Antero Alli’s highly praised film “The Invisible Forest” an insomniac theater director employs a psychiatrist to undergo hypnotic regression to determine the source of a disturbing reoccurring dream. http://www.verticalpool.com/if.html

Universal Dream Dance Circle
Saturday Evening 9:30 Pm 11:00 PM with Craig Webb in conference room Angel
A warm welcome to all for a community song/dance circle blending various traditions and celebrating life and dreams through movement and music. Enjoy friendly faces and charge up physical and dream bodies with lots of lucid energy. Absolutely no previous experience is required (so please ignore your inner critic!)

Morning Dream Groups 
Thursday-Sunday Mornings at 8 to 9 AM, June 5 – 8
The early risers can attend a morning dream group. Groups can focus on a diversity of approaches for understanding your dreams. Check the web site schedule in February for a listing of the groups.

Lunch Buffets 
Thursday – Sunday Afternoons, June 5 – 8
IASD has arranged for a special discounted buffet luncheons at the hotel. Mingle with friends, associates and your favorite authors and dream experts with the Berkeley Marina and San Francisco Bay as your backdrop. This luncheon is highly recommended for the best conference experience as well as cost and expediency.

IASD Student Awards for Dream Related Research and Projects 
At the General Membership Meeting
Friday, June 6
Good luck to all students who will be submitting research projects for the 2014 IASD Dream Student Awards. Go to the submissions menu link for information and instructions. The winners will be announced at the General Membership Meeting.

Dream Cruise on the San Francisco Bay 
Board at 4PM Thursday June 5 behind the Hotel (marina side) at the Hornblower Dock. This is a two-hour dream cruise with hors d’oeuvres on the gorgeous San Francisco Bay. Pre-purchace a ticket on the registration form when you register for the conference.

Sunset Dream Hike along the San Francisco Bay 
Friday, June 6 starts at 4:15 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
The dream hike, led by Alan Siegel, is open to all who wish to attend. It is a chance to commune with nature, stretch your legs and experience the plants, birds, exquisite views, whimsical public art sculptures, and natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay. The four to five mile trail is flat but rocky in places. Bring water, trail-worthy shoes and warm layers for the wind. It can be quite cold even during the summer. In order for us to plan for the attendees, however, please sign up when you arrive and register on the easel marked for the Dream Hike Signup. If you wish to pre-reserve a box dinner for the hike you may do so when you register for the conference on the registration form – there will be no chance to reserve a box meal while at the conference. For those without pre-reserved box meals you may obtain snacks in the snack bar off the hotel lobby or bring your own food to nosh, as the hike spans the dinner hour. Meet with Alan Siegel on Friday at 4:15 PM sharp in the hotel entry doors to the foyer (hallway where the main presentations are). If you purchased a box dinner it will be there for you at that time. Please wear good walking shoes, bring a jacket or windbreaker, hat, water, camera, and binoculars.

Art Reception
Friday evening, June 6
An exhibition of dream-related works is planned throughout the conference and a reception in the art exhibition space is planned for Friday evening June 6. in the California room located in the Executive Meeting Center building at the opposite end of the hotel from the main sessions

Dream Ball
Sunday evening, June 8

band iasd

The conference concludes with the ever popular and traditional Dream Ball. Come dressed as your favorite dream-inspired character and prepare to share an evening filled with FUN, FUN, FUN!!! The Dream Ball begins with the dream-inspired costume parade where all respectfully listen to the recounting of the dream which inspired the

The dynamic duo of MCs Gayle Delaney and David Kahn  will enchant, amuse and guide us through the costume parade at the dream ball.

The dynamic duo of MCs Gayle Delaney and David Kahn will enchant, amuse and guide us through the costume parade at the dream ball.

costumes while the judges are making their assessments. Then be prepared to dance the night away with the band “Off the Record.” Awards for Best Costumes in different categories are announced during the band’s break.

The Psi Dream Contest
This year Ed Kellogg will be facilitating a Psi Dream Contest (formerly a Dream Telepathy contest). You won’t want to miss this FUN opportunity to Try Your Psi as you try to dream with other dreamers about an image a Sender (TBD) will be transmitting during the night. Winners are announced during the Dream Ball.