2015 Bios

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Mark Anderson (USA) is the Lassiter Professor of Art at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina, where he has taught expressive process painting, drawing, and design for 29 years. He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice. His approach to art is insight-oriented and expressive in nature.

Ken Arenson, JD (Canada) is a Toronto lawyer, representing trauma victims. Since 1973 he has collected dream/nightmare reports from clients and others, and explored “inner speech” in them. He has presented at IASD, twice. His articles on “inner speech” are published. His work is cited by dream researchers and authors.

Susan Armington, BA Brown University, MS Cornell University (USA), is an award-winning artist and project designer who works with schools, non-profits and communities through art, to bring to life their core concerns. She directs the Talking Suitcases ™ project in which people create and share art objects about their life stories.

Nick Atlas (USA) is the founder of Evolutionary Education® and Yoga Sleep Therapy®. An accomplished artist, musician, and forthcoming author, he is currently finishing his PhD in Psychology at the University of West Georgia, where he teaches courses on self-discovery and conducts pioneering research on lucid dreaming. (www.nickatlas.com)

Paula Atwood (USA) is a MA student in clinical psychology at Goddard College in VT. She has studied Kabbalah for 15 years. As a dream group leader, she uses Kabbalah imagery, along with sacred chant and guided meditation.

Deirdre Barrett, PhD (USA) is author of The Committee of Sleep, The Pregnant Man and Other Cases from a Hypnotherapist’s Couch (Random House, 1998), and editor of Trauma and Dreams and The New Science of Dreaming. Dr. Barrett is Editor-in-Chief of IASD’s Dreaming journal, past president of IASD and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.

Marie-Michèle Bédard, BS (Canada), is a PhD student in psychology at the University of Sherbrooke, specializing in childhood and adolescence. She is writing her thesis dissertation on attachment, early maladaptive schemas, and continuity of states of consciousness. Her interest in dream studies is growing as new possibilities for intervention open.

Ann Bengtsson (Norway) is a Danish/Norwegian specialist in clinical psychology. She has worked nearly 40 years with dreams and self-development, body-therapy, meditation, and healing. She studied 22 years with the spiritual master Bob Moore and several years with the philosopher, dream-teacher, and Dzogchen practitioner Jes Bertelsen. She is author of Dreams and Self-development.

Sheila Benjamin (USA) has studied dreams since 1978 and has used this media to aid others in counseling, in her ministry, and in her professional work. She has lectured to a variety of professional groups, corporations, and educational institutions, and has also presented programs for a variety of health professionals.

Virginia G. Bennett, PhD (USA) is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Berkeley, California. For ten years, she has taught graduate psychology courses, also guiding individuals and groups in dream work. Since the 1970s she has recorded her own dreams and actively participated in the Seth material.

Walter Berry, MA (USA) is a Los Angeles, California-based dreamworker who leads a long-running weekly dream group. He is also a guest lecturer, member of the IASD Southern California Executive Committee, and workshop leader at multiple IASD international and regional conferences.

David Billington, MA (UK) is a psychotherapist and researcher who lives and practices in London, England. He trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) and completed his research MA with Northampton University, examining the impact of the Waking Dream Process on client well-being and experience in therapy.

Joshua Black, BA, MA, PhD(c) (Canada) is currently doing his PhD in psychology at Brock University. He has been providing volunteer bereavement support since 2010.

Mark Blagrove (UK) is professor of psychology at Swansea University, Wales, where he runs a sleep laboratory and conducts research into the psychology of dreaming. He is a past president of IASD, and is a consulting editor for the journal Dreaming and the Journal of Sleep Research.

Cristina Bottoni (Italy) is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, dreamworker, co-director, trainer, and supervisor at the Integrate Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Roman Institute. She is a psychiatrist and assistant director at the Department of Mental Health, and president of the Roman Institute of Anxiety Disorders and Panic, IRDAP. She has authored articles, chapters, and books in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Colonel Stephen Bowles (USA) is in the United States Army and serves as an associate professor at the National Defense University in The Eisenhower School, and as an Adjunct Faculty at the Uniformed Services University. He also works in the Integrative Health Services at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Kelly Bulkeley, PhD (USA) is a Visiting Scholar at the Graduate Theological Union. He is director of the Sleep and Dream Database (SDDb), a digital archive and search engine, and author of An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming (1997) and Dreaming in the World’s Religions: A Comparative History (2008).

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP (USA) is a holistic radiologist and integrative clinician, dream and intuitive diagnosis researcher, and certified hypnotherapist. He is the principal investigator of the Breast Cancer Warning Dreams Project and the author of Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist.

Njeri Damali Campbell (Canada) is a student-at-law with a background in human rights, equity and youth engagement. She has facilitated workshops for women with eating disorders and LGBTQ youth using dreamwork and other intuitive arts. Njeri is committed to personal and collective emancipation, of which dreamwork is an important component.

Jean M. Campbell (USA) is CEO of the iMAGE Project, and an internationally-known author and presenter. She is also a past president and a Board member of IASD.

Manlio Caporali (Italy) is a professor at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata.”

Michelle Carr (Canada) is a PhD Candidate in Biomedical Sciences at the Université de Montreal, and is currently conducting research with Tore Nielsen, PhD, at the Dream and Nightmare Research Laboratory. Her research is focused on the role of dreams in emotional memory. Other interests include sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.

Dawson Church, PhD (USA) is an award-winning author whose books include the best-seller The Genie in Your Genes, linking emotions and genetics. He is founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, editor of the journal Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, and manages the alternative medicine site EFT Universe (www.EFTUniverse.com).

David Cielak, MSc (Australia) has been a long-term student and active practitioner of the Seth material, particularly the dream aspects, for 35 years. David has helped build successful large scale social welfare businesses using dream related methods. He has a Masters degree in rehabilitation and lives in Perth.

Laurel Clark, DD (USA), a teacher with the School of Metaphysics, interfaith minister and counselor, is one of the authors of the Universal Peace Covenant. A member of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, Laurel regularly participates in group dreaming for peace. She is IASD’s Secretary and author of the book Intuitive Dreaming.

Daniel Condron (USA) is a teacher, educator, writer, composer, recording/producer, agriculturist, ecologist, and landscape designer, dedicated to knowing Self and mind for over 30 years. He is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist, and Director of the College of Metaphysics. Degrees: Doctorate of Metaphysics; Doctorate of Divinity; Master of Science, University of Missouri in Agricultural Economics.

Hezekiah Condron (USA) is a teacher, leader, educator, film maker, and public speaker. At the age of 14, he was the youngest presenter ever at the IASD conference. He has attended the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia. He has been making films and exploring universal myths since the age of five.

John M. Corbett, PhD in Computer Science; MBA and PhD in Business Administration (USA), has presented at IASD conferences and the International Conference of the Nordic and European Network for the Study of Dreams. He is a member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.

Claude Couture (Canada) is a dreamworker, lecturer and a certified dream teacher from the “Nicole Gratton International Dreams School.”He lives Quebec. Now retired from his work as an Organisational Development consultant, he shares his passion for dreams as a means to explore spirituality and personal growth.–

David Crespy (USA) is a professor of playwriting, acting, and dramatic literature at the University of Missouri. He founded MU’s Writing for Performance program, serving as its Co-Director. His most recent journal article is “Dreaming and Playwriting: The Oneiric in the Plays of Adrienne Kennedy and Eugène Ionesco,” in the Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism.

Rosemary Czubaj, MA, LPC, LAC (USA) is a psychotherapist, actively engaged in personal and group dreamwork. She facilitates bimonthly dream workshops at the Caritas Center in Boulder, Colorado. Her association and study with Jeremy Taylor adds depth to her helping others understand their dreams.

Aran Dadswell (Singapore) is founder of TheDreamRegister, a new app available free at the App Store, Facebook, and via Google Play. TheDreamRegister focuses on “who did you dream of?” as opposed to the “why” or “what” of dreaming. Aran is originally from New Zealand.

Allyson L. Dale (Canada) is a PhD candidate studying experimental psychology at the University of Ottawa. Her research interests include examining age, gender, and cultural patterns in dream imagery and testing dream interpretation techniques. She has published in the field and her goal is to be a psychology professor.

Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD (Canada) is a professor, researcher, and author in the area of dreams and dreaming at Trent University. She combines research in dreams with the practical application of dream interpretation.

Alison Ditner (Canada) is a 4th year Honors Student at MacEwan University studying psychology. She has been working in Dr. Jayne Gackenbach’s lab for a year and a half. She hopes to pursue a career in clinical psychology.

Sven Doehner, PhD, MFA (Mexico) is a psychoanalyst in Mexico City. Blending Jungian Archetypal Psychology with native healing practices, he innovates experiences that develop hearing skills and give unexpectedly new forms to images in our dreams through vocal sound-work, thereby generating new movements in the lives of those who work with him.

Susanne Doell-Hentschker (Germany) has a PhD in psychoanalysis from University of Kassel. She has been a psychoanalyst in her own practice in Offenbach am Main since 2000, and is a scientific employee at the Institute of Psychology, Goethe- Universität Frankfurt since 2001.

Derek Donnan, Masters in Mathematics (Canada) is a management consultant and an active dreamer. Although coming from a strong technical and business background, he has studied dreaming and shamanism with many teachers and traditions. His multi-disciplinary background brings both the scientific and experiential perspectives to help us understand what dreams are.

Shannon Dammann Downs, PsyD (USA) is a clinical psychologist in private practice specializing in group, individual, couples, and family therapy at Oakhurst Psychotherapy Associates; and is Director of the Harmony Center for Holistic Wellness in Decatur, Georgia.

Margaret Dwyer, PhD, SD (USA) is a Counseling Psychologist, Spiritual Director, and member of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. Dr. Dwyer is a Specialist in Groupwork and Dreamwork as applied to multi-cultural families in Metropolitan Detroit. Henry Reed, PhD has been her post-doctoral mentor and colleague since 1989.

Christopher (C.L) Edwards (UK) is a PhD student, studying at Swansea University. His PhD study is an investigation of insight during dream discussions. He has been involved with dream groups following the “Dream Appreciation” procedure in Swansea and Berlin.

Jean-Marc Emden (USA) is the Chairman, CVO and Co-Founder of DreamsCloud. Emden envisioned DreamsCloud in 2009 and inspired its purpose, positioning, and design to make it the premier global online destination for dreams. He brought to DreamsCloud a Multi-Disciplinary Board of Advisors and works with some of the most renowned researchers.

Nancy English, PhD, APRN, CHPN, CT (USA), a university professor and nurse clinician, has focused on caring for patients and families in their journey with serious illness and death. Nancy`s study of dreams is a personal as well as a professional interest. Seminars with Jeremy Taylor have furthered her study of dreams.

Joy Fatooh (USA) created and facilitates the PDC Group Psi Game, and has presented at IASD events on psi, lucid, and group dreaming. She has a lifelong interest in exploring how psi dreaming works, especially the idea that it represents a way anyone can access collective consciousness.

Art Funkhouser (Switzerland) grew up in Oklahoma and now lives and works as a Jungian therapist in Bern. He is married and is the father of three and a new grandfather of three. He has been an IASD member since 1995.

Jayne Gackenbach, PhD (Canada) is a past president of IASD and has written various books on dreams and consciousness, including the now classic Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain. Her research has focused on the impact of heavy immersion in virtual worlds, e.g. video game play and social media use, on consciousness and especially dreams.

Sarah Gahr (Canada) is an undergraduate student who is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Honours Psychology Program at MacEwan University. Sarah has been working in Dr. Gackenbach’s video game laboratory for the past three years.

Franklin Galvin (USA) is a clinical psychologist working part-time at a psychiatric center in Brockton, Massachusetts, for more than sixteen years. He sees adult patients individually for dynamic psychotherapy, working from a Jungian perspective. He lives in Newton, a suburb of Boston, and is a longtime member of IASD.

Heloisa Garman, PsyD (USA) is an Illinois licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in individual and family therapy from a systems perspective. She has taught and supervised in major Brazilian universities. Pursuing her interest in dreams, she applies a systemic intrapsychic model to dream work.

Alain A. F. Gonfalone, PhD in Plasma Physics (France) was born in Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa. Dr. Gonfalone is a physicist and has a profound knowledge of sleep behaviour.

Robert P. Gongloff (USA) is the author of Dream Exploration: A New Approach, which helps dreamers identify the core “theme” – the “heart” – of the dream. He has served as secretary, board chair, and president of IASD, and has hosted three international dream conferences. His website is www.heartofthedream.com.

David Gordon, PhD (USA) is a clinical psychologist from Norfolk, Virginia, and past IASD Membership Chair. He has given workshops and presentations throughout the US and Canada. His book Mindful Dreaming explores the lessons in mindfulness dreams teach us in the context of the Mythic Journey.

Tzivia Gover (USA) is a Certified Dream Therapist and a member of the IASD. She founded 350 Dreamers, a worldwide network of people who dream collectively for global healing. She leads dream workshops at conferences and retreat centers including SOUND Center for Healing Arts, Sivananda Yoga Retreat and Ashram, and IASD.

Dale E. Graff, BS, MS (USA) is an internationally recognized lecturer, writer and researcher in psi topics. He is a former director of Project Stargate, the government program for research and applications of remote viewing. His books, Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and River Dreams discuss remote viewing, psi dreaming/precognition and synchronicities. (www.dalegraff.com)

Nicole Gratton (Canada) is the author of 15 books in French, three of which have been translated into English and two into Italian. She founded an International Dream School in Montreal in 1992, and has been its director since then. As a professional speaker, she has given presentations in Europe and America.

Sylvia Green-Guenette, CDT (USA) is a certified dream practitioner and founder of DreamSeen, providing group and individual leadership. She is an Associate of the Institute for Dream Studies, South Carolina, a member of IASD, and former member of the C.G. Jung Society of Montreal.

Bob Haden, MS (USA) is Director of The Haden Institute, a Jungian psychotherapist, an Episcopal priest, and author of Unopened Letters from God. He studied at The C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association, holds Masters degrees in Theology and in the Use of Dreams in Spiritual Direction.

Johanne Hamel (Canada) is a psychologist, art psychotherapist, and professor of art therapy at the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Québec. She has written three books on art therapy, including one on dreams and art therapy and a book on somatic art therapy. She facilitated a workshop on nightmares at the Regional IASD Conference in Montréal last November.

Nigel Hamilton (UK) is Director of C.C.P.E, a Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training Centre and Clinic, London, where he lectures and practices as a psychotherapist. He is also co-director of the Dream Research Institute. He is the UK representative for Sufi Order International and originally trained as a physicist, working at MIT in Energy Storage Research.

Velva Lee Heraty, MSW (USA), Jungian Certified Depth-psychotherapist and author from St. Petersburg, Florida, has nearly thirty years experience in the field of dreamwork. She is an international presenter on dreams, communication skills, and addictions. After the 9/11 terrorist attack, Velva volunteered as a resource for the IASD National Nightmare Hotline.

Deborah Armstrong Hickey, PhD, LMFT, RPT-S (USA) practices as a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in expressive arts and play therapies at The MindGarden Centre, Greenville, South Carolina. She teaches at Capella University and at Goddard College, and she has studied in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology for over 15 years.

Keith Himebaugh, PhD (USA) is an animator, Dream Tender, and founder of Mythic Drawing. He has worked for over 15 years as an animator. In 2005 he attended Dr. Aizenstat’s advanced training in Dream Tending and went on to earn an MA/PhD in mythological studies at Pacifica.

Curtiss Hoffman (USA) is professor of anthropology at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. He has been a member of IASD since 1997 and has presented frequently at its conferences. He is a member of the IASD Board of Directors and is the chair of the Student Research Awards Committee.

Brigitte Holzinger, PhD (Austria) psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist, does research and lectures at Webster University, and is Director, “ICDR”, Canongasse 13, A – 1180 Wien. Austria. Documentary filmmaker, author of five books on lucidity, sleep, dreams and nightmares, she and her colleague, Gerhard Klösch, use drugless “Sleep Coaching” to treat sleep disorders.

Robert J. Hoss, MS (USA) is an officer and past president of IASD, Director of the DreamScience Foundation for research grants, and a faculty member of the Haden Institute. He is author of Dream Language and Dream to Freedom and his work is published in 12 other books and four professional journals. (www.dreamscience.org)

Ryan Hurd (USA) says his chief aim is to help bring about a new dreaming culture that integrates the best of 21st century thought with the intuitive ways of knowing prized by our ancestors: dreams, visions and imagination. You can follow his work on DreamStudies.org, his blog about sleep, dreams, and consciousness.

Michel P. Jenkins, LCSW (USA) is a psychoanalyst and clinical social worker practicing in New York City. He holds a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center (PPSC), where he is on the faculty, Dean of Students, and Director of the Treatment Services. He is an exhibiting artist.

David Kahn (USA) received his PhD in Physics from Yale University. He is currently on the faculty of Harvard Medical School in the Department of Psychiatry, Boston, MA, engaged in research to help develop a neuropsychology of dreaming that can be used as a basis for a brain-based theory of psychiatry.

Jacob Kaminker (USA) is Core Faculty in the Holistic Counseling Psychology Department at John F. Kennedy University and sees psychotherapy clients as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice. He is Founding Director of Depth Psychotherapy and Director of the Expressive Arts Therapy and Holistic Studies Specializations at JFK University.

Milton Kramer, MD (USA) is a past president of IASD and received an IASD lifetime achievement award in 2008. He is the author of eight books, 181 articles, 155 abstracts, and 70 reviews, letters, and comments. His most recent book, Dream Research: Contributions to Clinical Practice, will be published in 2015.

Stanley Krippner, PhD (USA) is professor of psychology at Saybrook University, San Francisco, and a past president of IASD. A former Director of the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Research Laboratory in Brooklyn NY, his many books include the co-authored Dream Telepathy (1974) and Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work With Them (2002).

Don Kuiken (Canada) is a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta (Edmonton), specializing in the study of literary reading, dreaming, and phenomenology. His current research examines shifts in the sense of self that occur through literary reading and impactful dreams.

Tom Lane, DMin (Union Theological Seminary in Virginia) (USA) has been a professional dream worker since 1997. He is a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Reality Therapist, Ordained PC (USA) Minister (Honorably Retired), Trained Spiritual Director, Spiritual Directors International Member, and founder of Journey Conferences (www.journeyconferences.com).

Justina Lasley, MA (USA) is an author, founder of the Institute for Dream Studies, and developer of DreamSynergy™; an innovative and comprehensive process using dreams for personal transformation. She is the author of Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career and Health in Your Sleep.

George M. Leute III, MA (USA) is a psychologist in private practice in Media, Pennsylvania. A graduate of the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia and the Haden Institute’s Dream Group Leader Program, he facilitates an ongoing dream group comprised mainly of therapists, and presents seminars and workshops on dream work.

Tallulah Lyons, MEd (USA) is dedicated to integrative health care. She facilitates dream groups and guided imagery in cancer wellness centers at two hospitals. She is the author of Dreams and Guided Imagery: Gifts for Transforming Illness and Crisis, and Dream Prayers: Dreams as a Spiritual Path.

Christopher Macor (USA) has studied and participated in dream groups for 27 years. Jeremy Taylor’s projective techniques significantly influenced his study. Chris’s six years of work and study with Improvisational Theater as well as participating in Boulder Playback Theater, provided a foundation for creating Playing Back Your Dream workshops.

Kimberly Mascaro (USA) is passionate about extraordinary dreams. She earned a PhD in clinical psychology in 2013. Dr. Mascaro has worked in mental health and education for 15 years. She conducts research on extraordinary dreams, is adjunct faculty at Arizona State University, and works in Autism Services for Easter Seals.

Jane Maxfield, MA, BFA (USA) facilitated dreamwork workshops for Road Scholar, artist’s, teen’s, and women’s groups across the country. Jane holds a certificate in Projective Dreamwork from The Marin Institute. Her THROW LIKE A GIRL™ program combines dreamwork and the arts to give girls a self-affirming experience of adolescence.

Janet McCall (USA) holds an MA in Art History and runs a non-profit art center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Polly McCann (USA) received an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota. Polly writes picture books, novels, and poetry from her home in Kansas City, where she also paints and is learning the impossible art of illustration. She has practiced dream work since 2006.

Chris McCleary, MBA/MA (USA), Air Force Lt Col (retired), is the Director of the National Dream Center. Once a Top Gun F-15E Officer and Commander, he is now interpreting dreams and publishing periodic predictions based on his analysis. Chris is also a budding psychotherapist, where he will use dreams to help heal others.

Bonnie Mitsch, MS in Education (USA) is a photographer and dream worker. She has shown her work at numerous local galleries as well as IASD’s dream conference art shows. She has been involved in dream work for the last 18 years and has completed Dream Synergy Group Leader Online Training.

Angel Morgan, PhD (USA) is a dream psychologist, interdisciplinary artist, dream-arts educator, director and CEO at TheDreambridge. She teaches an Extraordinary Dreams course with Stanley Krippner, and is the Reflections Group Advisor at DreamsCloud, where she oversees DreamsCloud’s team of Dream Reflectors and writes dream-related articles for The Huffington Post.

Julie Nauman-Mikulski, MFA (University of Chicago) (USA) currently has her own small design business and teaches art and design at Columbia College in Chicago. She has exhibited her collages in the US and Canada. She has had a lifelong interest in memory, psychology, dreams, and personal narratives.

Maria João Neves (Portugal) is a researcher at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, currently with a post-doctoral grant from the Foundation for Science and Technology of Portugal. She earned her PhD in contemporary philosophy with a dissertation on María Zambrano in 2002. She contributes regularly to scientific indexed journals.

Donna-Marie Newfield, RCST, BFRP (Canada) is a registered craniosacral therapist, Bach flower practitioner, and medical intuitive. She has had a lifetime interest in dreams and has used them as a diagnostic aid in her practice as well as in her own life with great success.

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos (USA) has a degree in special education from Keene Teacher’s College. She taught special education (for 10 years) and psychology at the University of South Florida. She is a two time breast cancer survivor and is the author of Surviving Cancerland: The Intuitive Aspects of Healing.

Wendy Pannier (USA) has led dreamwork in cancer settings for 20 years. She is a past president of IASD and member of the IASD Executive Committee. Her extensive work with Montague Ullman, MD shaped her understanding of the power of group dreamwork. She is a frequent speaker on dreams and health.

Frank Pascoe, PhD (USA) has been a dream researcher, facilitator of dream groups, lecturer, and dreamwork counselor since 1988. His interests lie in how dreams and dreaming relate to consciousness, the individual, communities, and cultures worldwide. Read about his work on: http://www.dreamingresearch.com and http://www.mysticalcompany.com/pascoeF.php.

Richard F. Paseman, EdD (USA) is a spiritual director specializing in dreamwork, sacred mythos, and storytelling. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Rich utilizes the tools of art, cinema, journal keeping, music, and interfaith practice to promote spiritual formation in the desert wisdom tradition.

Jessica Payne (USA) is associate professor and Nancy O’Neill Collegiate Chair in Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, where she also directs the Sleep Stress and Memory (SAM) Lab. Payne’s research focuses on how sleep and stress independently and interactively influence human memory, emotion, and mental health.

Cynthia Pearson, BA (USA) has chaired many “Long Term Journal Keeping” panels. She also hosts the PsiberDreaming Conference’s Precognitive Dream Contest, co-chairs the IASD Heritage Fund, and presides over dreamjournalist.com. She is the author of several books, including Dreaming the Dead, a mystery concerning the study of dreams.

Bobbie Ann Pimm (USA) is the author of Notes from a Dreamer . . . on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation, a dream educator, and partner of the late Dr. Robert Van de Castle, with whom she facilitated a number of IASD psi contests.

Stephen Potthoff, PhD (USA) teaches as an associate professor of religion and philosophy at Wilmington College in Ohio.His academic background is in archaeology and the history of religion, and his principal research interests include indigenous religious traditions, ecospirituality, and the psychology of dream and visionary experience.

Sherry Puricelli, MHA, MDiv (USA) is a Dream Coach and owner of AwakeNDream, LLC, in Madison, Connecticut. She leads workshops and dream groups using her Transformation Dreaming™ technique and empowerment program which combines coaching with dreamwork tools, embodiment, and ceremony. In addition to groups she currently leads, Sherry regularly participates in several cause-oriented dream groups.

Jean Raffa, PhD (USA) is a Jungian psychologist and former college professor and teacher at the Winter Park Jung Center in Florida. She is an award-winning author of three books which explore the heroic journey into the unconscious depths of the human psyche, including Dream Theatres of the Soul, a practical guide for Jungian dreamwork.

Hallfridur J. Ragnheidardottir, MA (Iceland) is a poet and a dreamworker with a master’s degree in Icelandic literature. Her book, A Quest for the Mead of Poetry: Menstrual Symbolism in Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales, will be published by Chiron Publications.

Daniel Rekshan, MA (USA) is a dreamworker, artist, contemplative arts leader, and computer programmer in Oakland, California. He earned an MA in east-west psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and is co-developing an interactive analysis tool and database for dreams and other psycho-spiritual experiences with co-presenter Seyta Selter.

Michael Schredl (Germany) has been working in the sleep laboratory of the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, since 1990. His publications cover various topics such as dream recall, dream content analysis, nightmares, dream and sleep disorders, and sleep physiology. He is editor of the online journal International Journal of Dream Research.

Robert Sears (USA) is a Ph.D. student in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in California. His chief areas of research interest include the psychology of religion and empirical theology. At present he is investigating the cognitive and social constraints that contribute to people recognizing their dreams as spiritual.

Monique Séguin (Canada) is a licensed practical nurse from Québec. She works in a palliative care hospice. Her interest in dreams led her to use dreams as tool to guide patients and families in end of life situations. She is co-author with Nicole Gratton of Dreams and Death. She presents for the Palliative Care Association.

Seyta Selter (USA) is a Masters student in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. From Portland, Oregon, she is a dreamworker, shamanic practitioner, and explorer of non-ordinary states of consciousness. She is developing a comprehensive database and analysis tool for dreams and visionary experiences with co-presenter Daniel Rekshan.

Alan Siegel, PhD (USA) is associate clinical professor, UC Berkeley; and past president and current Education Chair of IASD. He is a licensed psychologist of assessment and psychotherapy in private practice in Berkeley and San Francisco. He has 40 years experience working clinically with dreams and is the author of Dream Wisdom (www.dreamwisdom.info).

Carlyle Smith, PhD CPsych (Canada) is a Lifetime Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, and is also Director of Trent University Sleep Research Laboratories. He has taught courses and published widely in the areas of sleep, memory and dreams.

Elizaveta Solomonova, MSc (Canada) is an interdisciplinary PhD candidate (psychology, philosophy) and a lecturer in psychology at the University of Montreal. She has been working at the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory since 2004. Her doctoral work is on the neurophenomenology of dreaming and contemplative traditions.

Gregory Scott Sparrow, EdD, LPC, LMFT (USA) is an associate professor of counseling; a psychotherapist in private practice; an IASD board member, past president, and current advisor to the Executive Committee; author of Lucid Dreaming: Dawning of the Clear Light, and several other books on dreams and religious experience. See www.dreamanalysistraining.com.

Heather Spence (USA) is a marine biologist researching dolphins, a PhD candidate in biopsychology and behavioral neuroscience at the City University of New York, a founding partner in the Global Research and Arts Center for the Investigation and Advancement of Sustainability Solutions, and leads international collaborative conservation projects in the Mexican Caribbean.

Arthur Strock, PhD, LCSW (USA) is a founding member of IASD. He is a school psychologist and licensed clinical social worker who conducts dream education workshops and writes the “Back to Basics” column for the Dream Network Journal.

Gloria Sturzenacker, MS (USA) is an editor, writer, and information designer. She developed a visual journaling system called Inner Guide Mapping for tracking the extended coherence between dreams and waking life. Gloria is IASD’s regional representative for the New York City Metro Area and for the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania.

Mary B. Trouba, PhD (USA) is a management consultant who obtained her doctorate in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her interests include: dreams and dream work; the connections between sound, music, and consciousness; and the application of Jungian and archetypal perspectives to film and television.

Raphael Vallat (France) is a PhD student working at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center. His interests include dreaming, cognition during sleep and neuroimaging.

Katja Valli (Finland) is a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Turku. Her research interests include altered states of consciousness in general, but specifically the neural correlates as well as the adaptive function of dreaming. She is currently serving as the president of IASD, and co-chair of the Research Committee.

Jeanne Van Bronkhorst, MA, MSW (Canada), has worked as an end-of-life care social worker for twenty years. She has co- authored a qualitative research book chapter (Experience of Forgiveness), and authored two popular non-fiction books, most recently Dreams at the Threshold: Guidance, Comfort and Healing at the End of Life (Llewellyn, 2015).

Kim Vergil (Canada) is a multi-media artist doing photography, painting, and installation artworks, living and working in Montreal. A member of IASD since 2007, she was Chair of IASD Arts Committee from 2007 to 2012, and has been a dream arts exhibition and awards juror from 2008 to the present.

Robert Waggoner, BA (USA) is author of the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (in its ninth printing). A past president of IASD, Waggoner co-edits the magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience (ISSN 2167-616X), conducts online workshops with GlideWing.com and speaks internationally at universities and workshops on lucid dreaming.

Janet S. Wahl, PhD, CHt, ThetaHealing® Master (USA) is a special needs teacher, administrator, and university professor. She completed 480 hours of hypnotherapy training and completed 13 courses in ThetaHealing®. For 15 years she participated in Montague Ullman’s dream group and leadership training workshops. She conducts Ullman Dream Groups in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Deborah Waitley, PhD (USA) is a consultant, coach, and author in the area of personal transformation and organizational effectiveness, as well as being an avid dreamworker for the past 30 years. Dr. Waitley has conducted keynote presentations and workshops throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada.

Craig Sim Webb (Canada) has been Director of the DREAMS Foundation (www.dreams.ca) for over 17 years and is a former IASD board member. He has participated in lucid dreaming research at Stanford University and Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Dream and Nightmare Lab. Craig is also a physicist/inventor, bio-medical design engineer, outdoor/adventure quest guide, and international multimedia performing/recording artist.

Bernard Welt (USA) is professor of arts and humanities at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University, DC, where he teaches courses in humanities, film, and dream studies; and is co-author with Philip King and Kelly Bulkeley of Dreaming in the Classroom (SUNY Press).

Veronica Williams, PsyD (Puerto Rico) is a clinical psychologist and an astrologer who focuses her clinical practice in therapeutical techniques that involve alternative states of consciousness such as hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, and dreamwork.

Lisa Woods RN, MS, MA (USA) has worked as a critical care nurse for 26 years. Last year she completed her graduate studies in depth psychology. She now works as a nursing instructor, introducing students to dream work as a complementary healing modality.

Yue Yu (Canada), a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in psychology at University of Alberta, has been assisting Dr. Jayne Gackenbach with translation and transcription works both as a volunteer and a hired research assistant. She intends to continue her education in graduate school after finishing her undergraduate program in psychology.

Antonio Zadra (Canada) is a full professor at the Université de Montréal and director of the university’s dream laboratory. He is a past member of the IASD Board of Directors. His current research interests include correlates of everyday dream content, nightmares, and the pathophysiology of sleepwalking.

Professor Marco Zanasi (Italy) is a professor at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata.”

Mary Melinda Ziemer, MA, psychology/advanced psychology (UK) is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and co-founder of the Dream Research Institute at the London-based Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education. She directs the charity HELP Counselling Centre. Mary has presented on dreams internationally and has published many articles on lucid dreaming. Mary has developed and teaches the practice of “Lucid Surrender.”