2016 Travel and Accommodations

Travel by Automobile

Nearest Airports and distance by car

Airport Distance Travel time car Public transport Train(to Kerkrade or Herzogenrath)
Km Mi h h € (appr.)
Dusseldorf Int. Airport (Germany) 89 55 1.10 1:35 (H) 20
Koln Int. Airport (Germany) 96 60 1.10 1:35 (H) 25
Brussels int. Airport (Belgium) 133 83 1.25 3:00 (K) 30
Maastricht Aachen Airport (Netherlands) 34 21 0.30 1:40 (K) 10
Schiphol Amsterdam (Netherlands) 224 139 2.30 3:00 (K) 30

Transport from airport to Conference Centre

Transportation must be arranged on your own however if you are having problems locally, the Rolduc Conference Center can assist with scheduling local cabs and shuttles from the nearby train station. Call them at +31 (0)45 54 66 888 and let them know you are coming to the IASD conference and need assistance.

The best international public transport is: fly to Dusseldorf or Koln International Airport and by train to Herzogenrath (Railway station Herzogenrath is less than 2 miles from Rolduc).

Shuttle facilities

Rolduc can arrange taxi facilities from various places. Prices are current prices and may change in 2016.  Please find the current prices per taxi (4 persons max) below:

  • Aachen €   35
  • Brussels Airport € 195
  • Düsseldorf Airport € 195
  • Heerlen Railway Station €   50
  • Maastricht City en Railway Station €   85


Rolduc Conference Centre – the conference centre is the best choice for cost and schedule (getting to the conference events on time). A limited block of discounted rooms with the capacity for housing most of the participants has been reserved, but please book early for the best chance of staying there or obtaining the type of room you want. The rooms are simple (some with bath, some with bath down the hall) but with very reasonable prices.

You must make your lodging reservation directly with the Rolduc Conference Centre by contacting them at info@rolduc.com or Telephone +31 (0) 45 54 66 888 and asking for the IASD Conference subscription rate in order to get the reduced fee.

International Phone Calls:  To locate your own country codes for calling out to the Netherlands please see https://countrycode.org/how-to-call (USA, Canada 011, United Kingdom  00, etc)

You will be given a reservation code which you will need upon arrival. The Rolduc Conference Center accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, MAESTRO and Euro Cash payments. In general the rooms of the former monastery are quiet, well maintained and proper with beds with foam mattresses, however not deluxe and without air conditioning, although the June-July outside day temperature is typically between 21 to 25 C and night 14 to 16 C (day 70 – 77 F, night 57- 60 F). Wireless internet is available. After the assigned block of rooms are taken the Rolduc Conference Center will suggest or help you arrange for alternative hotels in the area. The Rolduc Conference Center is located at Heyendallaan 82, 6464 EP, KERKRADE The Netherlands.

Roommates: Neither IASD nor the Rolduc Conference Center will assign roommates so please arrange these prior to making your reservation. To connect with potential roommates you may go you may go to the IASD Roommate/Travelshare blog. Multiple occupancy rooms must be billed to a single individual, so arrange this with roommates ahead of time and tell the hotel of your arrangement.

Rates: Rates are included for information only and should be accurate but please check with Rolduc to confirm rate when you register. Payment will be in Euro.

Room Type Price per room per night
Rooms w/Private Shower & Toilet in the room – including breakfast
79 Double Rooms
·        Single Person in the Room 55 €
·        2 Persons in the Room 80 €
1  Quadruple (up to 4 Persons) 160 €
 Rooms w/sink in room, shared Shower & Toilet in hallway – including breakfast
 27 Single Rooms 32,50 €
 45 Double Rooms
·        Single Person in the Room 32,50 €
·        2 Persons in the Room 52,50 €
1  Quadruple (up to 4 Persons) 110 €

Note:  Rate Per Night Per Person excludes tourist tax (estimated at 1,50 € per person per night)

This map details the location of Rolduc Abbey and surrounding hotels. Click to enlarge full scale.

This map details the location of Rolduc Abbey and surrounding hotels. Click to enlarge full scale.


Hotel de Zevende Hemel – 2 star (Kerkrade, 2 miles). Schaesbergerstraat 94-96, 6467 ED Kerkrade 0031-(0)45 5422442. Offers 9 single or double rooms at 40-65€. http://www.de7dehemel.nl/customers/d/de7dehemel.nl/ZevendeHemel.nsf/pages/Hotel

Kasteel Erenstein – 4 star (Kerkrade, 1 mile) Offers 44 single or double rooms (range, before negotiation 130-160 €, ex Breakfast). Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Kasteel Erenstein, Kerkrader Steenweg 4, 6468 PA Kerkrade. Tel.: +31 (0)45-54 61 333, Fax: +31 (0)45 – 546 0748. E-mail: info@kasteelerenstein.nl. http://www.kasteelerenstein.nl/pages/v20/contact_route.html.

Golden Tulip Parkstat Zuid-Lumburg, Roda Ring 59,6466NH,KERKRADE. info@goldentulipparkstad.nl, tel. +31 45 543 64 70. Approximately  70 rooms.


Although there are many local restaurants in Kerkrade (within 1 mile walk) we will be offering a low cost meal service at Rolduc.  Breakfast is included for all who are staying there.  Lunch and Dinner buffet prices will be finalized when registration opens, but will be in the range of 13 to 14 € for lunch and 19 € for dinner.

This map details some of the restaurants in the Kerkrade area near the Rolduc Abbey where the conference will be held. Click to enlarge full scale.

This map details some of the restaurants in the Kerkrade area near the Rolduc Abbey where the conference will be held. Click to enlarge full scale.