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The 2014 IASD Annual International Conference was held on Wednesday evening June 4 through Sunday evening June 8, 2014 at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina on the bay at 200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley, California, USA.

The Venue • The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina is located on San Francisco Bay with sweeping views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The hotel, with a pool and fitness center, is surrounded by a waterfront wildlife sanctuary with nature trails that offer spectacular views, hiking, bird-watching, and fishing.  Berkeley is a uniquely historical university town and home of the IASD Central Office.  Spend time vacationing in the Bay Area and enjoy such San Francisco sights as the historic Fisherman’s Wharf area, Chinatown, Alcatraz and riding the cable cars. Explore the nearby coastal beaches, redwood forests and Yosemite National Park.

The Conference featured world-renowned keynote speakers, over 150 presenters from around the globe, an opening reception, the Dream Art Exhibition and reception, a Dream Hike along the shoreline nature preserve, the annual Dream Telepathy Contest, the ever popular costume Dream Ball and an afternoon cruise on San Francisco Bay.

Stephen Aizenstat

aizenstat color kintera

Title: The Global Dream Initiative

Abstract: The Global Dream Initiative calls for a recognition of the trauma in the world and the need to participate in its healing. We assert that the world’s suffering appears in the living images of dreams and that we can creatively respond. Dream Tending, a practice developed by Stephen Aizenstat, playfully and soulfully sees the world as alive and always dreaming. He advocates we go to the very depths of experience and engage the voices of the world’s dreams, effortlessly arising and speaking on their own behalf and asking for response. The Global Dream Initiative creates new and more generative ways of responding to the trauma of the world, ways that are not trapped in the cultural, political, economic, and environmental approaches that now are failing us.

Bio: Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., is the Chancellor and Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is a professor of depth psychology with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and a credentialed public schools teacher and counselor. Dr. Aizenstat has explored the power of dreams through depth psychology and his own research for more than 35 years. His book, Dream Tending, describes multiple new applications of dreamwork in relation to health and healing, nightmares, the World’s Dream, relationships, and the creative process.

Keynote Speakers

Anne Germain

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Title: Sleep and Dreams as Pathways to Resilience Following Trauma

Abstract: Sleep and dreams offer a unique window into understanding the psychological, physiological, and neurobiological mechanisms that support resilience to adverse life events throughout the lifespan. This presentation will highlight findings from basic and clinical research findings that show that healthy sleep and dreams are core components of mental and physical resilience.

Bio: Anne Germain, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on the neurobiology and treatment of trauma-related sleep disturbances, and PTSD nightmares.

Barry Krakow

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Title: Nightmare Triad Syndrome

Abstract: This presentation delves into 9 specific themes most commonly addressed in applying the IRT technique to patients with chronic nightmares. While most of these themes factor into paving the way for the nightmare patient to adopt and apply the three-step sequence of IRT (identify a nightmare, change it into a new dream, rehearse the new dream), the cognitive restructuring embedded within this framework often enhances motivation for nightmare patient’s to continue using IRT months or years after learning the paradigm.

Bio: Barry Krakow MD has practiced sleep medicine since 1995, operates Maimonides Sleep Arts & Sciences, Ltd., developed Sleep Dynamic Therapy, is the principal investigator of the Sleep and Human Health Institute, was awarded an NIMH grant to study nightmare treatment and proved the efficacy of Imagery Rehearsal Therapy(IRT) in the treatment of posttraumatic nightmares in sexual assault survivors. He is the author of Sound Sleep, Sound Mind (2007) and other books and articles.

Clara E. Hill

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Title: The Cognitive-Experiential Model of Dream Work: Overview of the Method and Research

Abstract: I will first provide an overview of the steps of the Cognitive-Experiential Dream Model. Next, I will describe the research about the effectiveness of the model. Finally, I will describe therapist variables, client variables, and dream characteristics that influence the effectiveness of the model. Finally, I will describe some possible new directions in the hopes for spurring more development and research about this model.

Bio: Clara Hill, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Maryland. She was editor of the Journal of Counseling Psychology, has received multiple psychological society awards and is author of 67 book chapters and 11 books, including Dream Work in Therapy: Facilitating Exploration, Insight, and Action.

Be sure to join us next year! Save the dates!  2015 IASD Annual International Conference will be held on Friday evening June 5 through Tuesday evening June 9, 2015.  The venue is the beautiful Virginia Beach Resort Hotel on the shore at 2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. with sweeping views of the Cape Henry Bay.

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