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Will you be looking for a roommate or travel share partner for the 2022 Dream Conference? Are you looking for someone to share a ride or fly with?

Loews Ventana Resort does not have an airport shuttle service. They recommend car rental, limo, taxi, Lyft or Uber. (See “Getting to Tuscon” page for more information.)

To connect with potential roommates or travelshare partners post your information on this thread. This will be an open blog thread available to the public, but will be monitored for spam and inappropriate content. Inappropriate or offensive posts will be deleted and the user blocked.

Neither IASD nor Loews will assign or re-assign roommates, nor can we get involved with financial disputes, so please make final arrangements and agreements prior to making your reservation.

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41 thoughts on “Travel Share and Roommates

  1. Hello all. I am looking for someone to room with and potentially for a ride to/from Tucson International Airport. I am blind, and thus will not be able to rent a car or drive myself. I tend to be pretty independent and flexible and plan to be active throughout the conference. I am arriving on Saturday the 16th of July and departing on Friday the 22nd of July. My immediate inbound and outbound flight info is as follows.
    American Airlines flight 1830 Phoenix to Tucson, scheduled arrival 4:59 PM.
    American Airlines flight 2720 Tucson to Dalis, scheduled departure 9:28 AM.
    I would of course on Friday need to arrive early enough to the airport to clear the TSA checkpoint as is standard for air travel. I am unsure as to the reliability of Uber in Tucson in the mornings or in the city in general as I have never visited before. If there is anyone whose dates line up with mine, standard conference dates, and would be willing to share a room, please reach out to me via this thread or email at to make arrangements. Acording to my math given the 6 nights and the $115 room rate, the total for 2 people is $690 or $345 per person. Also, for clarification, if there is anyone willing to pick me up at the airport and or take me to the airport upon departure, they do not have to be the same people as the person I room with, and vice versa.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ryan Noblett

  2. Hello. I am considering attending the conference and was looking for someone to join me on the drive from Los Angeles/Hollywood, and also someone willing to share a room with a giant gay guy who talks and snores a bit in his sleep. I know…. sounds like a thrilling week! But it will be. I’m fun, a PhD candidate at Sofia University, spiritually grounded, respectful and loving to all.

  3. A few questions…
    a) Is there a shuttle from the airport in TUS to the hotel? I see it is a 20 mile drive, which is not optimal for Uber/Lyft. But I don’t see anything about this on the hotel or conference website, on how to get from the airport to the venue.

    b) I’m looking to share a hotel room. I usually sleep soundly, and like to sleep in a quiet room or with a white noise machine (which I might bring), and go to bed around 11-12 and get up around 7 or 8. Email:

    c) Is anyone else interested in sharing the cost of a car rental somehow? I’d like to go out to get healthy food/groceries or to see the scenery a bit.

    • I might be interested in sharing a rental car. I was just looking at them for the weekend following the conference as I’ll be there through 7/24/22.
      The healthy groceries vs hotel food all day is certainly an issue for me. FYI, the hotel tells me microwaves are available to rent for $15 per day.
      I see we are both AV volunteers, so have each other’s phone #s.

  4. To Benji Whitehurst{

    About a shuttle from the airport. I called the hotel. There is no shuttle. They recommend Uber of Lyft.

    If you (or anyone you know) is arriving on Friday, July 16 around noonish, I’d be happy to share a ride.

      • Hey Jean, my friend and I are arriving at 11:05 on Saturday the 16th…text me at 3604215903 and perhaps we can link up to save cost? 🙂

        • Guys, I can drive you from airport to resort as I am planning to drive from Phoenix to Tucson and will have my car. If you chip in some fuel money, I will drive around when I can to get groceries as well as I was planning on doing it.

          • I’m arriving around noon also on the 16th. If you still have space in your car, I’d be happy to help pay. I’d also be interested in groceries. Let me know if I’m not too late. Thanks.

          • Sorry. Never mind. I didn’t realize there was a time delay in posting so I made other arrangements. Sorry for any confusion. Looking forward to seeing you all there. 🙂

  5. Hi All!

    I will be driving from PHX to the conference around 8am Sunday morning 7/17. Please email me if you would like a ride.

    I have also rented a room if anyone would like a roommate.


    • Hi Lindsay,
      I need a ride back to Phoenix on Thursday 7/21 evening or Friday 7/22. Are you returning to the Phoenix area? Thank you,

      Linda Atwood

    • Hi Lindsay,
      I need a ride back to Phoenix on Thursday 7/21 evening or Friday 7/22. Are you returning to the Phoenix area? Thank you,

      • Hi Linda, I am coming from Phoenix and will be heading home on 7/22, sometime after check out, if you need that ride, let me know: The only thing that you should consider: I will have my cat with me! Let me know!

  6. Greetings! I’m an international student from Africa , I would like to attend the dream conference. I am looking for someone who can help me to participate in this international conference of dreams. .

    • Happy to see you found a roommate. Your original post has been removed per your request.

  7. Is anyone arriving via Amtrak Saturday evening, ETA 7:30, and be willing to rideshare? Or in town and heading back to the resort about 8?

  8. I am looking to share a room with someone! I’m a 31 year old queer non-binary person, would prefer to share a room with a woman or fellow queer person. I’m presenting at the 8am slot each day so I’ll be up and out relatively early. Friendly, respectful, happy to make clear agreements about quiet hours and boundaries, etc. so we have an easy going and respectful situation.

    I’m clean, respectful and i don’t snore! Good sense of humor, easy going, definitely need a fellow non-snorer.

    Text me at 3604215903 if we might be a good fit!

    Love and care to all. Thank you!


  9. I’ll be picking up a conference attendee at the Tucson airport Friday July 15 at 10:45 am. She’ll be on the American Airlines flight from Dallas. Anyone else arriving then and wanting a ride to the hotel, email me. I’ve got room for two more.

    Also, Saturday at 11 am I’ll be back to pick up another attendee coming in from Phoenix on AA. Same offer — I’ll drop you off at the hotel.

    • Hi Jason

      I would like to join you.
      I have sent you an email.

      Thank you

  10. Hi, I am in need of a room mate. I just found out I can go and very excited. I could use a roomate to offset costs. I am 52 year old , straight married female.
    Non smoking, non snoring. No Whining unless its chardonnay or Pinto grigio. LOL
    I am coming from Phoenix.

  11. Hi All!

    I am traveling to Tuscon on Sunday morning from LAX arriving at 9:45am on Southwest. I would love to share a ride to the hotel if anyone has a similar schedule.

    Thank you! Bambi

  12. All right, I am coming on Saturday noon time to Tucson, driving from Phoenix. I will have one cat with me on a way, if I am there in resort, then I will have just my car 🙂 and if people need ride, I am willing to be a driver to shuttle if I can. Just give me some gas money and I will be happy to help!
    I do pick up one person for sure from airport, who arrives around 3pm.
    Let me know and we can cooperate! My cell: 412-420-9470.

  13. Please be sure to make all comments here on the thread by the morning of July 17th.

    It will remain open for reading, but closed for commenting.

    Enjoy the conference!

    • Hey fellow dreamer Bei Linda Tang!
      Did you mean July 16th?

      I will be arriving around 12:45pm on American Airlines.
      I will contribute some c-c-c-casssshhh.
      I’ll try texting you when I wake up in a few hours.

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