Travel Share and Roommates

Will you be looking for a roommate or travel share partner for the 2022 Dream Conference? Are you looking for someone to share a ride or fly with?

To connect with potential roommates or travelshare partners post your information on this thread. This will be an open blog thread available to the public, but will be monitored for spam and inappropriate content. Inappropriate or offensive posts will be deleted and the user blocked.

Neither IASD nor Loews will assign or re-assign roommates, nor can we get involved with financial disputes, so please make final arrangements and agreements prior to making your reservation.

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5 thoughts on “Travel Share and Roommates

  1. Hello all. I am looking for someone to room with and potentially for a ride to/from Tucson International Airport. I am blind, and thus will not be able to rent a car or drive myself. I tend to be pretty independent and flexible and plan to be active throughout the conference. I am arriving on Saturday the 16th of July and departing on Friday the 22nd of July. My immediate inbound and outbound flight info is as follows.
    American Airlines flight 1830 Phoenix to Tucson, scheduled arrival 4:59 PM.
    American Airlines flight 2720 Tucson to Dalis, scheduled departure 9:28 AM.
    I would of course on Friday need to arrive early enough to the airport to clear the TSA checkpoint as is standard for air travel. I am unsure as to the reliability of Uber in Tucson in the mornings or in the city in general as I have never visited before. If there is anyone whose dates line up with mine, standard conference dates, and would be willing to share a room, please reach out to me via this thread or email at to make arrangements. Acording to my math given the 6 nights and the $115 room rate, the total for 2 people is $690 or $345 per person. Also, for clarification, if there is anyone willing to pick me up at the airport and or take me to the airport upon departure, they do not have to be the same people as the person I room with, and vice versa.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ryan Noblett

  2. Hello. I am considering attending the conference and was looking for someone to join me on the drive from Los Angeles/Hollywood, and also someone willing to share a room with a giant gay guy who talks and snores a bit in his sleep. I know…. sounds like a thrilling week! But it will be. I’m fun, a PhD candidate at Sofia University, spiritually grounded, respectful and loving to all.

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