Psi2017 – Precognitive Dreaming Contest

Precognitive Dreaming Contest 2017
hosted by Cynthia Pearson and Robert Waggoner

Can you dream about the future? Do precognitive dreams occur?

To investigate your ability to dream about the future, the IASD Psiber Dreaming Conference invites you to join our Precognitive Dream Contest. In this event, participants try to dream about a target picture before it is randomly selected from a pool of over 100 images stored on a computer.

Since IASD’s first PsiberDreaming Conference in 2002, participants have been enlisting their precognitive skills to dream of a target that has not yet been selected. Below you can read about the Precognitive Dream Contest rules.

How the Precognitive Dream Contest Works

Participants follow the instructions below to try dreaming ahead of time of a target picture that will be randomly selected on Sunday, October 1, 2017. All entries must be submitted the day before, no later than midnight Eastern Daylight Time (9 PM PDT), on Saturday, September 30.

The hosts will then review each entry. “Precognitive Dream Champs” will be announced on Tuesday, October 3.

Precognitive Dream Contest Instructions

1)  Print these instructions and take them to bed with you on Friday, September 29.

2)  Make sure you place a pen and paper or other recording device within easy reach of your bedside.

3)  Read over this paragraph at bedtime and make these ideas your intent:

I am requesting information from my dreams. Tonight I will have a dream of the target picture that will be posted on Sunday, October 1, 2017. I will waken with the dream fresh in my mind. I will remember the dream imagery easily and experience the contest target clearly. I will be able to understand the target picture in the same way that I will when I see it later on my screen.

4)  Repeat these instructions to yourself as you fall asleep.

5)  Record your dream memories as soon as you wake up, even if it’s the middle of the night. Be as descriptive as you can. If you record more than one dream, please give each a number.

6)  Post your dreams before midnight, Eastern Daylight Time (9 PM PT) on Saturday, September 30. If you prefer not to post your dreams, e-mail your entry to Cynnie at by the deadline.

7)  You may use your own name or a pseudonym, but do provide us with some means of identifying you.

Recent contest results

The target of the 2016 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest, selected randomly from a pool of over 200 images on October 2, 2016. This features a detail from a famous painting of Napoleon’s coronation of himself in Notre Dame Cathedral, but with a surprise — TV personality Richard Simmons, manic diet guru, screams from the sidelines:

The winning 2016 dream entries,
submitted October 1, 2015:

  1. One dreamer caught not only the structural but also the zany nature of the target, featuring “several people . . . standing close together” when “someone arrives who. . . becomes very dynamic. He extends his arms and waves them vigorously.” Then, after falling, “he leaps up, goes to the right side and poses for a photograph.” We found this a very apt description of the photograph of the hyperactive Richard Simmons appearing to the right of Napoleon at his coronation.
  2. In two dreams, a participant reported a shape like a “tower of a gothic cathedral”; a television “reporter” hiding his identity by “wearing a funny wig”; and, then of a “large town church.” The dreamer noted: “The repeating element in both dreams was a cathedral or castle-like medieval building.”
  3. Another dream included a ceremony in which a victorious fighter sits on a golden throne with many people around him — a remarkable correspondence with this epic painting of a military victor’s coronation, lavishly embellished with “shining gold colours.”
  4. A fourth dreamer told of a “spacious and bright room” with “a hard man” who “treats everyone there arrogantly.” Then “many people jump on him and block him,” very like Napoleon’s ultimate fate. The scene shifted to “a room in which there is a work of art” with the dreamer “inside a huge room,” very like the setting of our target picture.
  5. Another dreamer reported people “piling up, crowding around” with one “creepy guy getting too close.”

The target of the 2015 Psiber Dreaming Precognitive Dream Contest, a 19th century painting called “Spartan Boys Practicing Archery,” was selected randomly from a pool of 225 images on October 4, 2015:

The winning 2015 dream entries, submitted October 3, 2015:

  1. One dreamer found himself “somewhere in the mountains of Greece” where he followed a young boy.
  2. After describing a brochure picturing guys, one dreamer found himself at an outdoor concert where a member of the band, and then men and boys in the audience, took off their clothes.
  3. A third dreamer was in an ancient Greek settlement where a naked goddess was configured with male genitalia.
  4. Citing ancient Greece, another titled his dream “Greek Party for One” and then described 1) a character who took off her clothes and 2) action/war movie figures, modern day equivalents of the Spartans.
  5. Another reported a “possibly Graeco-Roman figure,” a Greek helmet and then a person who appears to have become an oil painting.

A summary of all the contest results since 2002 is available at  You may also be interested in Robert Waggoner’s excellent paper, Identifying Precognitive Dreams Through Patterns: A Prospective Approach at

Cynthia Pearson, author of The Practical Psychic and Dreaming the Dead; and Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self and Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple

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