PsiberDreaming 2017 has now ended for the year. 
Thank you for your participation, we hope you enjoyed the online conference.

Illuminating the Path: Psi Dreaming for a Brighter World

Finding your way in the dark? You’re not alone! The dreaming mind knows how to catch a little light from elsewhere, shed a little light for others, and create community in ways we can only dream. Close your eyes…and open them to a brighter world!


IASD would like to thank videographer Christine Anderson for this video which captures the essence of PsiberDreaming.  Christine originally made her mark in the television industry, part of an “elite club” as a sought after multi-camera director, videographer, and producer before establishing her business as a private contractor. We’re very fortunate that Christine is also a “big dreamer.” Her understanding and passion for dreams comes through as she weaves individual interviews together to create one message of enthusiasm and support for IASD’s unique community for dreamers worldwide.


This is an old-fashioned conference: two weeks of fun online all the time, 24/7, with global participation. Because participants can tune in at any time, there are no “real-time” video presentations or activities, aside from occasional chats. We use a php discussion board. If you are new to PsiberDreaming, you will want to read more about this at “How PsiberDreaming Online Works”

Along with two new presentations to read and discuss each day of the conference, PsiberDreaming includes other areas for you to enjoy: The PsiberDreaming Art Gallery (open to all dreamers), The Place For Dreams, Contests and Games for your participation, and the ever-popular Outer Inn.


Prices for PsiberDreaming:

General Public  $75
IASD Member    $65
Student with ID   $50

Since this annual conference is also a way of welcoming new members to IASD, anyone who becomes a member of IASD for the first time between now and Oct 8 will receive an invitation to attend “Illuminating the Path: Psi Dreaming for a Brighter World” absolutely free.  Membership information can be found by clicking here >>>

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