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Kiran Anumalasetty (India) Kiran is a past life regression facilitator from India. He practices past life therapy and helps people heal their present life problems by tracing them to their roots in the past. He is passionate about reincarnation dreams and their relevance to healing. He is on advisory board of Association for Regression and Reincarnation research (

Past Life Memories and Dreams

In my own experience and working with clients, I observed that past life memories do surface during dreams. The purpose of such dreams is to help us see that we are eternal beings beyond birth and death. These dreams bring enormous healing and higher wisdom. In this workshop I will be helping the participants to select a dream that can help them tap into the Soul. In a guided process, the participants will revisit the dream, use the dream as a bridge to enter a significant past life memory. The past life memory usually exposes certain trauma or pain. Sometimes these memories bring some gifts from the past life. During the process, the past will be relived and released so that it turns into wisdom culminating in touching the dimension of Soul. From here we see the big picture and bring qualities of Soul like love, peace, joy, inspiration, freedom, divinity, worthiness and gratitude into the present life. We start living fully in the present moment unburdened by the past.

Few objectives of the workshop are:

  • Explain the reincarnation model from subtle bodies perspective
  • Explain how to identify a Reincarnation dream.
  • Use a dream to uncover significant past life memory
  • Identify what is carried from the past into present.
  • Touch the dimension of Source. Embody a powerful quality from Source.

Kirsten Backstrom (USA) is a dreamworker and spiritual director dedicated to exploring dreamwork as a spiritual practice. She specializes in the threshold experiences in our personal lives that can make a difference to the larger world, and founded Compass Dreamowrk in 2013 to facilitate individual and group dream exploration and education.

Sharing the Whirlwind: A Dream Helper Ceremony

In 2017, a dear friend/colleague (Delia Puiatti) initiated a “Dream Helper Ceremony” on my behalf, inviting dreamers to incubate healing dreams for me as I coped with a degenerative neuromuscular disease. In 2019, I re-opened the ceremony when my disease had progressed to the point where I was about to have a major spinal surgery. I asked dreamers to focus their intentions not only on my personal situation, but also on the energies of their own lives and the larger world, because I believe that the life-changing winds of our personal dreams and experiences contribute to the world-changing winds of spirit that can transform the landscape of life for all of us.

Incredibly, there were over 150 participants from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds: experienced dreamers from IASD (some good friends, some I’ve never met), and others from my present extended community (neighbors, family, friends, and friends-of-friends), and from my past as far back as elementary school. On April 7, we slept with the intention to dream for healing, thinking of our personal challenges and existential questions, feeling part of the community of all beings all over the world who are seeking meaning and connection.

My own intention-questions, which I invited others to share, were: “How do I live a meaningful life day-to-day as I wait and prepare for surgery? How do I remain open to the unknown, to the many elements of my experience that are beyond my control, to the radical vulnerability of this journey? How do I heal before, during and after surgery—and how can I be a healing presence for others?” Dreams can be winds of change, and a dream-sharing ceremony can be a powerful whirlwind. In this PsiberDreaming presentation, I’ll offer a few of the transformative dreams that came to us, reflecting on what these dreams meant to me personally, and what they might mean to the larger world if we let the whirling dream-winds of possibility sweep us up, spin us together, and carry us forward.

Fiona Bell (Ireland) Fiona Bell is an Irish Dreamworker and Intuitive Artist. Her professional background is in Social Work, but her passion is the Creative Arts. She has additional training in Transpersonal Art Therapy, Community Drama and modules in Somatic Experiencing as a therapeutic tool for trauma.

How Dreams guided my work in a Theatre Project: honouring the lives of 6 children killed during the Troubles in N.Ireland

Fiona will describe how a precognitive dream ‘Called’ her to accept an invitation to provide therapeutic support to a European Peace Funded Theatre Project honouring the lives of 6 children killed during the Troubles in N.Ireland. Learning to deeply trust the dream process, Fiona tells how dreams guided her throughout, and the synchronicity’s that took place. The “The Crack in Everything” Project led Fiona to observe the light emerging within the people involved, and her own light as healing from the trauma of growing up in a conflict society

Virginia G. Bennett, PhD (USA) is a licensed, clinical psychologist in private practice in Berkeley, California. In addition to her doctorate degree in psychology, she has a PhD in parapsychology and has specialized in the use of hypnosis for 25 years. She is also a professor of psychology, as adjunct faculty, at the California School for Professional Psychology and Golden Gate University. For over forty years, she has kept a daily record of her dreams, and studied the Seth material.

Probable Dreaming

In this presentation, we will explore “probable realities” both in our dreams and waking states. Using the Seth material (see below) as a guide, we will discover how we use our dreams to explore different possible actions in our lives. From this vantage point, each choice that we face, each change that we make, will be realized in reality but not necessarily in the reality in which we are currently living. It can be as simple as deciding to stay home instead of going to a concert. While in our current reality we stayed home and binge-watched something on Netflix, in an alternate reality, we went to the concert. In our dreams, either before or afterwards, we may dream of being at the concert. In essence, we have access to “the road not taken.” Of course, this is even more graphic with big decisions. We chose to go to one college but not a different one. We decided to leave a marriage instead of staying. We may have dreams (actually at any time in our lives) about attending the college we did not select, or still being married to that person. While these dreams can be interpreted symbolically and psychologically, it also can be interesting to explore the energy and feeling qualities that the dreams of a probable reality impart. We can, on some level, receive benefits from being open to more than one reality. Perhaps we never explored an interest in painting, yet in a dream we are painting a picture. In our waking lives, whether or not we pick up a paint brush, we may be able to feel a renewed sense of creativity and an aesthetic appreciation.

Participants will be encouraged to explore “probable dreams” that depict a change they experienced in their lives, but from the perspective of what was not manifested in this physical reality. They will also be encouraged to incubate a dream about a change they would like to have in their lives and explore an alternate course of action. There also will be an opportunity to explore “small changes” in their lives, like deciding to go to one event as opposed to another, to see if they can experience the benefit of, on some level, having “lived out” more than one outcome.

The Seth Material consists of 30 books (3.9 million words) plus additional transcripts of class session that describe the nature of physical and metaphysical reality. Translated into many languages, over eight million copies have sold worldwide. It arose from the combined efforts of Jane Roberts, a writer and poet, her husband, Robert Butts, an artist, and Seth, who described himself as an entity no longer focused in physical reality. Jane Roberts utilized a full trance state during which Seth could speak through her. The Seth material has been widely considered as a cornerstone for transpersonal development and understanding, and also for gaining skills to manifest desired outcomes. Seth’s approach to dreams contains many ways to encourage their integration into our daily lives.

Ghazaal Bozorgmehr (Tehran-Iran) holds an MA in English Literature from Tehran University (2006) and an MA in Women and Gender Studies, GEMMA joint project from universities of CEU and Granada (2014).

Dreams and the Child-house Educational Pilot Project

I taught English before my second MA but since graduation from CEU I have become more socially active. After graduation I started cooperation with Nasserkhosoro Child-house project which belongs to the Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child, one of the oldest NGO’s active in the field of children’s rights in Iran. I have worked voluntarily as the PR in this project dealing with Afghan labor children working and living in Bazaar area of Tehran. Last year four of my friends and I started an alternative educational plan as a pilot project at the child house. The paper I am presentin is about this project and the dreams the five of us have shared during the implementation of this project.

Maria Carla Cernuto (USA) has a background in the entertainment industry. She is IASD’s Florida representative, and is an ordained Spiritualist Minister serving as both clergy and instructor in various occult subjects. A past PsiberDreaming Conference inspired her to setup a forum in 2011 where a group of oneironauts could hone their psi-dreaming skills.

Bears: Their Evolution Through A Series of Dreams

Oftentimes dreamers discover a series of dreams with the same theme, object, setting or character (i.e., dreaming of the same personage, animal, location, situation, etc.). The reoccurring person, place or thing in subsequent dreams, or even through waking life synchronicities, that captures the attention typically prompts the dreamer to raise the question, “Why am I dreaming of this again?”

This presentation examines a series of bear dreams had over a span of more than a decade, and how these have evolved over time, highlighting a succession of talking mother bear and cub dreams, and featuring shamanic journeys had with this powerful ally through portals of dreams bygone.

Laurel Clark (USA) has kept a dream journal since 1977 for self-discovery and personal growth. Author of the book Intuitive Dreaming and contributor to The Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams, Weaving Dreams in the Classroom, Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery, and chapter editor of Dreams that Change Our Lives, she believes that understanding dreams is essential for peace and wellbeing. Laurel is a past president and former Board Chair of IASD and a teacher of adult education. She frequently teaches workshops and classes on dream incubation.

Asking the Right Question

People often ask dreams for guidance when facing change in their lives.  Dream incubation can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into our soul’s needs.  But often people find it difficult to understand the answer they seek from incubated dreams.  I’ve heard dreamers say, “I don’t think that dream answered my question,” or “I don’t see how that dream relates to what I want to know.”

What if EVERY dream we incubate gives us what we’re asking?  Maybe the challenge is not in discerning the dream’s meaning, it’s in asking better questions.

Laurel offers step-by-step instructions for incubating dreams and gives suggestions for asking the kind of questions that will aid dreamers to deepen their understanding, to view their lives from a spiritual/holistic perspective, and for making decisions that feed the soul.

John M. Corbett (USA) holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in Computer and Information Science from Cleveland State University as well as having done continuing education courses at Ohio State University. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MBA in Business Administration as well as a Diploma in Engineering. He is a graduate of the Army Institute for Professional Development Budgeting Course.

Dreams and the NASA Art Commission

In art, the commission is the act of requesting a creation. From history we know that rulers and governments have commissioned public art as large projects as symbols for national glory.

The astronaut crew quarters at NASA in Kennedy Space Center from Florida are being prepped for the upcoming commercial crew launches, and artwork was required to be put on display. NASA was looking for dream-inspired artwork to hang in the hallways where future crews will stay before launch. The area is one of the last places astronauts will spend time before heading for the launch pad. Artwork on display will also be visible during NASA video coverage of crew departure.

Is this is not mind changing? Dreams can support big expectation in our lives and times — help us through them — and even bring them about. Here “about” means dream art being exposed just before being launched into space. Dreams can do it through the focused intent, as we incubate and work with them for future NASA display; or suddenly and surprisingly, seemingly on their own – because this in the unique, huge space extending expectancy that is still to be seen. It will be something to blow the clouds away for a fresh, bright view of what the Winds of Change can bring to us while we sleep!

The sequence of dream slides proposed for NASA decorating will be presented with explication regarding adopted techniques as well as the unexpected magnificent/wild conclusion resulted from the dreams/slides set analysis.

Alaya A. Dannu, MTP (USA) endeavors to illuminate the nature and importance of ancestral dreaming, its ability to enhance the academic and scholarly inquiry, and bring awareness to a matrilineal tradition that has not been explored or discussed within the fields of dream research or women’s spirituality.

The Mage of Time

For some, dreams are the Pathfinder. It is how one is guided through and supported in life. From guidance on where to travel, to revelations on upcoming events, dreams can provide anything to the benefit of the dreamer. Or do they?

What happens when the dreamer has become so accustomed to living life in complete union with dream guidance, that some of its direction and wisdom manages to be overlooked, somewhat forgotten? Especially if dreams have always been the primary source for the dreamer. What, if any, are the consequences for this minor (or major) oversight, and how do they unfold? How are life adjustments manifested?

Join Alaya A. Dannu as she takes you through an intriguing interspace dream journey through space, time, and planetary adventures connecting an ancestral pilgrimage guided by her dreams to the founding of a temple dedicated to the Great Mother Goddess.

Joy Fatooh (USA) Joy Fatooh has served on the IASD Board of Directors, contributed to IASD publications and conferences, co-created the PsiberDreaming Conference’s Group Psi Game and continues to help present it. Joy recently left a career as a wildlife biologist and environmental planner, shifting focus to concurrent careers in art and writing.

Changing Partners

Can psi dreams help us find and choose a romantic partner, from among the seven billion people on the planet? Can they help us figure out when it’s over? Joy describes six remarkable dreams that brought guidance when she needed it most, each in a different and surprising way.

Art Funkhouser, a US citizen, has lived in Switzerland since 1973 and is the proud father of three children and four grand grandkids. Initially a physicist he has been a Jungian psychotherapist since 1981. He leads a seminar in dreamwork at the Jung Institute and a monthly dream group. He has a website dedicated to déjà experience research.

What is the difference between déjà vu and déjà rêvé?

It is becoming clear that there are many types of “déjà experience”. In this presentation, Art Funkhouser will be looking at some of the most prevalent types and describing how they relate to déjà rêvé (French for “already dreamt”).

Loren Goodman (USA/Korea) is the author of Famous Americans, selected by W.S. Merwin for the 2002 Yale Series of Younger Poets, and Non-Existent Facts (otata’s bookshelf, 2018). An Associate Professor of Creative Writing and English Literature at Yonsei University/Underwood International College in Seoul, Korea, he serves as UIC Creative Writing Director.

Leaves of Grass from the Eye of the Queen of the Night: Dream Poetry Workshop and Discussion

In reaction to classicism, hyper-rationalism and excessive materialism that led to the horrors of World War I, the Surrealists sought to ride the winds of change through the exploration of dreams, collaborative play, and automatic, associational composition. Inspired by the dramatic, evocative juxtapositions of dream language and imagery, Surrealist artists and writers embraced the unity of dreaming and waking life, the synchronicities and random processes of the universe, abandoning all systems of oppression to give flight to the fully-ranged (or de-ranged) imagination and expression.

Part One of this presentation/workshop will begin with close-reading and analysis of dream poems and stories produced through collaborative, Surrealist methods such as Exquisite Corpse at the 2019 IASD Conference in Rolduc and in the South Korean university classroom. We will continue by producing, sharing and offering insights on our own dream literature collaborations. Part Two will commence with a brief workshop on the poetic possibilities of generating texts from Chinese characters, which Ezra Pound termed the ideal medium for poetry. After familiarizing ourselves with a few examples from traditional Korean dream interpretation (much like Freud’s rebus method) based on the analysis of Chinese logographs containing the radicals for “wind” () and “change” (変更), we will experiment with composing our own poems derived from such characters, such as “dream”: grass () + eye () + crown () + night () = dream ().

Tzivia Gover MFA, CDP (USA) is director of the Institute for Dream Studies, and the author of The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep, and Forgotten Dreams: Tapping into the Power of Sleep and Dreams for Caregivers of People with Alzheimer’s. She offers dreamwork consultations and courses online and in person.

Your Dream Journal as Magic Tracker: Recording dreams to improve your PSI superpowers

As dreamers we know that following our dreams is more than just a clichéd line or lyric, but a way to live life fully and with deep meaning and joy. Dreams not only presage change and comment on our progress along our life’s journey, we can also use them to help chart our paths, check out possible futures, and heal the past. Through a combination of dreamwork, dream incubation, and journaling we can build our intuition and our relationship with our subconscious so we can hone our psychic abilities—and track, study, and help guide these phenomenon. In this presentation I will draw on examples of my own dreams and corresponding waking examples to show how my dream journal has helped me track and understand examples of clairvoyance, pre-cognition, and synchronicity. I will support my own findings and experiences with writings by Carl Jung, Robert Waggoner, and others. And finally, I will offer tips and techniques (including illustrations and a link to a PDF template) that conference participants can use to transform their dream journal into a “magic tracker” by creating a simple system for noting, coding, and exploring their dreams. As a result, participants will learn to use their dream journal to help them discover their superpowers and fulfill the soul’s purpose.  

Tony Hawkins (UK) My early life was such that a great deal of wisdom based psychotherapy would have been in order. Instead I discovered creative writing and together with the healing properties of dreams arrived at a felt understanding of life which suits me and which I’m happy to explore with you.


Of Gods and Metal:Are All Dreams Personal, Collective and Cosmic?

I intend to give examples of dreams which seem multilevel. I explained this in terms of the Infinite but recently underwent a base change and have replaced Infinite with Love. I put this down to age. As Wordsworth said, ‘our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting’. I think at the other end of life the process is going into reverse and I feel as if I’m waking to Love as the universal basis. I propose to show recent dreams as illustrating this. 

It is very hard when we experience Love to imagine the world as inanimate. I feel the sense of life we have is of cosmic significance, that our life is a conversation with a realm of godlike love and I hope, by exploring dreams, to present evidence for this. I see the presentation as no more than a starting point. The real meat will be in the dialogues we have. 

Katrina Martin (USA) is a dreamworker and energy healer who does individual dreamwork and leads dream groups.

Mary Kay Kaspar (USA) is an individual and group dreamworker and earth-centered guide as well as offering workshops on dreams and earth.

They are the co-hosts of the podcast Dreaming Back to Earth.

Awakening to Fire, Transformation and Change – Workshop

In this workshop, Katrina Martin, MA and Mary Kay Kasper, MEd will introduce participants to working with the elemental energy of fire as a catalyst for transformation and change. Fire has clear attributes but it also has unique associations for each of us based on our relationship to fire in nature and our dreams, as well as how we invite, reject, or navigate change in our lives.

This workshop will provide a three-stage process in which to explore and engage with fire in all its manifestations through direct encounters in nature and in our dreaming world. In the first stage, participants will be introduced to a mediation practice which encourages the exploration of fire through a deep personal encounter of change. In the second stage, participants will be guided to engage in direct encounters with nature through an observation technique to open to the energy of fire. In the final stage, utilizing the knowledge and insights from prior experiences, participants will delve into dream moments to uncover where fire is observed and experienced in its various forms and how these moments reveal change and transformation.

Linda Lane Magallón, MBA (USA) is a field researcher, specializing in mutual, psi, flying and lucid dreams. She wrote Mutual Dreaming (Simon & Schuster, 1997) and the mission statement for IASD (1985). She also created and hosted the only web site dedicated to flying dreams (1996-2012).

Flying Dreams: From Interpretation to Detection

Flying dreams appear worldwide and in the earliest historical records. Research has found a vast array of interpretation and explanation methods to decode them. Contemporary findings are backed by clues detected in the lab and field. Rather than rely on methods that don’t take their lives into account, dreamers are learning to customize for themselves.

Linda Mastrangelo, MA, LMFT (USA) is an author, educator, artist and psychotherapist with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in bereavement and dreamwork. She has presented her work internationally and written for Good Therapy, SUFI and the book Sleep Monsters and Superheroes. Linda also serves on the IASD Board of Directors and is a graduate professor at John F. Kennedy University.  You can visit her website at

 The Serpent’s Path: An Exploration of Dreams, DNA and the Power of Place

“My soul, where are you? Do you hear me? I speak. I call you—are you there? I have returned. I am here again. I have shaken the dust of all the lands from my feet, and I have come to you again.” – Carl Jung, The Red Book

The Serpent is the living genius of the family bloodline itself, personified as a spirit.”

-Iona Miller

In this presentation Linda Mastrangelo will be exploring a series of personal dreams of the Serpent that dynamically connect with her family genealogy, ancient ancestral roots and places of origin. From Carnac in France to the Orphic Pits in Italy, using psychology, myth, art, sacred geography as well as DNA testing, Mastrangelo makes symbolic connections between dreaming, ancestry and place. 

Dolores J. Nurss (USA) a hostess of the Outer Inn at the PsiberDreaming Conference and IASD’s Random Factor, has been studying fairy dreaming since 1988. She has presented on this and other topics for IASD, the Mind/Body/Spirit Expo, Fairy and Human Relations Congress, and other venues since the last century.

Community Dreaming at the 2019 Fairy and Human Relations Congress: an experiment

In the summer of 2019, while attending a camp-out for people who believe in fairies, Ms. Nurss conducted a four day experiment, with evening workshops and morning group dreamwork, culminating with incubating the question, “What do the fairies want to tell this community?”  This presentation will report the results and the interconnections between the dreams.

Valley Reed (USA) is owner of Chrysalis Healing Arts in Dallas, Texas.  She is Executive Director with the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration in Olympia, Washington, and directs Women’s New Moon Journey Circles with Arabian Rescue Therapy.

She directs Dream Groups, Depth Workshops, Retreats, and International Women’s Summits. Valley is an IASD member and frequent presenter, since 2000. She is also a Certified Active Dream Teacher.  

Dreaming Awake in the Great Turning

The elements of change are all around us, and within us in the realm of dreams. In the natural world surrounding us, change is ever constant. In many cases change has been held back, and in some cases turned back, at a time when we most need to lean in and act. This is why our dreams are invaluable to help us to navigate the immense changes we face. Eco-Philosopher, Joanna Macy coined this as the “Great Turning” when humanity (re)turns towards models of sustainability, and away from industrial models of civilization and Patriarchal society, that breeds great social inequities and violent destruction worldwide.  This presentation looks at dreaming awake our conscious awareness of change, and how dreams can inform the actions we take, to help navigate the Great Turning.  

Asha Sahni (UK) trained in transformative dreamwork with Maggie Peters in the UK.  She has always listened to and written from her dreams.  She has an affinity for haiku as a poetic form which can capture the essence of a moment, an experience or a dream

Dream Haiku – Workshop

A haiku is a poem of 17 syllables over 3 lines – 5-7-5.  This Japanese poetic form provides a perfect vehicle for catching an image, an understanding or an essence of a dream.  You will be given information about the tradition and be given examples of haiku.  Dream haiku writing exercises will be provided, giving you the opportunity to explore writing haiku both on your own and collaboratively, in response to your own dreams and dreams of others.  You will be welcome to share your work should you wish but there will be no obligation.  You will be invited to trust your intuition and the process of writing, riding the winds of change to the place where dreams are made. 

Any level of writing/dreaming experience welcome. If writing poetry is new to you haiku can be a good starting point – less threatening than longer poems with a simplicity which can be breathtaking.

Jeanne Van Bronkhorst, MA, MSW, (Canada) is a former hospice social worker and the author of Dreams at the Threshold: Guidance, Comfort and Healing at the End of Life (2015), and Premonitions in Daily life (2013). She volunteers with a children’s hospice and trains other hospice volunteers on grief and mourning.

A Dream to Carry Me Home: Sylvie’s Cruise

Dreams at the end of life can help people through their final days with promises of new adventures waiting for us. My friend Sylvie was dying when one night, in her last few weeks of life, she took an elegant cruise to the other side and back. The next morning she couldn’t say what that other side was, but her ship’s upscale amenities filled her with delight and gave her new energy. Sylvie’s cruise illuminates how our dreams can safely ferry us across to the other side and provide us with good company along the way.

Robert Waggoner (USA) wrote the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self, and the award winning, Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple, with co-author Caroline McCready.  A lucid dreamer since 1975, Robert co-edits the free magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience, and enjoys conducting 30 day online lucid dream workshops at 

The Voice That Makes Comments in Dreams and Lucid Dreams

Floating down a river, I notice the current begins to speed up.  Looking ahead, I see an intense short whitewater rapid on my right.  But on my left, I see a long series of shallow riffles.  Suddenly, an unseen voice announces, “You can either go left or right.  The choice is yours.”  I decide to make a path through the shallow riffles, even though I know it may rough up my boat and slow me down.  The dream ends.  I wake. 

Have you ever heard an unseen voice making comments or observations in your dreams?  Did the comments seem appropriate?  How did you explain the unseen commentator to yourself?  

Noted in dream records around the world, the unseen voice seems an infrequent, but noteworthy, feature of dreaming.  However in the world of lucid dreaming, the ‘Voice’ often occurs when the lucid dreamer ignores the dream figures, and simply asks questions or makes requests.  

In this presentation, you can share your experiences with the unseen voice in dreams and lucid dreams.  Does the presence of a voice suggest an inner awareness?  Or does it seem something else instead?  


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