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PsiberDreaming 2019  Winds of Change

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Conference Begins at 9a.m. Eastern Daylight Time

Open House/ Introductions

Outer Inn Opens

The Place for Dreams Opens

Note: Starting on the second day of the conference, new presentations will be put online at 9a.m. and will remain up throughout the conference.  Presenters will be available for discussion three days from when their presentation goes up in the forum.

Monday, September 23

Linda Mastrangelo

The Serpent’s Path: An Exploration of Dreams, DNA, and the Power of Place

Nicoline Douwes Isema, Monitor


Kirsten Backstrom

Sharing the Whirlwind: A Dream Helper Ceremony

Misa Tsuruta, Monitor

Tuesday, September 24

Jeanne VanBronkhorst

A Dream to Carry Me Home: Sylvie’s Cruise

Jess Miramonte, Monitor


Robert Waggoner

The Voice that Makes Comments in Dreams and Lucid Dreams

Metka Cuk, Monitor

Wednesday, September 25

Tony Hawkins

Of Gods and Metal: Are All Dreams Personal, Collective, and Cosmic?

Patricia Schmieg, Monitor


Maria Cernuto

Bears: Their Evolution Through a Series of Dreams

Jay Vinton, Monitor

Thursday, September 26

Tzivia Gover

Your Dream Journal as Magic Tracker: Recording Dreams to Improve your PSI Superpowers

Metka Cuk, Monitor


Asha Sahni

Dream Haiku – Workshop

Curt Hoffman, Monitor

Precognitive Dreaming Contest posted

Friday, September 27

Virginia Bennett

Probable Dreaming

Jess Miramonte, Monitor


Joy Fatooh

Changing Partners

Glory Nelson, Monitor

Dreaming of target for Precognitive Dreaming Contest

Saturday, September 28

Patricia Schmieg

Special Event: New Moon Dreaming


Laurel Clark

Asking the Right Question

Curt Hoffman, Monitor

Precognitive Dreaming Contest midnight deadline for submissions

Sunday, September 29

Katrina Martin and Mary Kay Kaspar

Awakening to Fire, Transformation, and Change – Workshop

Maureen Boyd-Biro, Monitor


Valley Reed

Dreaming Awake in the Great Turning

Glory Nelson, Monitor

Precognitive Dreaming target posted

Monday, September 30

Linda Magallon

Flying Dreams: From Interpretation to Detection

Jordi Borras-Garcia, Monitor


Fiona Bell

How Dreams guided my work in a Theatre Project: honouring the lives of 6 children killed during the Troubles in N. Ireland

Asha Sahni, Monitor

Group Psi Game Introductions Posted

Tuesday, October 1

Art Funkhouser

What is the difference between déjà vu and déjà rêvé?

Cindy Bishop, Monitor


Alaya Dannu

The Mage of Time

Maureen Boyd-Biro, Monitor

Precognitive Dreaming Contest winner announced

Group Psi Game begins


Wednesday, October 2

Dolores Nurss

Group Dreaming at the 2019 Fairy and Human Relations Congress: an experiment

Cindy Bishop, Monitor


Ghazaal Bozorgmehr

Dreams and the Child-house Educational Pilot Project

Misa Tsuruta, Monitor


Starting at noon: Group Psi Game posts

Thursday, October 3

Loren Goodman

Leaves of Grass from the Eye of the Queen of Night: Dream Poetry Workshop and Discussion

Jay Vinton, Monitor


Kiran Anumalasetty

Past Life Memories and Dreams

Nicoline Douwes-Isema, Monitor


Group Psi Game four targets up; final discussion and voting begin

Friday, October 4

John Corbett

Dreams and the NASA Art Commission

Jordi Borras-Garcia, Monitor


Saturday, October 5

Reading Day

Group Psi Game group choice deadline; Target posted

Sunday, October 6

Conference Closes

Saying Farewell

Read-Only Period begins after midnight

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2020 Annual Conference Archive


Dear Dreamers, At this time, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the June 2020 IASD Annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Our top concern is the safety and well-being of our international IASD family, the local area and the communities we serve. We want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding while we worked to make this decision. We also want to thank the Doubletree Hotel in Scottsdale for supporting our organization through this process, continuing the strong partnership which followed our successful conference in 2018. If you have already registered for the conference you will be sent a note shortly on the process to follow for a refund.  As you may know, the Annual Conference is not only our means of maintaining community, but it is our major source of income which we have now lost this year. It is a tough financial time for everyone so please don’t feel obligated, but if you do have the means to donate the amount of your conference fee or any amount to help IASD click here. We greatly value and appreciate your contributions and your generosity. We will sorely miss the in-person energy of our Annual Conference this year, but we hope to see you next year in Ashland! Sincerely, The IASD Executive Committee IASD Office: