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Kathleen O-Keefe Kanavos, from The Kat Kanavos Show, will be interviewing the 2018 Dream Conference Keynotes, featured speaker and IASD members about their upcoming presentations, IASD experience, as well as the inspiration behind their dreamwork.

Upcoming interviews are on Tuesday’s from 5-5:30 pm PST / 8-8:30 pm EST:

  • May 1st: Robert Hoss, Laurel Clark, Kimberly Marasco
  • May 15th: Keynote Stanley Krippner, Rubin Naiman, Walter Berry
  • May 22nd: Keynote Robert Stickgold, Carmen Sorrenti, Geoff Nelson
  • May 29th: Keynote Fariba Bogzaran, Keynote Katja Valli, Katie Mason
  • June 5th: Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos, Dr. Larry Burke, Athena Kolinski

Listen in live (, catch a replay (, or tune into iHeart Radio ( to get excited for Arizona’s dream-palooza!

Speaker Promotional Network!  THANK YOU TO ALL THE PRESENTERS WHO ARE PARTICIPATING!  We appreciate this very much! 

Congratulations on being accepted as a speaker at the 2018 Annual Dream Conference!  We encourage IASD speakers to promote the event. The more attendees at the event, the more people that get to hear the awesome content you have to share.

NEW in 2018 – Customized Promotional Graphic!  Add your photo and presentation title, and send to your personal social media network on Facebook, Twitter or personal email.

Send your photo to Laura Atkinson by 1 April 2018.  She will email your customized graphic within 48 hrs.  This customization service is available only until April 1, 2018 due to schedule and demand; but you are welcome to assist with promoting the conference until the last day!

This template will be customized for panels (us) or individual speakers (me) plus your name, photo and presentation title talk.


You Tube Videos:

Membership Video:

IASD Members can receive special conference registration discounts.  Please feel free to share our membership video.  It can be found on YouTube:

2018 Promotional Video:

Have you ever been to a dream conference? Imagine a 5-day extravaganza where dream researchers, artists, psychologists, and anyone fascinated by dreams all come together in a warm and vibrant atmosphere to work and play with dreams.  This video can be found on YouTube at:


2018 Conference (Generic) Rack Cards: 

Do you have an upcoming event where you’d be willing to distribute a handful of rack cards?  Please allow 2 weeks PRIOR to your event for printing and delivery.  Email Laura or Jean for details on how to order.






Promotional Poster 

  • A full color print out (Standard USA 8.5 x 11 paper size)
  • Click on graphic to enlarge to full size.
  • Right click > Save As  and print from your computer.
  • This is a general conference promotional advertisement with our keynotes, venue and track information








Articles to Share on Social Media: 

There are a good number of articles written by IASD members that are ready to share with your network.  They can be found on the main IASD website  Articles for Dreamers