PsiberDreaming 2018

IASD PsiberDreaming Conference 2018
The Dreamwide Web
Sunday, September 23 – Sunday, October 7, 2018

Did you ever dream about a long-lost friend, just before getting their message? Before there was an Internet, there was a Dreamwide Web.

Have you felt a connection to someone grow at a whole new level when you shared a dream? Have you dreamed something about yourself that you didn’t know you knew? The Dreamwide Web is multidimensional, reaching through time, space and states of consciousness in an infinite network of entangled minds. It connects us to one another, to the Earth, to our own higher and deeper selves. Explore the Dreamwide Web with us – who knows what we’ll discover!

Become a become a New, first time,  IASD Member between July 25 and October 8th,  2018 and you will receive free entry to this year’s PDC Conference.

Contests & Special Events

Early Bird the costs will be:                  General Public         $70
                                                              IASD Member          $60
                                                              Student with valid id $50
                                                              New IASD Member    $0
September 1, full conference price:      General Public         $75
                                                              IASD Member          $65
                                                              Student                    $50 (will stay the same)

This is an old-fashioned conference: two weeks of fun online all the time, 24/7, with global participation. Because participants can tune in at any time, there are no “real-time” video presentations or activities, aside from occasional chats. We use a php discussion board. If you are new to PsiberDreaming, you will want to read more about this at“How PsiberDreaming Online Works”
Along with two new presentations to read and discuss each day of the conference, PsiberDreaming includes other areas for you to enjoy: The PsiberDreaming Art Gallery (open to all dreamers)The Place For DreamsContests and Games for your participation, and the ever-popular Outer Inn.

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