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The Place for Dreams

Welcome to The Place for Dreams!

This place began in 2010 when conference attendees asked for somewhere to post dreams during the conference – any dreams, that may or may not have anything to do with the contests, workshops, or other PDC activities. It proved so popular that it is now a regular PDC event.

This year’s Host for The Place for Dreams is Rachel Silvini, who lives in Australia. She will be assisted by Janet Mast from the United States. So we should have round the clock coverage.

All dreams are welcome. You can ask others to comment on your dream – or if you would rather not receive comments, please say so.

IASD ethical guidelines will apply to all interactions in this Place for Dreams. In particular, when commenting on a dream, remember that all dream interpretation reflects the interpreter’s projection of their own life situation onto the dream. Thus it is appropriate to use the first person and present tense when giving people feedback on their dream, and to start with a phrase such as “If I had dreamt this . . .” This approach
can have the beneficial side effect of giving the commenter insights into their own life issues, as well as being less threatening for the dreamer.

The Place for Dreams will be open from the first day of the conference to the last.

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