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Outer Inn

What is the Outer Inn? Early on we noticed that the one thing missing in a virtual conference is social space. The conference experience doesn’t just happen at presentations, but also anywhere on the grounds where two or more participants can sit and chat. So we realized that we needed a virtual inn where people could allow the synergy to happen. (Virtual in a text-only sense; we don’t have the tech for alternate reality animation.)

Part of the experience means that, as soon as introduce yourself at the Outer Inn, you receive a dream room tailored specifically for you. And thereafter we will cater to your comfort in any way that you or we can think of.

You matter a great deal to make this conference flourish, not only because the format involves a lot more audience participation than most conferences do, but also because, due to the nature of psi, even those who don’t overtly participate still add psychically to the overall mix. So let us cherish you!

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