Psi2018 – Staff and Volunteers

Become a become a New, first time,  IASD Member between July 25 and October 8th,  2018 and you will receive free entry to this year’s PDC Conference.

Contests & Special Events

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It takes a village to bring the PsiberDreaming Conference to you.



Host Jean Campbell
Conference Management and Technical Support
Richard Wilkerson
Laura Atkinson
Metka Cuk
Joy Fatooh
Mary Pat Lynch
Tzivia Gover
Ghazaal Bozorgmehr
Natalie Bejin
(and others)
Contests and Games
Cynthia Pearson
Robert Waggoner
Joy Fatooh
Ralf Penderak
Maria Cernuto
The Outer Inn
Dolores Nurss
Curtiss Hoffman
Ralf Penderak
Delia Puiatti
Natalie Bejin
PDC Art Gallery
Tine Metz
Delia Puiatti
Lindsay Vanhove
Gloria Sturzenacker
The Place for Dreams
Rachel Silvini
Mary Joyce
Harvest Full Moon Dreaming
Patricia Schmieg
Thread Monitors
Maria Cernuto
Sherry Puricelli
Angel Morgan
Jordi Borras-Garcia
Jay Vinton
Athena Kolinski
Linda Mastrangelo

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